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Portland, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Portland, Maine, in Cumberland County, in the 1820 Federal Census

Enumerated population of Portland in the 1820 Census: 8581, which figure includes 224 Persons of Color and 1219 Foreigners

Enumerator: Moses Davis

Enumeration of Portland consists of all or parts of Sheets 188-271; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Note: the 1820 Federal Census lists the names of heads of households only; people in a household are tracked by age range and gender to determine the total population.

See the
list of heads of households at the end of this post.

Boundary changes to Portland since 1820:

  • part of Westbrook annexed in 1845
  • city of Deering annexed in 1899 (Deering had been set off from Westbrook in 1871 and incorporated as a city in 1889)
  • Crotch (Cliff) Island annexed from Cumberland in 1899
  • Long Island set off in 1993 and incorporated
  • part of Falmouth annexed in 2002

Note: Spelling of the names of heads of households has been left as it appears in the enumerator’s hand; in some cases, for clarity, an optional spelling has been added. Your corrections and additional information are requested; please comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

For the following reasons, be prepared to search the entire list for the object of your search:

  • Many people were not sure of the spelling of their names

  • Name spelling may have evolved throughout the person’s life

  • The enumerator may not have heard the person correctly

  • The enumerator may have interviewed someone not certain of the name of the head of household or how it was spelled

  • The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings.

  • Some enumerators grouped heads of households together by the first letter of their surname, giving an additional clue on a surname difficult to read.  Note: lists by first letter of surname are not alphabetical within that letter.

  • Some enumerators apparently grouped the names by walking through neighborhoods; in these cases, the first letter of the surname may sometimes be in error, but the information on neighboring households is valuable.

White Households
Names of Heads of Households - WhiteSheet #
Stephen Abbot188
Samuel Ayer188
Amos Adams188
Joseph Ayer188
Mary Anderson188
Samuel H. Ash188
Ralph Abrams188
Bradbury C. Attwood188
Anna Adams188
Uriah Abbot188
Charlotte Andrews188
Andrew Athers188
Joseph Atkins188
Sarah Atkins188
James Adams188
Samuel Andrews188
John Avery188
Martha Atwick188
John Ayer189
John Alden189
John Anderson189
Eliza Austin189
Nancy Adams189
John Ames189
John Andrews189
Henry K. Adams189
Lydia Avery189
James Alden189
Burdick Berry189
Nathaniel Bradford189
Sarah Boiles189
James Bolt189
William Burton189
John Blackenburg189
Joshua Berry190
Seth Bird190
Ira Bradford190
Charles Blanchard190
Asa Barker190
Ann Barrett190
Abraham Beeman190
James Burnham190
Timothy Boston190
Sarah Barker190
Thomas Brown190
Thomas Bailey190
Robert Boyd190
Stephen Bartlett190
Samuel Benson190
Daniel Brazier190
Hannah H. Bangs190
Thankful Bootman190
Joseph C. Boyd191
James Brackett191
Hannah Bishop191
Hudson Bailey191
Cotton B. Brooks191
Barnabas Bartol191
Thomas Bolton191
Nathan Babcock191
Henry Beaty191
John Bean191
Andrew Bradbury191
Jonathan Bartlett191
Nathan Barnes191
David Bennett191
Increase P. Bennett191
James Bryant, Jr.191
Barney Bennett191
Jeremiah Boothby191
Abner Briggs192
James Barnes192
Richard Bartlett192
Oliver Bray192
Davis Belford192
John Bartels192
Thomas Beck192
Joseph Bradbury192
Katherine Bowers192
Asa Baker192
Sally Butler192
Benjamin Barrett192
Benjamin Bailey, Jr.192
Amos Burnham192
Cornelius Barnes192
Sarah Blake192
James Bragdon192
Jonathan Bryant192
Elizabeth Baldwin193
George Bradbury193
Abigail Beckett193
Elizabeth Berry193
Henry Butman193
Betsey Barbour193
William Burnell193
Joseph Barnes193
Mary Blake193
Levi Bradish193
Benjamin Bailey193
David Bradish193
Abigail Baker193
David Brown193
Lydia Burnham193
Bela Blanchard193
Samuel Buntin193
Nicholas Blasdell193
Benjamin Burnes194
George Burnes194
Samuel Buxton194
George Burnes, Jr.194
Thomas Baker194
John Barbrick, Jr.194
Theophilus Barbrick194
Susanna Baker194
John Bailey194
Nabby Baker194
Nabby Baker 2d194
Nabby Baker 3d194
Hannah Bradbury194
Mary Bradbury194
Reuben Bradbury194
George Brown194
Katharine Brown194
John Bryant194
Ezra Brown195
John Baker195
Grace Beckett195
Cornelius Bedlow195
Ward Bonny195
Timothy Barstow195
Samuel Bryant195
Perez Bonny195
Joseph Berry195
Mary Barton195
John Bond195
George Bradford195
Samuel Baker195
Abner Bagley195
Henry H. Boody195
Cepton Babson - possibly Zebulon Babson195
Robert Barbour195
Spencer Bryant195
Sally Brazier196
Harrison Brazier196
Malachi Barnes196
Seth Barnes196
Thomas Blake196
Joseph Barbour196
Edward Barneville196
Joseph Bartlett196
Lemuel Bryant196
Sarah Brown196
Thankful Berry196
Josiah Baker196
Malcolm M. Burdick196
Luke Brown196
John Bradbury196
William Bell196
Foxwell Blanchard196
Daniel Bradbury196
Thomas Bradbury197
John Barbrick197
John Brackett197
John Brackett, Jr.197
David A. Croswell197
Robert Cross197
Isaac Crooker197
Edward Carlton197
Richard Cobb197
Elizabeth Clark197
Bezaleel Cushman197
John Crockett197
James Coombs197
Uriah Cooledge197
Sarah Codman197
Daniel Cobb197
Joseph Crockett198
John Cole198
Chipman Cobb198
Joseph Croswell198
Jacob Coburn198
Nathaniel Crockett198
Matthew Cobb198
Artemas Carter198
Moses Clough198
Charles Clark198
Micajah Covell198
William Cooledge198
Ebenezer Cobb198
John Calef198
James Crockett198
Matthew Cobb, Jr.198
Betsey Center - Senter ?198
Ann Chadwick198
Daniel Cresey199
Joseph Cate199
Smith Cobb199
William Cutter or William Cutler199
Samuel Clark199
Jonathan Cobb199
Timothy Cochran199
Dana Chickering199
Josiah Carter199
John Corey199
George Clark199
Josiah Clark199
Charles C. C. Carlton199
Robert Cobb199
Richard Chick199
Benjamin Carey199
Francis Corey199
Benjamin Carter199
Zaccheus Clark200
Josiah Chute200
William Chadwick200
William Codman200
Daniel D. Collins200
John Carle200
Joseph Cushing200
Lydia Crandall200
Jabez Clap200
Henry Crawford200
Dennis Carter200
James Chadburn200
Joseph Cross200
Silvester Cushman200
John Coe200
Edward Capen200
Stephen Cummings200
Asa Clap200
Thomas Chadwick201
Josiah Cox201
Horatio G. Cook201
John Carr201
Louis Champrosey201
Josiah R. Clough201
Edward Coolbroth201
Mary Choat201
Timothy Chadburn201
Mary Clements201
Caleb S. Chase201
John Collins201
William Capen201
John Chatty201
Charles Chase201
Tameson Clap201
William Crie201
Harris Chadwell201
Caleb Chase202
Ebenezer Corry202
Francis Chase202
Nathaniel Cross202
Ebenezer Cross202
John Cox202
James C. Churchill202
Samuel Clary202
Mary Child202
Lydia Cushing202
Asa Chase202
Samuel Y. Chase202
Mary Chamberllin202
John Cook202
Jonathan Carver202
Esther Chadwick202
Josiah Cummings202
Nehemiah Cram202
Samuel Colby203
Joel Chandler203
Abner Cushing203
Abigail Cobb203
Benjamin Clough203
Richard Crockett203
Silas Crockett203
Apollus R. Cushing203
Thophilus Carter203
Benjamin T. Chase203
Seth Clark203
Thomas Capen203
William H. Cample203
Samuel Chase203
Levi Cutter or Levi Cutler203
Daniel P. Colesworthy203
Susanna Capen203
Thomas Cross203
John Castle204
Aaron Chamberlin204
Alexander Cummins204
Thomas Chase204
Prissilla Curtis204
Nathaniel Coffin204
John Conner204
Eleazer Crabtree204
James Clark204
Sarah Card204
Dudley Cammett204
Ezekiel Cushing204
Joseph Crossman204
Peter Coombs204
Joseph Dunn205
John Deering205
Joseph Deering205
Jane Densmore205
Ann Decost205
Samuel H. Damerell205
John Deane, Jr.205
Jonathan Deane205
Edward Damerell205
Isaac Davis205
James Dennison205
Stephen Dunham205
David Dana205
Dexter Dana205
Ezekiel Day205
Nabby Dunn205
William Davidson205
Dorcas Deering205
Joseph Dudley206
Eunice Deering206
Katharine Davis206
Lydia Dyer206
John Driscoll206
Oliver Dunnels206
Fobes Dela - perhaps Albert Fobes Dela206
Clarisa Dela206
Moses Davis206
John Dix206
Francis Douglas206
Paul Dyer206
Sarah Drinkwater206
Phinehas Drinkwater206
Samuel Davis206
David Drinkwater206
Samuel Drinkwater206
Thomas Dodge206
James Davis207
Moses Davis, Jr.207
Lemuel Dyer, Jr.207
Joseph Dillano207
Alvin Dillingham207
Nathaniel Dillano207
Robert Douglas207
Josiah Dow207
Barnard Douglas207
William Douglas207
Charles S. Davies207
James Dwinal207
Nathan Dyer207
Nathaniel Dyer207
Joshua Dyer207
John Digges207
Benjamin Deake207
John Doughty207
Samuel Deane208
Benjamin Dodge, Jr.208
John Duncan208
William Dinsdell208
David Dunnels208
Nathaniel Dana208
Lemuel Dyer208
Benjamin Dodge208
Esther Davis208
James W. Davis208
Caleb Dyer208
Jeddediah Dow208
John Deering, Jr.208
Stephen Davis208
William Davis208
George Eaton209
Nicholas Emery209
Thomas Eaton209
William Evans209
Estick Evans209
William Ellis209
Thomas Elkins209
Nahum Elwell209
Benjamin Evans209
John Evans209
John Edmunds209
William Emery209
Oliver Everett209
Huldah Erskins209
Lois Evans209
Samuel Emery209
Joseph Eaton209
Amos Emerson209
Elenor Elder210
Nabby Elwell210
William Estell210
Joshua Emery210
Asa Erskine210
Richard Eastman210
Abigail Edland210
Nancy Edgar210
Noah Edgecomb210
Ebenezer H. Eaton210
John Fessenden210
Absalem Farwell210
Isaac Foster210
Charles Farley210
Samuel Frothingham210
William Freeman210
Clement Fowler211
John Fox211
James Fosdick211
Richard Fickett211
Stephen Foster211
John Fickett211
Thomas Flint211
David Frissle211
Timothy Fletcher211
Anthony Frates211
John Frothingham211
Samuel Fitz211
Amasa Farrington211
James Flint211
Joseph Fernald211
Abigail Fellows211
William B. Flagg211
Eliphlet Farrington211
Joseph Foy212
Emme Ford212
Adam Fuller212
Charles Foster212
John Flood212
Jonathan Fessenden212
Henry Foy212
Charles Frost212
William Francis212
Charles Fox212
Luther Flood212
Sarah Fox212
Prissilla Fuller212
Daniel Fox212
Jeddadiah Foss212
Rebekah Fitz212
Joseph Fernald, Jr.212
Hannah Fowler212
George Fox213
John Fennely213
Lydia Freeman213
Thomas Forsaith213
Samuel Freeman213
Anthony Fernald213
Sally Fogg213
David Fickett213
Isaac Fickett213
Margaret Freeman213
James Flood213
James Farmer213
Phillip Fowler213
Dependence Gale214
John Grace - not sure of surname214
Simon Greenleaf214
John Goold214
Abner Goold214
Elijah Guilford214
Joshua Gower214
John Gower214
William Gorden214
William M. Green214
Lemuel Gooding214
Robert Goold214
Henry Goddard214
Joseph Goold214
Nathaniel Griffin214
Eliza Griffin214
Ebenezer Griffin214
John Gooding214
Josiah D. Gage215
Daniel Gilbert215
Henry Green215
Benjamin Green215
Daniel Green215
Joseph Goold, Jr.215
Benjamin Gage215
John Green215
Royal Gurley215
Israel Gardner215
Mary Greenleaf215
David Griffith215
Martin Girts - presumably Martin Gerts215
Eleazer Greely215
Eliphlet Greely215
John Gubtail215
Joseph M. Gerrish215
Richard Gooding215
Ann Graffam216
Edward L. Gruby216
Richard S. Goodhue216
Samuel Guy216
John Green, Jr.216
Francis Glover216
Jeremiah Gore216
Isaac Gage216
Samuel Green216
Eleazer Goold216
Frederic Gates216
Leonard Griffin216
Susan Gower216
Lucy Gustin216
Morgan S. Gordan216
Phillip Greely216
Jane Gardner216
Moses Goold216
Thomas Gibney217
Bemsley Glazier or Bernsley Glazier217
Joshua Gorden217
Peter Glidden217
Peter Gilson217
Charles F. Gilson217
Henry Green, Jr.217
William Griffin217
Jeremiah Griffin217
Elihue Gunnison217
William Gorham217
Esther Gorden217
Elizabeth Grace217
Peter Gilson, Jr.217
John D. Hamlett218
Ephraim Howard218
Samuel Haggett218
Elizabeth Haggett218
Simeon G. Hussey218
James Huntress218
Edmund Huntress218
John Huntress218
David Howard218
Silas Howell218
John Hoyt218
Moses Hanson218
Eleazer Holmes218
Richard Hunnewell218
George Hayes218
Noah Harding218
Nathaniel Hussey218
Thomas Hammond218
Benjamin Howell219
Daniel Herrick219
Hallabut Herrick219
George Hamlin219
Daniel Huckins219
John How219
Sally Haley219
George Hodgdon219
Hosea Harford219
Ann Huckins219
James Hans - not sure of surname219
Lot Hall219
George Hill219
Stephen Hodgkins219
William Hartshorn219
Samuel Haynes219
William Hans - not sure of surname219
John W. Haskell219
Dominicus Harmon220
William Haggett220
Zaccheus Hannaford220
Hannah Hussey220
Ebenezer Hall220
Eunice Husten220
Mary Holmes220
Robert Hill220
John Husten220
Phillip Haskins220
Charles Heard220
William Howard220
Crowell Hatch220
Nathaniel Hasty220
William Harding, Jr.220
Joseph Hodgkins220
Thomas Harmon220
William Harding220
Thomas Hannah221
Nathan Hubbard221
Mary Hall221
Edward How221
James Henley221
David Hartley221
Sarah Homer or Horner221
Sophia Hunter221
Joseph Haley221
James D. Hopkins221
Nathan How221
Peter Hall221
Samuel Hovey221
William Haskell221
James Horn221
Robert Horton221
Katharine Hamilton221
Samuel Hale222
Simeon Hall222
John Hooper222
Samuel F. Hussey222
William Hyde222
Elizabeth Harris222
Martha Hatch222
Joseph Harrod222
Stephen Harding222
Charles Hassack222
Ezekiel Hall222
Sally Hanson222
Josiah Hoit222
Gustavus Holm222
James Huse222
Elias Hersey222
John Hobert222
Stephen Harris222
Lazarus Harlow223
Jacob Hamm223
Robert Harmon223
Richard Hamilton223
Harmon Hall223
Joseph Hoole223
Eunice Haskell223
Almira Hale223
Alexander Hobbs223
Susanna Hulsbury223
John Hutchinson223
Thomas Hodgkins223
Augusta Hunt223
Lucy Hobbs223
Martha Holwell223
Moses Harris223
Jane Hannah223
Mary Hiller223
Joel Hall224
Moses Hall224
Ephraim Hartwell224
Mark Harris224
William Harris224
Oliver S. Hartshorn224
Thurlow Harris224
Elizabeth Hussey224
Josiah Hanson224
John Hale224
John Haggett224
Ezekiel Hoole224
William Hoole224
Edward Hinds224
William Harper224
William Haynes224
Solomon Haskell224
Elizabeth Hallowday224
William Holden225
Abial Hall225
Joseph H. Ingraham225
John Ilsley225
Robert Ilsley225
Henry Ilsley225
Parker Ilsley225
Hosea Ilsley225
Benjamin Ilsley225
Benjamin Ilsley, Jr.225
Hosea Ilsley, Jr.225
Isaac Ilsley225
William Ingraham225
Parker Ilsley, Jr.225
Abigail Ilsley225
Nancy Ilsley225
Joseph Ingraham226
Nathaniel Ingraham226
Thomas Ingraham226
William James226
Calvin Jordan226
Nathaniel G. Jewett226
Isaac Junkins226
Henry Jones226
John Jordan226
John Jones226
Bartholomew Jones226
Charles Jackson226
Mahitable Jellison226
Caroline Jenks226
John Johnson226
Joseph Johnson226
Ruth Jewett226
James Jewett227
Asa Jordan227
David Jordan227
Sarah Johnson227
Ebenezer Johnson227
Andrew Johnson227
Ezekiel Jordan227
Samuel Jackson227
Manuel Joseph227
Thomas Jenkins227
James Jordan227
Benjamin Joy227
Winslow Knight227
Richard Kating - perhaps Keating227
Nathan Kinsman227
Luther Keazer227
Walter Kating - perhaps Walter Keating228
Nathan Kimball228
Charles Kimball228
William Kingman228
William Knott228
Elijah Kellogg228
Asa Kneeland228
Sally Knox228
Elizabeth Kelly228
William Knight228
Jeremiah Kimball228
Ann Knight228
Elias Kelsey228
Benjamin Knight228
Mary Knight228
Isaac Knight228
Anthony Knight228
Jacob Knight228
John Knight229
Justin Kent229
Anthony Knapp229
Reuben Knight229
Joseph D. Kitteridge229
Thomas King229
Dolly Kimball229
James Kimball229
Jacob Knight, Jr.229
Ivory Kilborn229
Edward Killeran229
Reuben Kent229
Peter Klynbury229
Abraham Knight229
Abraham Knight, Jr.229
William Kimball229
John P. Lowell230
John Lowell230
Benjamin Leavitt230
Friend Loring or Loving230
William Low230
Edward Little230
Isaac Lunt230
Theophilus Libby230
Joseph Lane230
Elliott Libby230
Thomas Lancaster230
Caleb Libby230
John Leavitt230
Dorcas Lasley230
Hezekiah Littlefield230
Mariah Lester230
William H. Lindsay230
Benjamin Low230
Ansel Lewis231
Ansel Lewis, Jr.231
Richard Littlejohn231
Lucy Larrabee231
Thomas Leavis231
Royal Lincoln231
Emme Lowell231
Caleb Lord231
Mary Libby231
John Lewis231
Dennis Leonard231
William Lord231
John Leach231
Stephen Lewis231
John Loring231
William Love231
Davis Loring or Loving231
Zenas Libby231
John Liscom232
Joshua Leavitt232
Theophilus Lane232
Jane Lovis232
Enoch Lowell232
George Loring232
David Langley232
William Lowell232
Abner Lowell232
Nancy Light232
Stephen Little232
Nathanial Lefavor232
Samuel W. Lang232
Peter Lunt232
Patrick Linch232
John M. Lincoln232
Nicholas Loring or Loving232
Hannah Lowthier232
Thomas Lewis233
James Lunt233
Charles Littlejohn233
William Littlejohn233
William Lang233
Stephen Longfellow233
Joseph Larrabee233
John Lord233
Henry Mange233
Bryant Martin233
Prentiss Mellen233
John Merrill233
Hugh McLellan233
John Marriner233
Samuel R. McLellan233
Samuel McLellan233
Sally Mayberry234
Sally Marstin234
Arthur McLellan234
John Mussey, Jr.234
William McLellan, Jr.234
Elizabeth Myers234
Alexander Milliken234
William Merrill234
Clarisa Minot234
Thomas Merrill234
Charles Mussey234
Joseph Marriner234
Lydia Marwick234
John Mahan234
Mary Mitchell234
Reuben Morton234
Daniel Mussey234
Samuel Megguire234
Peleg Mitchell235
Mary Motley235
John McLellan235
Eunice Mason235
Joshua Mitchell235
Mary Motley 2d235
Joel Milliken235
Nathaniel Mitchell235
George Marwick235
Tabatha McFarland235
Israel Mitchell235
Daniel Morrison235
Andrew Mackey235
William Marsten235
Abraham Morton235
Enoch McKenny235
Abigail McManners235
Nicholas Merrill235
Dolly Merrill236
John Mackey236
Seward Merrill236
Peter Merrill236
Josiah Murch236
Elias Merrill236
William McLellan236
Lucy Murry236
Stephen McLellan236
David McKenny236
Lucy Munroe236
James Mitchell236
Thomas McLellan236
Jonathan McKenny236
Thomas Maling236
Cornelius D. Maynard236
James B. Moore236
Nathaniel Morrill236
William Martin237
Henry Mansfield237
Edward Mansfield237
Jeremiah F. Meachem237
William Moulton237
Samuel Motley237
Phinehas Milliken237
Andrew Mason237
Rebekah Miller237
Lemuel Moody237
Atwood Marwick237
Enos Merrill237
Charles Morris237
John McCann237
Jonas Mills237
Joseph Maxwell237
Andrew Mack237
Phebe Morse237
Christopher Mann238
Enoch Morse238
Mary Marks238
Mary Moulton238
Mary Morton238
William Moody238
Enoch Moody238
Lemuel Moody, Jr.238
Dorcas Moody238
Ebenezer Mayo238
George Murch238
John Murch238
Jeremiah Murch238
Martha Mayo238
George McLallen238
Samuel Moody238
Esther Mayo238
William C. Mitchell238
Seth Mason239
Charles Mason239
William Marshal239
William Morse239
James Millet239
Nathaniel Montgomery239
John Miller239
John Madock239
William Malcolm239
Daniel Mountfort, Jr.239
Francis Merrill239
Samuel Mountfort239
Daniel Mountfort239
Moses McCrery239
John Mason239
Elizabeth Martin239
John McLaughlin239
Richard Motley239
Samuel Nash240
Ischabod Nicholls240
Stephen Noyes240
Parmeneo Neal240
Henry Neal240
Ebenezer Noyes240
Abigail Neal240
Lydia Norwood240
John Nash240
Ann Noyes240
Moses Noyes240
Rachel Neal240
Isaac Noble240
John Noble240
Samuel Newman240
Ann Newman240
Mary Newell240
Winthrop B. Norton240
Joseph Noble241
Zaccheriah Nowell241
Nathan Nutter241
Nathaniel Newman241
Albert Newell241
David Newbegin241
David Noyes241
Newman Noyes241
Benjamin Newman241
Thomas Norton241
James Newbegin241
Stephen Niles241
William Norris241
Stephen H. Niles241
Daniel Newman241
Thomas D. Osgood242
Cotton Owen242
Thomas Osgood242
Mary Oxnard242
John B. Osborn242
Abraham Osgood242
Eunice Osgood242
Ebenezer Owen242
John Owen242
Joseph Owen242
Lucy Odell242
Martha Oxnard242
Ladoc Oakes242
Arthur Plumer243
Samuel A. Procter243
Isaac Prince243
George Pierson243
Joseph Pope, Jr.243
Albion K. Parris - Maine's 5th Governor Albion Keith Parris243
John Patten243
William P. Preble243
Edward F. H. Petre - Edward Frederick Henry Petrie243
Thomas Peachey243
Sarah Poland243
Clement Pennell243
George Parsons243
William Patterson243
Francis Poland243
James Prescott243
Barrett Potter243
Mary Preble243
Samuel Pearson244
Sarah Pitty244
John Poor244
Aaron Porter244
Stephen Poland244
Ruth Pickard244
Margaret Patterson244
Betsey Perkins244
James Paine244
James Poole, Jr.244
Nehemiah Patch244
David Pease244
Joseph Poland244
Nathaniel Pray244
James Poole244
John Phillips244
Benjamin Perkins244
Henry S. Pearson244
William B. Peters245
Moses T. Plumer245
Asa Plumer, Jr.245
John M. Prince245
Eleazer Pierce245
Josiah Pennell245
Lewis Prescott245
Mary Plumer245
Enoch Preble245
Seberiah Pratt - possibly Zeberiah245
Moses Plumer, Jr.245
Elizabeth Parker245
Ebenezer Prince245
Simeon Pratt245
Edward Payson245
Joseph Prince245
Margaret Plumer245
Francis Plumer245
John Parsons246
Caleb Pond246
Mary Price246
Darius Poole246
William Pitman246
Joshua Pitman246
Rebekah Phillips246
Gesiah Penea - not sure of surname246
Charles Pennell246
Nancy Pennell246
William Phillips246
Peter Parsons246
Josiah Paine246
John Powell246
Richard K. Porter246
William Parker246
John Pennell246
Asa Plumer246
Joseph Pope247
Moses Perry247
William Polleys247
Jeremiah Pennell247
Susan Pearson247
Benjamin Prince247
Josiah Pearson247
David Pettengail247
Charles Parsons247
Nancy Poor247
Henry Pearson247
Elizabeth Pierce247
Hugh Prince247
John Pritchard247
Stephen Patten247
Horatio G. Quincy248
Levi Quinby248
Joseph Quinby248
Samuel W. Quincy248
Marcus Quincy248
William S. Quincy248
Jacob Quincy248
Benjamin Rounds248
William Rounds248
Thomas Roberts248
Aaron Roberts248
Mary Rand248
Joseph Roberts248
Thomas Robinson248
Kinakum Randol - Kinicum Randall248
Seth Ring248
James Roberts249
Nathanial Roberts249
Benjamin Rolfe249
Levi Rankins249
Rebekah Rolfe249
John Rogers249
Willard Richards249
John Remmick249
Sarah Richardson249
Andrew Ross249
John Russell249
George Roberts249
Ann Ross249
Enoch Richardson249
Benjamin Ross249
William Robinson249
Benjamin Rackleft249
David Ross249
Samuel Rand250
John Riggs250
Benjamin D. Ross250
Job Runnels250
Jacob Riggs250
Luther Rice250
Mary Rand250
Samuel Rich250
Nathanial Randol250
Charles Ryan250
Samuel Runnels250
John Richardson250
Asa Roberts250
Joshua Rogers250
Mary Riley250
Samuel L. Raymond250
William Badford250
Christopher Rand250
Daniel Robinson - not sure of given name251
Margaret Retallet - perhaps Retallack or Retallick251
William Robinson, Jr.251
Jesse Richards251
Charles Rogers251
Smith Rowe251
Ebenezer Ryanson251
James Rackleff251
John Robinson251
Chandler Rackleff251
Daniel Radford251
William Richards251
Samuel Rand, Jr.251
Jonathan Redman251
Hannah Robinson251
Samuel Robinson251
Ebenezer Robinson251
John Robinson, Jr.251
Mary Robins252
Alford Richardson252
Nelson Rackleft252
Benjamin Radford252
David Robinson252
Thomas Ripley252
John M. Ramsey252
Daniel Rine252
John L. Riggs252
Ephraim Rich252
John Roberts252
Hannah Roberts252
Abijah Reed252
Lemuel Rice252
Sally Russell252
Carrol Staples252
Woodbury Storer, Jr.252
Susan Smith253
William Sevey253
Isaac Sterdevant253
James Simonton253
Daniel A. Smith253
John Sephton253
Cornelius Smith253
John Skillings253
David Sevey253
Horatio Southgate253
Joseph Swift253
Reuben Sawyer253
Levi Sawyer253
Rebekah Shaw253
Henry Smith253
Elizabeth Street253
Lewis Stetson253
Samuel Steele253
Mahitable Sweat253
James P. Stetson254
Henry Stevenson254
Henry Small254
David Sevey, Jr.254
Asa Shaw254
Rebekah Strong254
James Sands254
John Salter254
Mary Storer254
Eliphlet Smith254
Richard C. Sawyer254
James Sawyer254
Edward Shields254
Alpheus Shaw254
Nathaniel Shaw, Jr.254
Ebenezer Shackford254
Josiah Stearns254
Nathaniel Shaw254
John Sampson255
Michael Stevens255
Dorcas Snow255
Henry Stevens255
John Shed255
Gilman Sargent255
Isaac Staples255
James Sevey255
Jasiel Smith255
Joseph Smith255
John K. Smith255
Simeon Skillings255
Dorcas Smart255
Samuel Sinkler255
Nicholas Stickney255
Burnham Smith255
George Stacy255
Peter Scott255
Nathaniel Springer255
Sarah Smith256
Augustus Stillman256
William Smith256
Nicholas Stays256
Abial Somerby256
Edward B. Souther256
Shubael Stone256
John W. Smith256
David Smith256
John Stockman256
John Stamford256
John Stworty - couldn't find another record to verify surname256
Abel Sampson256
Susan Stone256
Woodbury Storer256
David Stackpole256
John Sweetser256
David Steele256
Joseph Small257
Jonathan Stewart257
Arthus Shirley - or Arthur Shirley257
Charles Sargent257
Richard Sutton257
James Stevens257
Aaron Staniford257
Joseph T. Shirwood257
William Sheaf257
John Salvador257
Rebekah Shaw 2d257
Jotham Staples257
Seba Smith257
Samuel Springer257
Jonathan Sweat257
Sarah Snow257
Elizabeth Swaine257
Ebenezer Sumner257
Sarah Staniford258
Robert Staniford258
Sarah Small258
Freeman Smith258
William Sawyer258
Charles B. Smith258
Jonathan Sparrow258
Robert H. Smith258
William Stevens258
Nathan Sargent258
Betsey Stevens258
Lemuel Sawyer258
Daniel Skillings258
Benjamin Shaw258
William Stevens, Jr.258
Israel Sweat258
Joseph Stickney258
William Sweat258
Elizabeth Stevens259
Seth Sampson259
Nicholas Smith259
Ezekiel Sawyer259
John Sawyer259
Andrew Scott259
Joshua Shackford259
Stephen Stevenson259
William Skillings259
Joseph Sawyer259
James Slater259
Rebekah Stilson259
Samuel Sumner259
Joseph Steele259
Harrison P. Smart259
Margaret Starbird259
Katharine Simson259
Nathan Safford259
Moses Smith259
Benjamin Thomes260
Nathaniel Thomes260
Joshua Thaxter260
John Trowbridge260
Joshua Taylor260
Dudley Todd260
Benjamin True260
Mary Totman260
Joshua Thomes260
Abijah Tarbox260
Charles Thaxter260
Elizabeth Tuttle260
Olive Townsend260
Dolly Twambly260
John Tolman260
George Truet260
Samuel Tobey260
Isaac Thomes260
Ephraim Twombly261
Joshua Tolford261
Mary Thaxter261
John Thompson261
William Turnbull261
Betsey Tandy261
Joseph Thaxter261
James Townsend261
Benjamin Thrasher261
Sarah Townsley261
Isaac Topping261
Abiah W. Tinkham261
David Tucker261
William True261
David Trull261
Freeman Thomas261
Nathaniel Tilton261
John P. Thurston261
Daniel W. Taber262
Joseph Titcomb262
John Tobey262
Thomas Thompson262
Henry Titcomb262
Lemuel Tobey, Jr.262
John Trow262
Lemuel Tobey262
William Thomas262
Jonathan Tukesbury262
Mary Toppan262
Ezekiel Thurston262
Elizabeth Thurston262
William Tobey262
Asa Thompson262
Jonathan Thrasher262
Stephen Tukey262
Samuel Todd262
Benjamin Tukey263
Jonathan Tucker263
William Tukey263
Joseph Thomes263
William Thomes263
Petrus S. Tenbroeck263
William Tuckey - perhaps Tukey263
Jeremiah Tucker263
Michael Trufey263
James Treat263
Elias Thomas263
Lemuel Tukey263
Joshua Trott263
Benjamin Trott263
Robert Thompson263
David Talbot263
Happy Thomas263
Robert Treadwell263
Mary Tuckfield263
John Ulrick264
William Vaughan264
William T. Vaughan264
Nathan Vining264
Phinehas Varnum264
Lawrance Vanbuskirk264
Michael Vinser - possibly the Michael Vincent in Portland then264
Joseph Veazie264
Elisha Vinton264
William Vose264
Isaac Winship265
Elias Whitney265
Jonas Winship265
Mary Weeman265
Ebenezer Wilson265
Eli Webb265
John Wood265
Israel Waterhouse265
Nathaniel Webster265
John Watts265
Jacob Waterhouse265
Sarah Webb265
Isaac Wilson265
George Willis265
Josiah Whitman265
Richard Wiswell265
Jane Wiswell265
Ephraim Wilbur266
Enoch Wiswell266
Sarah White266
Ruth Whipple266
Lucy Watson266
John Wormell266
Daniel Walker266
Mary Walker266
Oliver Washburn266
Nancy Wiswell266
Samuel Weed266
Jacob Wellcome266
Benjamin Willis266
Hezekiah Winslow266
Mary Ward266
Timothy Walcott266
Sally Williams266
David Waldron - not sure of surname, faint266
Lydia Webster267
Alice Webster267
Jane Weeks267
William Wallace267
Nathaniel Wiggins267
John Watts267
Nathan Winslow267
Ebenezer Webster267
Isaiah B. Whiting267
Christopher Wright267
William Wood267
Ezekiel Whitman267
David Williams267
Levi Weymouth267
Joseph Wilson, Jr.267
Abigail Ward267
William Webb267
Elias Washburn267
William Widgery268
John Wildridge268
Eleazer Wyer268
William Woodman268
Mary Wheeler268
David Williams, Jr.268
Thomas Warren268
Betsey Webster268
Susan Webster268
Esther Woodman268
Josiah Williams268
Jonathan Waite268
Daniel Woodman268
Samuel Wells268
George Warren268
Joshua Webb268
Margaret Wildridge268
Hannah Warren268
Joseph Wilson269
Hannah Waite269
Betsey Waite269
Samuel Waterhouse269
William Withington269
James Webber269
James Wiley269
Albert Winslow269
Gershem Winship269
Seth Winship269
Nathaniel Warner269
Mark Walton269
John Williams269
William Woodbury269
Henry Warren269
Charles Witham269
Hannah Waterhouse269
Stephen Waite270
Joseph Weeks270
Joshua Weeks270
Lemuel Weeks270
John White270
Lemuel Weeks, Jr.270
Paul Wilson270
Joseph Williams270
John G. Walden270
John Willitson270
Samuel Woodbury270
Joseph Whitam270
Susan Widgery270
Eliza Worthley270
Jane Whitney270
William Walcott270
Sarah Webb 2d270
Mary Young271
Joseph Young271
Abigal York271
John Yates271
Reuben York271
Robert York271

Persons of Color Households 
Names of Heads of Households - Persons of ColorSheet #
Richard Young272
Coll T. Wilson272
Joseph Cadalso272
Ira Gray272
John Thomas272
John Smith272
Christopher Manuel272
Ephraim Small272
William Johnson272
John Groves272
Francis Martin272
Samuel Gardner272
Thomas McCarty272
Samuel Johnson272
James Taylor272
William Richardson272
Samuel Wright272
George Allen273
James Eston272
Daniel Valentine273
James Bowes273
Charles Bowes273
John Robinson273
Henry Richardson273
Richard Richards273
Titus Skillings273
James Murry273
James Dessenbury273
Paul Allsip273
Peter Pear273
Benjamin Lewis273
Peter Smith273
John Lancey273
Cesar Carcy273
Olive Jackson274
Simin Bowes274
Boston Jackson274
Clement Thompson274
Sophia Anderson274
Charles Thompson274
James Ackrow274
Caleb Adams274
Samuel Richardson274
William Mingells274
James Davis274
Eunice Jones274
Lewis Shepard274
Caleb Johnson274
Ezra S. Shepard274
William Brown274
William Johnson274
Peter Sewsan275
Susan Anderson275

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