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Gray, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Gray, Maine, in Cumberland County, in the 1820 Federal Census

Enumerated population of Gray in the 1820 Census: 1479

Enumerator: Daniel Irish

Enumeration of Gray consists of all or parts of Sheets 148 -163; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Note: the 1820 Federal Census lists the names of heads of households only; people in a household are tracked by age range and gender to determine the total population.

See the
list of heads of households at the end of this post.

Note: Spelling of the names of heads of households has been left as it appears in the enumerator’s hand; in some cases, for clarity, an optional spelling has been added. Your corrections and additional information are requested; please comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

For the following reasons, be prepared to search the entire list for the object of your search:

  • Many people were not sure of the spelling of their names

  • Name spelling may have evolved throughout the person’s life

  • The enumerator may not have heard the person correctly

  • The enumerator may have interviewed someone not certain of the name of the head of household or how it was spelled

  • The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings.

  • Some enumerators grouped heads of households together by the first letter of their surname, giving an additional clue on a surname difficult to read.  Note: lists by first letter of surname are not alphabetical within that letter.

  • Some enumerators apparently grouped the names by walking through neighborhoods; in these cases, the first letter of the surname may sometimes be in error, but the information on neighboring households is valuable.

Names of Heads of HouseholdsSheet #
Samuel Adams148
Joseph Allen, Jr.148
Elias Allen148
Daniel Allen148
Nathaniel Abbot148
Joseph Allen148
Joshua Adams148
Morrell Berry or Barry148
Nathaniel Brackett148
Titus O. Brown148
George Benson148
William Barbour148
Charles Barbour148
William Bennet148
David Bennet148
Phineas Bennet, Jr.149
Elias Blake149
William Berry149
Phineas Bennet149
Daniel Cummings149
Ebenezer Cobb149
Isaac Cummings149
Amos Cummings149
Joseph Cummings149
Benjamin Cobb149
Salter Cobb149
Richard Colley149
James Colley149
Amos Colley149
John Colley149
William Dolley150
Thomas Dutton150
Joseph Davis150
Hezekiah Doughty150
Judah Dyer150
William Dodson150
Jonas Doughty150
John Doughty150
Ezra Davis150
Jacob Elder150
Morrell Elder150
Stephen Furbush151
John Far151
Jacob Foster151
Joseph Foster151
Isaac Foster151
Thomas Frank151
Moses Foster151
George Farrell151
Samuel Foster151
Nathaniel Ford151
John Fowler151
Isaac Fogg151
Josiah Frank151
James Frank151
James Frank, Jr.151
Jonathan Freeman151
Patience Fogg, Widow151
William Greely152
William Green152
Thomas Greely152
William Goff152
William Greely, Jr.152
Daniel W. Green152
Alexander Gallison152
Ralph Hallowell152
James Hamelton152
Daniel Hall152
Joseph Hayden152
Moses Hunt152
John Humphrey, Jr.153
Israel Hodskins153
Ebenezer Higgins153
David Hunt, Jr.153
James Humphrey - not sure of given name153
Daniel Haskell153
Israel Hunt153
David Hunt153
Nathan Hunt153
Moses Humphrey153
Oliver Humphrey153
John Humphrey153
Elijah Husten153
Joseph Husten153
Reuben Hill153
Thomas Hatch153
William Hustin153
Alexander Harmon154
Elias Harmon154
Isreal Jordan154
James Johnson154
Adverdus King - presumably Edvardus King154
Moses Knight154
John Low154
Simeon Lawrence154
Ephraim Lawrence154
Ephraim Lawrence, Jr.154
Joseph Libby155
Andrew Libby155
Nicholas Low155
Simon Libby155
Moses Libby155
Nicholas Low, Jr.155
Andrew Libby, Jr.155
William Libby155
James Libby155
George Latham155
George Latham, Jr.155
Levi Lane155
Galen Latham155
Benjamin Libby155
Jonathan Libby155
David Libby155
Gideon Libby155
Jedadiah Libby156
Daniel Libby, Jr.156
Thomas S. Look or Lock156
Betsey Latham, Widow156
Daniel Libby156
Benjamin Morse156
Joseph Morse156
John Morse156
Ozias Morse156
William Morse156
John Morse, Jr.156
David Morse156
Joseph Merrill156
Thomas Mayo156
Reuben Morse157
Charles McDonald157
Samuel Magguire157
Stephen Machester157
John Muchemore157
Samuel Mayall157
Mark Morse157
Joshua Mountford157
John Mountford157
John Merrill157
Ebenezer Maxwell157
Levi Morse157
Samuel Nash157
Thomas Pennell157
Eliphas Phillips157
Jeremiah Pennell158
Stephen Pennell158
Joseph Pennell, Jr.158
Joseph Pennell158
Adam Purves158
William Purves158
Sylvanus Prince158
Edmund Pray - not sure of surname158
Jeremiah Perley158
Abraham Perley158
Samuel Perley158
Joseph Rounds158
Samuel Randall158
Robert Ramsdell158
Gideon Ramsdell158
John Russell159
Seth Ramsdell159
Alexander Ross159
John Sweetster159
Ephraim Staples159
Robert Starboard159
Samuel Swett159
William Strecklin - perhaps Strickland159
Nehemiah Skillings159
Salter Soper159
William Starboard159
Isacc Stowell159
Stephen Stiles159
Curtis Stiles159
Jeremiah Small159
William Small160
John Small160
Adkins Small160
Samuel Skillings160
Joseph Skillings160
Edward Skillings160
Josiah Skillings160
Calvin Shaw160
John Stimpson160
John H. Smith160
Ebenezer Stowell160
Samuel Stowell160
Benjamin Skillings160
James Small160
Sidney Thaxter161
Henry Trask161
Jeremiah Twitchell161
Beales Thompson161
Ithiel Trip - presumably Othniel Trip161
William B. Titcomb161
John Titcomb161
Stephen Thair - perhaps Thayer161
Joseph Thompson161
Ephraim Thompson, Jr.161
Ephraim Thompson161
Francis Upton161
Ebenezer Varney161
Isaac Weeks162
Francis Webster162
Whitely Webster162
Joshua Weeks162
Peter Whitney, Doctor162
Simon Webster162
Joseph Webster162
James Welch162
James Weymouth162
Thomas Webster162
Daniel Weston, Reverend162
Timothy Weymouth162
Samuel Webster162
Joseph Weeks162
Abraham Young163
Nathaniel Young163
Job Young163
John Young163

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