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1910-13 schoolbook of Merrill Tann McCall of Oswegatchie, New York & Saskatchewan

School workbook of Merrill Tann McCall of Oswegatchie and Ogdensburg, New York and, for a time, Saskatchewan.   The book is approximately 8-1/4" x 6-3/4".

The book contains a neat page with a listing of the students at his school and his teacher, Cecil Kring, whom I believe to be Alfred Cecil Kring, born 24 October 1890 at Oswegatchie, New York.  The page is dated October 24, 1912.  The school may have been located in Oswegatchie.

Cecil Kring

Jean Jamieson, 13
Agnes D. Ierlan, 13
Grace Witherhead, 13
Neil Doren, 12
Kenneth Ierlan, 12
Amos Thornton, 11
Merrill McCall, 11
Grant Shields, 11
Margaret Witherhead, 9
Lois Doren, 9
Elisabeth Doren, 9
Evelyn Smithers, 8
Stanley McCall, 8
Carl Gilmore, 8
David Thornton, 8
Mary Mallory, 8
Arthur Smithers, 8
Helen Geddes, 7
Eliza Gilmore, 6
Dorothy Witherhead, 6

Ethia Thornton, 5
Eva Mallory, 5

From online research, hopefully correct:

Merrill Tann McCall was born 11 May 1901 in New York, the son of Hugh H. McCall and Stella R. McCall.  Merrill's family moved for a time to Moose, Saskatchewan, where they are listed in the 1916 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Merrill mentioned Enfield, Saskatchewan in one of his doodlings.

Below the map are scans of all the pages of the workbook.  A few of the pages have information that a researcher of the McCall family and other families in Oswegatchie might find relevant.  

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