Friday, November 9, 2012

1949 Photograph of Barbara E. Wilbur taken at her Dexter, Maine, marriage to Charles E. Crawford

A reader has identified the woman in this 5x7" photograph as Barbara E. (Wilbur) Crawford.  I had at first thought she was Barbara's mother, Edith Elvira (Crawford) Wilbur, so the first few  comments, below, are related to that earlier misidentification.

The photograph was taken by the Call Studio of Dexter, Maine, and was likely  intended for the newspaper.

Because this photograph is a generation closer to the present than I had originally thought, I'll be sparse with the details.

Barbara E. Wilbur was born about 1928 at Dexter, Maine, daughter of Eben Homer Wilbur and Edith Elvira (Crawford) Wilbur.  In 1949 Barbara married Charles E. Crawford, son of Harold Ellms Crawford and Blanche Vivian (Watts) Crawford.

The couple moved to Massachusetts.

If you have corrections to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Be careful with details on people who may be still living.  Thanks!

Dexter, Maine

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  1. This is my Grandmother Edith Wilbur and I grew up in the house with 4 generations under 1 roof!

  2. Lucky you! I can only imagine the stories you heard, from heartwarming to tragic to hilarious, around the kitchen table and wood stove.

    How did your grandparents meet?

  3. Grange.. Grampie Wilbur came up from Otis (from my understanding) and meet Grammie at Grange in Dexter.
    They lived in Dexter (not North Dexter, although not far away). The farm house is still standing and belongs to my brother and I now.
    The farm land was obtained after the Civil War when Grammie Wilbur's ancester was given 100 acres for serving in the war.

  4. Thank you for adding the information about how the farm came about; nice to know it's still in the family. If you have a photograph to share of the farmstead, I'll add it to this post. My email address is in the right column.

  5. Hi All,
    Sorry, but this isn't Grammie Edith. It is Barbara Wilbur Crawford (as noted at the top of the back of the picture). I showed this to her twin sister who identified her immediately.

  6. Thanks, Trudy! I'll rework the post tomorrow with the correct identity.