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c1870s IDed CDVs of the Withington Family of Boston, Massachusetts

Individual CDVs of four Withington brothers of Boston, Massachusetts and two of their paternal aunt Harriet Louisa Withington:

  • Herbert Lincoln Withington, taken by the A. N. Hardy studio of 22 Winter St., Boston
  • Henry Albert Withington, also taken by the A. N. Hardy studio 
  • Roland Coolidge Withington, also taken by the A. N. Hardy studio
  • Howard Pierce Withington  (shown above), taken by the Partridge studio at 2832 Washington St., Boston
  • Harriet Louisa Withington, two CDVS, one dated February 1874, by L. W. Cook of the Warren Photographic Studio of 145 Tremont Street; the other by the Frank Rowell studio of 25 Winter Street, Boston
From online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested: 

The siblings' parents were Henry Herbert Withington and wife Clara Emma (Lincoln) Withington, born in Brookline, Massachusetts and Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts respectively.  

The first-born of the four siblings was Herbert Lincoln Withington, born 25 July 1872 at Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts; sadly he drowned off Heron Island in Maine on 23 July 1895.  I couldn't find any information on the circumstances of his death.

Herbert L. Withington at 2 yrs, 4 months

The next child, Henry Albert Withington, whom I'm assuming is the Harry in the below photo, was born 27 November 1873 at Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Gertrude Cotton, daughter of William Wallace Cotton and wife Anna Melissa (Moses) Cotton.

Henry Albert Withington in 1875 at 2 yrs

The next child, Roland Coolidge Withington, was born 26 December 1874 at Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.  He married Edith Herman Barry, daughter of Charles Thomas Barry and wife Elizabeth (Chandler) Barry.  

Roland Coolidge Withington, at one year

[Though his photograph was unfortunately missing from this group, I should point out that the next child born in this family was Frank Clapp Withington (1877-1947).  He married Edith Warren Nelson, daughter of Eugene B. and Frances Allen (Whittier) Nelson.]

The last child was Howard Pierce Withington, who was born 22 May 1879 at Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.  He married Ruth Winslow Eddy, daughter of Caleb Francis Eddy and wife Georgianna (Winslow) Eddy.

Howard P. Withington

Finally, two CDVs of Harriet Louisa Withington, sister of the boys' father Henry Herbert Withington.  I don't believe she married.  Although her middle initial might appear to be "D", it's actually an "L".

Harriet Louisa Withington

A map of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts:

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  1. Nice to have several members of this family on IDd photographs in the same group.

  2. I've been past their house a thousand times. Henry H. died at 39 Burroughs St, Jamaica Plain,

    A street view, from Google maps is here:,Burroughs+St,+Boston,+MA+02130&gl=us&ei=IleJTrGqE4X40gGCibT2Dw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CB4Q8gEwAA

  3. Ed, thanks so much for the street view link! The house is gorgeous.