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1939 Brochure of Orchard Point Farm, standing Thoroughbred Stallion First Flag

1939 brochure from Orchard Point Farm at Chestertown, Maryland, featuring the Thoroughbred stallion First Flag.  Comprised of one piece of paper approximately 12" x 9", folded twice, with text on four of the panels.

Season 1939

Fee $25 - to approved mares payable at time of service
Return privilege for one year if mares proves barren and if horse is still in our possession.
No maiden or barren mares accepted without satisfactory veterinary certificate.
Mares or mare and foal boarded at $39 per month.
Every care taken but not responsibility for accident or disease.
For further information apply to
                 Mrs. Dave H. Morris, Jr., 
                 925 Park Avenue
                 New York City, New York
                Carson W. Harris
                Orchard Point Farm
               Chestertown, Md.

First Flag
Chestnut Horse

Sire and Dam: Pennant; Betsy Ross
Paternal Grand Sire and Grand Dam: Peter Pan; *Royal Rose
Maternal Grand Sire and Grand Dam: Man O' War; *Escuina

This is a horse of outstanding quality and excellent disposition with good flat bone, a fine shoulder and straight hind legs.  He raced until he was five years old and is free from any transmissible unsoundness.  

A glance at his pedigree shows him to be one of the best bred horses in America.  He combines the best blood-strains of this country, France and England.

Chestertown, Maryland [zoom or three or four clicks to see Orchard Point]

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