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Photograph of Amelia Springer (Merchant) Wasgatt of Corea, Maine

Photograph of Amelia Springer (Merchant) Wasgatt of Corea, Maine.  

She was born 7 September 1904 at Winter Harbor, Maine, daughter of Alfred M. and Emma Isabell (Springer) Merchant, born in Sullivan, Maine, and Hancock, Maine, respectively.

Her paternal grandparents were Solomon and Lydia Sarah (Thorne) Merchant.  Her maternal grandparents were Lewis and Isabel Collins (Dinsmore) Springer.

On 26 November 1924, Amelia married Malcolm Wasgatt, son of Frank Raymond Wasgatt and Millie A. (Young) Wasgatt, born in Eden, Maine (on Mount Desert Island) and Gouldsboro, Maine, respectively.

His paternal grandparents were Ambrose H. and Della (McFarland) Wasgatt.  His maternal grandparents were John Patrick Young and Sophia Hammond (McCaleb) Young.

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Corea, Maine

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  1. Do you happen to have any additional information on Ambrose's parents? I suspect it was Jason and Abigail (Rodick) Wasgatt, but am looking for additional documentation/records to support. Thanks.

    Lauren Rogers Mahieu

  2. I don't have sourced information, sorry, but I did see on Family Search that he may be the Ambrose that served in the Civil War, so you might find something from researching in that area. As you probably already know, sadly, the marriage record on Family Search implies that the info on the parents wasn't filled in. He was alive at the time of the 1930 Census, at age 83. Maybe you can research the local papers for an obituary. If you happen upon something, I'd appreciate hearing from you so I can edit the post for the benefit of others that might happen by. Thanks for commenting!