Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vintage Photograph of Young James Atkin and his Sister

Vintage photograph of two adorable children, identified on reverse as Jamsie Atkin and his sister.  Sadly, no photographer's imprint to give a clue to the locale.

The identification was apparently done by a child so I'm not sure if Jamsie or Jamesie was his nickname.  

Jamsie may have been James Atkin, James Atkins, James Aitken or another name entirely.

The numeral 127 was carved or painted on one of the risers of the steps the children were sitting on, in case that might jog someone's memory.  I don't know whether the children lived there or were visiting relatives or neighbors.

If you have any theories as to the identities of Jamsie Atkin and his sister, please leave a comment.  

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