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c1904 Photographs of USS McCulloch and of its Boat seizing a Sealing Schooner

Written on the reverse: A Sealing Schooner seized the first of August 1904 and being docked by the McCulloch's boat.  The photograph is approximately 4-1/4" x 3-1/4".

I'm assuming the USS McCulloch was the vessel commissioned 12 December 1897 as a cruising cutter of the Revenue Cutter Service.

Her first captain was Daniel Bascome Hodgsdon, born 4 February 1836 at New York City, son of George B. and Catherine (Evans) Hodgsdon.   He married Georgia Maria Smith of Connecticut at Staten Island, New York in 1869; they had least two children, both daughters.  Capt. Hodgsdon died at Detroit, Michigan, on 11 September 1916.

Accompanying the photo at top was another similarly sized photograph of the USS McCulloch at the dock at Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands.

The USS McCulloch, under Capt. Hodgsdon, had distinguished service in the Spanish American War in the Philippines.  It later cruised the American coast and the Bering Sea, which is apparently when these two photographs were taken.

Sadly, the USS McCulloch was lost on 13 June 1917 after colliding with the steamer Governor of the Pacific Steamship Company.  She had been transferred to the US Navy about two months earlier.  

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Dutch Harbor, Alaska

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