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Photograph of Dr. Herbert Hall Plumer of Union, Maine

Photograph of a young man identified on reverse as Dr. H. H. Plumer, taken by the Levi Morse studio of Thomaston, Maine.

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Herbert Hall Plumer was born 5 October 1874 at Bucksport, Maine, son of Charles Abraham Plumer and Mary Amanda (Maddox or Maddocks), who were born at New Castle, New Hampshire, and Nobleboro, Maine, respectively.

His paternal grandparents were Abraham and Mary A. (Ladd) Plumer.  His maternal grandparents were Caleb and Priscilla (Perkins) Maddox.

Note: see an earlier post for a family photograph showing Mary Amanda (Maddocks) Plumer's brother Caleb Manfred Maddocks, his wife Minnie M. (Hatch) Maddocks and two of their children, Linwood Willard Maddocks and Frank A. Maddocks.

On 1 September 1898 at Thomaston, Maine, Herbert Hall Plumer married Alice Lenda Southworth, daughter of Asa Alexander Southworth and Lucy M. (Boggs) Southworth.  She was born 8 May 1872 at Belfast, Maine.

Herbert Hall Plumer received his medical degree from Boston University about 1899 and practiced in Knox County, Maine, at Union and Rockland.   From 1900 to 1930, Census records show that Dr. Herbert and Alice lived at Union, Maine, where they raised a large family.  One child, Jennie Lucy, perhaps their first, died in infancy.  Seven other children lived to adulthood.

Dr. Herbert Hall Plumer died at Union, Maine, in 1938.

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Union, Maine [See Rockland to the southeast.]

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  1. Dr. Plumer was a well known and loved physician in Union for a number of years. The Union Historical Society gratefully accepts donations of items related to Union. We are a 501-c3 organization and can provide a letter of donation. Thanks,