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Photographs of Frederick K. Bradstreet and daughter Gertie Blanch Bradstreet of Freedom, Maine

Frederick K. Bradstreet

Photographs of Frederick K. Bradstreet and his daughter Gertie Blanch Bradstreet.  An earlier post featured a photograph of Fred's son Seth Bradstreet.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome]

Frederick K. Bradstreet was born about July 1846 at Freedom, Maine, the son of Simon and Eunice (Fuller) Bradstreet.  

His paternal grandparents were John and Lucinda (Broad) Bradstreet.  His maternal grandparents were Abraham and Susan (Silvester) Fuller.

On 1 February 1874, Fred married Lizzie M. Harvey, daughter of Asa and Marjorie (Bradstreet) Harvey.  I don't know if they had children.  Lizzie was born 1 February 1852 at Freedom, Maine, and died there on 14 May 1880.

Fred subsequently married Clara A. Harvey, Lizzie's younger sister, who was born about 1861 in Freedom.   Some official sources have her name as Clara, and some as Clora.

I believe Fred and Clara/Clora had five children.  Seth Bradstreet, mentioned above, was the second born, and Gertie was the third born, on 21 December 1886, at Freedom, Maine.

Gertie's birth record gives her name as Gertie Blanch Bradstreet, though some later records show her name as Gertrude.  

Gertie Blanch Bradstreet

I don't believe Gertie married, as her death record shows her name as Gertrude B. Bradstreet.  She spent at least part of her life in Massachusetts teaching school.  Her death occurred in 1977 at Albion, Maine.

If you have corrections/clarifications to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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