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1922 Graduation Program of Frye Grammar School, Lewiston, Maine

Graduating Exercises of the Class of 1922 
Frye Grammar School, Lewiston, Maine
Lewiston City Hall
Wednesday, June 14, 1922
2:00 P.M.

Chorus - "Let Our Voices Be Glad", Lecocq
"Jimmy White", Mildred A. Fogg
"The Rugglesses Going to a Party", Blanche I. Berube
"Lincoln's Plea", Arthur R. Rowe
"A Case of Fits", Grace Barrett
Chorus - "The Old Guard, Rodney
"The Death Bed of Benedict Arnold", Paul A. Roy
"The Only Child", Emma Meservey
"Don't Die on Third", Lloyd A. Heldman
Chorus - "Over the Waves", Rosas
Presentation of Diplomas

Honor Pupils Class of 1922

1.  Emma Meservey
(2. Louise Cronin
(2. Mildred Fogg
3.  Isabelle Fuller
4.  Arthur Rowe
5.  Paul Roy
6.  Lloyd Heldman
7.  Edith Thayer
8.  Grace Barrett
(9. Blanche Berube
(9. Eugene Syphers

At the close of the exercises the audience will kindly remain seated until the class marches through the hall.

William Mortimer Cullen, Principal
Miss Hinkley
Miss Quimby
Miss Shaw
Miss Pettengill

Music Under the Direction of George W. Horne

List of Graduates, Frye Grammar School, 1922
John J. Baniulis
Ralph Carlton Banks
Harold Barbour
Philip L. Baribeau
Carl Edmund Barnes
Grace Mae Barrett
Elaine Elizabeth Knowles Bechard
Ernestine Dorothy Bechard
John S. Bell
Bertha F. Bernier
Blanche Irene Berube
Jane E. Bilodeau
Rebecca C. Bourget
Martha Rackley Briggs
George J. Buckley
Norma Mae Butterfield
Elizabeth Millett Chase
Helen Margaret Clark
Marguerite Elizabeth Coffey
Mary Margaret Costello
Alice L. Cote
Florence Fedora Cote
Faust Joseph Couture
Louise Margaret Cronin
James P. Cullen
James Colby Cutler
Hazen D. Dailey
Doris Elizabeth Deojay
Josephine Antoinette Drigotos
Rosario A. Dube
Margaret Louise Duncan
James Andrew Elliott
Henry Leo Faucher
Leonora A. Ferguson
Russell Andrew Fitz
Frances Avies Flynn
William Joseph Flynn
Evelyn L. Fogg
Mildred Anna Fogg
Bertrand E. Fournier
William Manley Fraser
Isabelle A. Fuller
Irene Theodoras Gagne
Dora Gagner
Annabelle M. Gillis
Bertha Giroux
Abel E. Grenier
Idella Bernice Haenssler
Frederick A. Hall
J. Fred Ham
Lauretta J. Hamel
Yvonne J. Hamel
Harold C. Hamilton
Mellen Hammond
Edward J. Harris
Dorothy M. Harrison
Orville Edward Hartford
Lloyd August Heldman
Catherine Louise Higgins
Alice May Horton
Christina M. Hoxie
Laureate J. Huard
Charles Edward Hurley
Pearl Manley Hyer
Laura C. Johnson
Fred Oscar Jumper
Terence J. Kelley
Henry W. Kingston
Beatrice Knowles
Raymond A. Knowlton
Rose Kushelevitz
Cyrille L. Labranche
Electa M. Labrecque
Laura M. Lachance
William M. Lambert
Fred Carl Lautenschlager
Lucien J. B. Lavoie
Lawrence Lebel
George Allen Leger
William Lepage
Elsie Louise Lessard
Germaine L. Leveque
Wilfred A. Leveque
Elizabeth K. Maloney
Oswald Stephen Maloney
Harry W. Maxim
Emma Meservey
Ralph N. Miles
Gordon Emmons Mills
John F. McConaghy
Donald McMinn
Rejane Nadeau
William A. Nelson, Jr.
Leo Francis O'Neil
Dorothy Frances Osgood
Adrien D. Ouellette
Marion C. Ouellette
George Victor Packard
Camile J. Patry
Earl Wilbur Peasley
Lucien E. Pelletier
Martin R. Petkus
Chester William Sewell Phillips
Romeo J. Poirier
Margaret S. Ramsay
Leon J. Rancour
Vivian Gertrude Redman
Dorothy A. Rich
Harold Chesley Ricker
Fernande A. Rivard
Louis A. Rivard
Leah Roberts
Margaret Hall Roberts
Ivan Taylor Robinson
Mary Elizabeth Roche
Elwood Franklin Ross
Mary Elizabeth Rowbotham
Arthur Raymond Rowe
Norman Eadon Rowe
Paul Arthur Roy
Mildred Elizabeth Russell
Emilien O. Saindon
Jerome A. Sansoucy
Fanny E. Saunders
Blanche Marinda Savage
Oscar F. Sawyer
Ethel Meredith Scott
Anthony Scronkus
Mae Elizabeth Shoppe
Keith Elbridge Small
Harold Everett Smith
Samuel Sprince
Victor St. Denis
Stanton Frederick Steele
Ruth Frances Stewart
Maurice J. St. Hilaire
Robert Bailey Stone
Rebecca E. Supovitz
Eugene E. Syphers
Isabella Blackmore Testa
Almie Blanche Tardiff
Edith Evelyn Thayer
Richard S. Trask
Florence M. Vaughn
Regina Angelique Vermette
Milton George Wheeler

I'm guessing that Frye Grammar School was named for distinguished Lewiston, Maine, native William Pierce Frye (1830-1911), who served in the US House of Representatives and then the Senate, with a stint as President Pro Tem of the Senate.  Frye, one of the founders of Bates College, was mayor of Lewiston from 1866-1867.

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