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1880s Autograph Album of Anna Keim of Bethehem, Pennsylvania area

1880s autograph album of Anna Keim of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania area.  Eight of the people who signed pages in the album were surnamed Keim.

The album is approximately 6" x 4", with red velvet padded covers.  It contains 20 pages signed by Anna's relatives and friends.  An alphabetical list of the signers appears at the end of this post.

Two people called themselves Anna's cousin.  One of them used initials I found hard to read, but he or she was possibly J. M. Keim, who signed a page on 25 March 1888 at South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Another cousin was Alice Keim, who also signed her page on 25 March 1888.

Anna's Aunt Amanda signed a page.

If you have a theory as to family of Anna Keim, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Alphabetical list of signers in Anna's album: [Note: given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • Sarah L. Bartholomew, signed on 20 July 1888
  • Lizzie A. Buss
  • Agnes Fogel, signed in 1890
  • Alice C. Hess
  • Anna Keim; album owner
  • Harvey Keim; middle initial could be T or F
  • Anna's Aunt Amanda
  • Initials hard to read, but possibly J. M. Keim, signed at South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on 25 March 1888; Anna's cousin
  • Alice Keim, signed on 25 March 1888; Anna's cousin
  • Lillie D. Keim, signed in 1890
  • Warren B. Keim, signed in 1888
  • Flora A. Keim, signed on 29 January 1890
  • Lulu M. Keim, signed 28 January, no year written
  • Miranda V. Kemmerer, signed on 15 October 1888
  • Elsie J. Kemmerer, signed on 15 October 1888
  • "From your teacher A. O. Koehler", signed at Altonah, Pennsylvania, on 8 October 1888
  • F. A. Mosebach, signed on 28 January 1889
  • Kate A. Moser, signed on 26 August 1888
  • Anne Moser, signed on 26 August 1888; middle initial could be R or B
  • Herman C. Rausch of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, signed in 1890
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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  1. If possible, I would like to see the F.A. Mosebach autograph, probably an ancestor in my mother's family. strohl@comcast.net

  2. My Great Great Grandmother was Anna Maria Keim, born 16 Aug 1838 in Bethlehem, PA. Her parents were Leopoldus (Leopold) Keim and Mary Anna Stähr.