Monday, September 26, 2011

1832-1932 Jonesport Centennial, Jonesport, Maine, Supplement to Union-Republican paper of Machias

1832-1932 Jonesport Centennial, a Supplement to the 1 September 1932 edition of The Union Republican of Machias, Maine.

It's is ragged condition, and probably not all of the scans are perfectly legible.  Because it was a bit musty, I scanned it outside on a sunny day of slight breezes and used weights to keep the pages still.

Even though it's in rough shape, I thought a reader might appreciate knowing that it existed.   I'm sure it exists in better condition in another respository.  A few places to check:

Jonesport Historical Society
Machias Historical Society
Maine State Library

You may find that the scans zoom larger here at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network.

A map of Jonesport, Maine:

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