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Raymond, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Raymond, Maine, in Cumberland County, in the 1820 Federal Census

Enumerated population of Raymond in the 1820 Census: 1388

Enumerator: Stephen Swett

Enumeration of Raymond consists of all or parts of Sheets 29-45; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Note: the 1820 Federal Census lists the names of heads of households only; people in a household are tracked by age range and gender to determine the total population.

See the
list of heads of households at the end of this post.

Boundary changes since 1820:

  • land set off to Naples but later returned
  • land set off to form Casco in 1841, with an additional piece set off to Casco in 1842
  • piece of unincorporated land annexed in 1835
  • part of "Eighty Rod Strip" annexed in 1838
  • part of a gore between Raymond and Gray annexed in 1839
  • Gray surplus and gore on Raymond Cape annexed in 1859
  • part of Standish annexed in 1869

Note: Spelling of the names of heads of households has been left as it appears in the enumerator’s hand; in some cases, for clarity, an optional spelling has been added. Your corrections and additional information are requested; please comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

For the following reasons, be prepared to search the entire list for the object of your search:

  • Many people were not sure of the spelling of their names

  • Name spelling may have evolved throughout the person’s life

  • The enumerator may not have heard the person correctly

  • The enumerator may have interviewed someone not certain of the name of the head of household or how it was spelled

  • The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings.

  • Some enumerators grouped heads of households together by the first letter of their surname, giving an additional clue on a surname difficult to read.  Note: lists by first letter of surname are not alphabetical within that letter.

  • Some enumerators apparently grouped the names by walking through neighborhoods; in these cases, the first letter of the surname may sometimes be in error, but the information on neighboring households is valuable.

Names of Heads of HouseholdSheet #
Ethen Averil29
Ephraim Brown29
Martha Bryant29
John Brown29
Joseph Bracket29
Simon Brown29
Isaac Barton29
Daniel Brown29
Timothy Berry29
Joseph Brown29
Moses Berry29
Joshua Brown29
Joshua Brown, Jr.30
Jesse Brown30
Jesse Brown, Jr.30
John Brown, Jr.30
Joshua Bryant30
Richard Cook30
Daniel Cook30
Nathan Cook30
Elijah Cook30
Mathew Churchill30
Hezekiah Cook30
Reuben Cook30
Ephraim Cook30
John Cash, Jr.31
William Cook31
Daniel Chipman31
James Clark31
Samuel Dingley31
Jemima Decker31
John Davis, Jr.31
Joseph Dingley31
William Dingley31
Samuel Dingley, Jr.31
Benjamin Davis31
Josiah Davis31
Dominicus Davis31
Thomas Dyer31
John Dolly31
Samuel Duran32
Frances Duran32
John Davis32
Mark Emery32
Nathaniel Edwards32
Isaac Estes32
William Estes32
Will Edwards32
Caleb Edwards32
Ephraim Edwards32
Samuel Elkins32
Jonathan Files32
Thomas Files33
Daniel Fogg33
James Ford33
W. F. French - not sure of middle initial33
Daniel Fickett33
Nathaniel Gammon33
Lewis Gay33
David Gay33
John Gammon33
Peter Graffam33
Luther Gay33
Jacob Gary33
Ichab M. Gay34
Jeremiah Hayden34
Jonathan Hardy34
Jonathan Hardy, Jr.34
Bradbury Hardy34
E. C. Hathorne34
Benjamin Ham34
Samuel Hamblen34
John Humphry34
John Hall34
John Holden34
Lewis Hancock34
Levi Jordan34
Nathaniel Jordan, Jr.35
Henry Jordan35
Samuel Jordan, Jr. - or possibly Samuel J. Jordan35
Ralph Jackson35
Will Jackson35
Solomon Jones35
Anthony Jackson35
Samuel Jordan35
David Jordan35
James Jordan,Jr.35
Will Jordan35
Anna Jordan35
James Jordan35
Stephen Jillson35
Mark Jordan36
Ezekiel Jordan36
Roger Jordan36
Hezekiah Jordan36
John Jordan36
Charles Jordan36
Nathaniel Jordan36
Joshua Kimball36
Nicholas Lewis36
Eli Longley36
Samuel Leach36
Joab Libby36
James Leach36
Zachariah Leach36
Mark Leach, Jr.37
Betsey Libby37
Cyrus Latham37
Charles Latham37
John Morrell37
Daniel Maybery37
Edward Maybery37
Richard Manning37
Will Maybery37
Benjamin Maybery37
Josiah Maxfield37
Eliakim Maxfield37
Job Mitchel37
Samuel Mitchel38
Will Mitchel38
John Mitchel38
Richard Maybery38
Fisher Mann38
Elijah Nash38
John Nash38
Edmund Pinkham38
Joshua Perry38
Jesse Plumer38
Moses Plumer38
Isaac Powers38
William Plumer38
Isaac Phinney39
David Proctor39
Isaac Plumer39
Gibeon Plumer - Gideon ?39
William Rolf39
Amos Rogers39
Jonathan Riggs39
Josiah Ring39
Isaac Rogers39
Charles Rogers39
Reuben Roberts39
Joshua Strout39
Samuel Strout39
Samuel D. Strout39
Ebenezer Strout40
Prince Strout40
Prince Strout, Jr.40
Stephen Swett - presumably the Enumerator40
Eliott Staple40
Peter Staple40
Joseph D. Staple or James D. Staple40
Moses Sawyer40
Rebecca Stevens40
Richard Shane40
S. Stinchfield40
John Smith40
George Small40
Levi Small41
Daniel Small41
Benjamin Smith, Jr.41
George Small, Jr.41
Enoch Shaw41
James Smith41
Samuel Simonds - either a Jr. or a middle initial41
Frances Simonds - perhaps meant Francis41
Nathaniel Simonds41
James Small41
Benjamin Spiller41
John Spiller41
John Spiller, Jr.41
Nathaniel Swett42
Gardner Swett42
Daniel Stevens42
John Small42
Simeon Small42
Frances Small - perhaps Enumerator meant Francis42
Moses S. Small42
John Strout42
Solomon Sanborn42
Eliphalet Silvester42
Zadock Silvester42
Joseph Skinner42
Peter Skinner42
Joseph Simonds43
Will Shurtliff43
John Tinney43
Henry Tinney43
Samuel Tinney43
Solomon Thurlo43
Nathaniel Thompson43
Isaac Thurlo43
Robert Thurlo43
Richard Thurlo43
Dorcas Trip44
Thomas Varney44
Elijah Varney44
Jeremiah Verrill44
John Verrill44
John Verril 2d - persumably meant Verrill44
Nathaniel Verrill44
Isaac Whitney44
Thomas Witham44
Joseph Wight44
Silas West44
James Webb45
Will Webb45
J. S. Wadkins45
Virgil Wight45
Horatio Wight45
Isaiah Winslow45
George Welch45
William Welch45
James J. Welch or James Welch, Jr.45
Gabriel Welch45
James Welch45

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