Sunday, November 11, 2012

c1903 Photograph of Daniel C. Carey or Daniel O. Carey, possibly taken while a student at the University of Maine

c1903 photograph of a young man identified on the reverse as Daniel C. Carey, or Daniel O. Carey, taken by the Gerrity studio of Bangor, Maine. 

The photograph was found with a collection of similar photographs taken by the Gerrity and Chalmers studios of Bangor.  Most of the men pictured were students in the engineering department at the University of Maine.

I haven't yet found a reference to a Daniel C. Carey attending the University of Maine, while perusing the University of Maine Prism online.   If I had found him, his home town would have been mentioned.

Searching online brings a Daniel Charles Carey, born at Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1883.  He was in the Class of 1903 at Boston College.   Perhaps this Daniel was a transfer from the University of Maine?

There's a Charles O. Carey of the right age living in Massachusetts.

There are also several people named Daniel Carey of a plausible age in Maine.

Perhaps a reader will solve the mystery of the identity of the Daniel C. Carey or Daniel O. Carey.   Judging from the men in the other photographs, Daniel may have gone on to an engineering career.

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