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1914 Log Drive on Pleasant and Piscataquis Rivers, Maine: carbon copy of roster & expenses

Carbon copies of papers relating to Jordan Lumber Company's 1914 Piscataquis Log Drive down the Pleasant River and Piscataquis River in Maine.  

The Pleasant River, well known today by visitors to Gulf Hagas, Katahdin Iron Works and the Appalachian Trail, flows into the Piscataquis River at Medford.  Not far downstream, at Howland,  the Piscataquis flows into the storied Penobscot River.  The Jordan Mills were downstream on the Penobscot at Old Town and Milford.

There are three pages listing the laborers employed, their days worked, rate of pay and final pay tally.  I've included an alphabetized list, but be aware that many of the names, particularly the French names, are spelled phonetically or struck-over.  Be prepared to scan the roster carefully, if you're looking for a family member.

There's a page listing the phenomenal amount and variety of foodstuffs needed.  These men worked extremely hard and depended on hearty meals to get through a long day on the river.  The cook would have been the linchpin of the operation.  I'll bet word spread fast about a particular company's or cook's miserly or generous chow.

Names of Laborers
Adams, Hawthorne
Arbo, William
Arnold, John S.
Baker, George
Baker, Steve
Belideau, Arthur
Bellevieu Daniel
Blair, Archie
Blanchard, Paul
Blanchard, William
Bolier, Lawrence
Boober, Harry
Boynton, Percy
Brown, Ed
Burns, Thomas
Bushaw, Charles
Bushaw, Francis
Butters, George
Campbell, Hector
Claukins, Jack
Collier, Phil
Comeau, Stanley
Cormier, Albert
Cota, Frank
Cota, Mike
Cota, Peter
Creemer, Lester
Crocker, Kermit
Crowley, Jack
Cyr, Florent
Cyr, Phil
Cyr, Ted
Cyr, Thomas
Damien, Osborn
Day, Albert
Demont, Dennis
Devoe, Fred
Dewitt, Linwood
Doyle, Benjamin
Doyle, Ed
Doyle, Joseph
Dubay, Charles
Dubay, David
Dubay, George
Dubay, Jerry
Dugie, Joseph
Dunn, Albert
Dunn, Ray
Dwyer, Israel
Emery, David
Emery, John
Fitzpatrick, Gil
French, Ned
Gardner, George
Gesso, Emil
Glossian, Peter
Goodwin, Albert
Grant, Henry
Harris, William
Havilock, Joe
Havilock, Peter
Haynes, Bert
Hayward, A. B.
Hayward, Lowell
Heald, Guy
Henry, Alex
Herbert, George
Herbert, John
Hogan, J. W.
Howard, E. S.
Hudlin, Ernest
Huntington, Guy
Hush, Lewis
Jones, E.
Jones, Frank
Kelley, Corney
Kennear, Edgar
Kenney, Joe
Legassa, Paul
Livingston, Guy
Livingston, Mel
Livingston, William
Long, Lewis
Lutz, George
Marble, Charles
Marble, William
Mason, Horace
Mayo, Charles
McCarty, Frank
McCray, William
McInnis, Charles
McKenney, Fred
McKenzie, Joe
McMullen, Wallace
Melanson, John
Michaud, Allie
Michaud, Paul
Midlett, George
Mogan, John H.
Morin, Lewis
Mossa, Thomas
Murphy, John
Mushrall, Joseph
Nadeau, Fred
Nadeau, Joe
Nephims, Peter
O'Coin, Lawrence
Parady, Paul
Parry, Reuben
Perkins, E.
Pvelson, John
Ranco, Peter
Richards, Alex
Rogers, William
Shattock, Leon
Smart, Gilbert
Sprue, William
Stewart, William
Sullivan, Ray
Sullivan, Warren
Tebo, Arthur
Thobadeau, Alex
Thobadeau, Eli
Thobadeau, Paul
Trayer, William
Vague, Charles
Violette, William
Weldon, Horace
White, George
White, Joseph
Willett, Frank X.
Willett, Peter
Witham, Percy

The Maine Memory Network has many online images of log drives.

A map of the Piscataquis River and its tributary,the Pleasant River, showing its west and east branches:

This same region in a satellite map: [zoom out a couple clicks]

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