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New Gloucester, Maine, in the 1820 Census

New Gloucester, Maine, in Cumberland County, in the 1820 Federal Census

Enumerated population of New Gloucester in the 1820 Census: 1628

Enumerator: Josiah Dunn, Jr., of Poland, Maine

Enumeration of New Gloucester consists of all or parts of Sheets 280-293; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Note: the 1820 Federal Census lists the names of heads of households only; people in a household are tracked by age range and gender to determine the total population.

See the
list of heads of households at the end of this post.

Boundary changes to New Gloucester since 1820: part of the "Eighty-Rod Strip" annexed in 1838

Note: Spelling of the names of heads of households has been left as it appears in the enumerator’s hand; in some cases, for clarity, an optional spelling has been added. Your corrections and additional information are requested; please comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

For the following reasons, be prepared to search the entire list for the object of your search:

  • Many people were not sure of the spelling of their names

  • Name spelling may have evolved throughout the person’s life

  • The enumerator may not have heard the person correctly

  • The enumerator may have interviewed someone not certain of the name of the head of household or how it was spelled

  • The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings.

  • Some enumerators grouped heads of households together by the first letter of their surname, giving an additional clue on a surname difficult to read.  Note: lists by first letter of surname are not alphabetical within that letter.

  • Some enumerators apparently grouped the names by walking through neighborhoods; in these cases, the first letter of the surname may sometimes be in error, but the information on neighboring households is valuable.

Name of Head of HouseholdSheet #
Peleg Chandler280
Joshua and William Morill or Merill280
William Ricker - not sure of surname280
Edmund Merill280
William Proctor280
Goin Willson280
Jacob Macdonald - not sure of surname280
Nathan Handscome281
William Merrill281
John Lunt281
Amos Merrill281
James Merrill281
Jonathan Symonton or Simonton (strike-over)281
Jabez Haskell281
Peter Bracket281
Nathaniel Bracket281
David Lovering281
Peter Bracket, Jr.281
Chitman Hodgskins281
Joseph Foss281
Joshua Snow281
Frost Staple281
Joshua Gore281
Solomon McIntire281
Jacob Atkins282
Moses Bennet282
Moses Stenchfield282
William Witham282
Thomas Witham282
Polly Haskell282
Joseph Peirce282
John Harris282
James Yetten282
John Tufts282
Jacob Bayley282
Robert Bayley282
Samuel Peirce282
John Downer282
Ebenezer Stevens282
Jeremiah Witham282
Majer Berry282
William Megguire282
John Megguire283
Joseph Allen283
Benjamin Allen283
Enoch Moss283
Joshua Merril283
Reuben Sawyer283
Samuel Witham283
Ebenezer Snow283
Asa Gore283
Ephraim Stenchfield283
Deering Johnson283
Ebenezer Bennet283
Aaron Penny283
Caleb Haskell283
Isaac Haskell283
Amos E. Bailey or Amos C. Bailey283
Jonathan Bennet, Jr.283
Jonathan Bennet283
Isaac Blake283
Levi Low283
Nathaniel Haskell284
Joseph Woodman284
John Tufts284
Job White284
William White284
Richard Blake284
Ebenezer White284
Tabithy Ranso - possiblyTabitha; possibly Ransom284
Joseph Peirce284
David Peirce284
Simeon Harris284
Robert Low284
Johnson Hammond284
William Hatch284
Eliphalet Washburn284
John Waterman284
Sarah Washburn284
Isaac Gross284
Joseph Collins285
Sylvanus Cobb285
Chandler Cobb285
Chandler W. Bradford285
Zebulon Row, Jr.285
Zebulon Row285
Jonathan Row285
Ebenezer Row285
Zed. Nevens - presumably Zedekiah Nevens285
Solomon Atwood285
James Haskell285
Abraham Pierce285
Sylvanus Cobb, Jr.285
Moses True285
Asa Ayer285
Thomas Ayer285
John Staples285
Gilbert Ayer285
Samuel Nevens285
Levi Hersey286
Jonas Eveleth286
James Stinchfield286
James Winslow286
Shubal Marsh286
Joseph E. Foxcroft286
Jeremiah Allen286
Dexter Bearce286
Israel Smith286
James Merrow286
Rebecca Megguire286
Elisha Moseley286
Joseph Raynes286
David Nelson286
John Harris286
Timothy Little286
Peleg Chandler286
Sarah Chandler286
Obediah Littlefield286
Isaac F. Hatch286
Benjamin Witham287
Gideon Davis287
William Grover287
Josiah Grover287
John Soms287
Salome Parsons287
Isaac Pearsons, Jr.287
Joshua Deering287
John Megguier287
Isaac Parsons287
Daniel Garcelon287
Seth Peirce287
Asahel Dearbourn287
Obediah Whitman287
Richard Varrel287
Eliphalet Haskell287
Amos Haskell287
Hannah Roach287
James Roach287
Philip Chandler287
Polly Lanksford288
Benjamin Haskell288
Ebenezer Collins288
Aaron Eveleth288
Perkins Eveleth288
Isaac Prince288
William Row288
Amaziah Nevens288
Samuel Fesenden288
William Densmore288
Joseph Thrasher288
Hanson Hays288
John Hays288
Samuel Staples288
Joshua Abbe288
Samuel Tyler288
Daniel Collins288
Isaac Tyler288
Ebenezer Lane288
Betsey Sawyer289
Jarusha Sawyer289
William Haskell289
John M. Morgan289
John Morgan289
Nabby Stenchfield289
William Bradbury289
Nathan Haskell289
George Wait289
William Tarbox289
Margaret Lane289
Jabez Bradbury289
John Witham289
Simeon Pearsons289
Isaac Johnson289
Jacob Tucker289
Richard Tobie289
Michael Webber289
John Webber290
Moses Sawyer290
Jabez Cushman290
Jabez Marchent290
Moses Bennet290
Sally Johnson290
Simeon Wells290
John Wells290
Simeon Wells, Jr.290
Nathaniel Wells290
Charles Bennet290
Moses Bennet 3d290
Samuel Cushman290
Nathaniel Allen290
Joseph Johnson290
Daniel Fogg, Jr.290
E. Warren or C. Warren290
Daniel Fogg290
Enoch Fogg290
Hannah Fogg290
Jacob Merrill291
Solomon Atwood291
Isaac Atwood291
Nathaniel Wats291
Simond Baker291
Peter Haskell291
Abigail Fogg291
Peletiah Lion291
William H. Pierce291
Jacob Hammond291
Moses Woodman291
Josiah Churchill291
Thomas Warf - presumably Thomas Wharff291
William Bridgham291
Benjamin Woodbury291
Jabez Woodman291
John Haskell291
Fredom Keith - presumably Freedom Keith291
Ruth Winslow291
John Page292
William Stockman292
James Eveleth292
Nathaniel Eveleth292
Robert Nevens292
Nathaniel Ingersol292
Sarah Haskell292
Jemima Pearsons292
John White292
John Preble292
William Bradbury292
Joseph Manning292
Ezra Chapman292
Moses Merrill292
Moses Merrill, Jr.292
Samuel Merrill292
Lydia Campbell292
Ephraim Johnson292
Jacob Haskell292
Simond Crocket - presumably Simon Crockett293
Joseph Tyler293
William Stenchfield293
? Johnson, possibly Walter Johnson293
Richard Tobie293
James Allen293
Philip Winslow293
Jabez True293
Jonathan True293
Isaac S. Davis293
Josiah Lane293
William Burns293
Samuel True293
Mary Martin293
William Martin293
Samuel Hilton293
Jacob Rollins293
Moses Rollins293

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