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Danville, Maine, in the 1820 Census - now part of Auburn, Maine, in Androscoggin County

Danville, Maine, in Cumberland County, in the 1820 Federal Census - now part of Auburn, Maine, in Androscoggin County

Enumerated population of Danville in the 1820 Census: 1083

Enumerator: Josiah Dunn, Jr. of Poland, Maine

Enumeration of consists of all or parts of Sheets 327-337; use the arrow at top left of each image to page forward.

Boundary changes to Danville since 1820:

  • land set off to Durham in 1821 and 1823
  • land annexed from Poland in 1852
  • land set off to Auburn in 1859 and the rest of Danville annexed to Auburn in 1867

Note: the 1820 Federal Census lists the names of heads of households only; people in a household are tracked by age range and gender to determine the total population.

See the
list of heads of households at the end of this post.

Note: Spelling of the names of heads of households has been left as it appears in the enumerator’s hand; in some cases, for clarity, an optional spelling has been added. Your corrections and additional information are requested; please comment for the benefit of fellow researchers.

For the following reasons, be prepared to search the entire list for the object of your search:

  • Many people were not sure of the spelling of their names

  • Name spelling may have evolved throughout the person’s life

  • The enumerator may not have heard the person correctly

  • The enumerator may have interviewed someone not certain of the name of the head of household or how it was spelled

  • The enumerator may have used phonetic spellings.

  • Some enumerators grouped heads of households together by the first letter of their surname, giving an additional clue on a surname difficult to read.  Note: lists by first letter of surname are not alphabetical within that letter.

  • Some enumerators apparently grouped the names by walking through neighborhoods; in these cases, the first letter of the surname may sometimes be in error, but the information on neighboring households is valuable.

Not in alphabetical order - read through the entire list or "find in page".

Names of Heads of HouseholdsSheet #
Zebne Hunt - possibly ferry operator Zebina Hunt327
Daniel Welch327
Samuel Grant327
Stephen Penny327
Nathaniel Sturges327
Jonathan Chase327
Moses Chase327
Samuel Haskell327
Ezra Witham327
Thomas Johnson328
James Libby328
James Libby, Jr.328
Andrew Eveleth328
Israel Eveleth328
David Hollis328
Sarah Hollis328
Francis Maxwell328
Seth H. Leech328
Emery Leech328
Daniel Brunham - presumably Burnham328
Elias Banks328
Job Lane328
Oliver Parker328
Andrew Giddings328
John Penley328
John Merrill328
Charles Merril328
Peter Merril328
Moses Smith329
Samuel Tarbox329
Philimon Woodby329
Benjamin Rand329
Abiul Rollins329
Jonathan Haskell329
Thomas Goss329
William Goss329
Philimon Goss - middle initial C or E329
Ebenezer Witham, Jr.329
Asa Witham329
Thomas Witham329
Thomas Finson329
Samuel Starboard329
Lucy Moody329
Edmond B. Bow329
Samuel Grant329
Stephen Haskell330
Moses Fits - presumably Moses Fitz (1766-1823)330
Peletiah Smith330
John Natting - presumably John Nutting330
Sarah Lake330
Moses Row330
George Goss330
Joshua Goss330
Richard Goss330
Robert Moxwell - presumably Maxwell330
Humphrey Vosmus330
Stephen Row330
William Row330
Solomon Goss330
John Webb330
Aaron Dresser330
William Penley330
Nathaniel Jordon - not sure of surname (crease between sheets)330
Enoch Moody331
Joel Kimbal331
Lucy Frost331
Phineas Frost331
Andrew Skinner331
Samuel Morton331
Mehitable Barron331
Joseph Dresser331
Michael Holland331
Jacob True331
Jude Hackett331
Joseph Penley331
William Parker331
Samuel Vickery331
Christopher Mitchell331
Joseph Robberts331
Nathaniel Vickery331
James B. Ross332
Mathias Vickery332
Samuel Wagg332
James Wagg332
John Proctor332
Elias Staten332
David Crockett332
Jeremiah Dingley332
James Elwell332
William Moses332
Simeon Reckord332
James Robinson332
James Proctor332
Simeon Blitham332
Daniel Robinson332
John Dow332
Moses Hanscome333
Stephen Laribe - presumably Larrabee333
William Handscome333
George Leach333
Joseph Waterhouse333
Zebulon Waterhouse333
James Vickery333
Joseph Davis333
Charles Maxwell333
Enoch Downer333
John Walker333
Mary Row333
Samuel Stenchfield333
John Stenchfield333
James Ayer333
Benjamin Walker334
John Stenchfield, Jr.334
William Stockman334
Howchin Moody - presumably Houchin Moody - or Hutching334
William Stenchfield334
Deborah Plummer334
Solomon Hollis334
Sarah Dyre334
Joseph Pearsons334
Ebenezer Jordon334
Ebenezer Jordon334
William W. Peoples334
William Libby334
Thomas Murry334
William Jordon334
Rejia Libby - not sure of given name334
James Sawyer334
Alden Bridham - surname perhaps should be Bridgham335
David Goss335
Isaac Libby335
Deminicus Libby335
Jacob Laribe - presumably Larrabee335
Moses Libby335
Dennis Libby335
Hanson Libby335
William Libby335
Dolly Libby335
Isaac Martin335
William McKenny335
Robert Hunneford335
Moses Lariby - presumably Larrabee335
Daniel Bridgham335
Robert Hunnewell335
Josiah Laribe - presumably Larrabee336
Nathaniel Laribe - presumably Larrabee336
Moses Hunnewell336
Benjamin Hunnewell336
John Hunnewell336
Benjamin Hunnewell, Jr.336
James Field336
William Gould336
Charles P. McKenney336
Charles McKenney336
John W. Jordon336
Samuel Royal336
William Plummer336
Thomas Plummer336
James Jordan, Jr.336
James Jordin336
Abram Pierce336
Mary McKenny336
Samuel Starbird337
Jonathan McKenny337
Benjamin Jordon337
Jonathan Chase337
Luke Vozmus337
Joseph Eveleth337
John Goss337
Samuel Goss337
Humphrey Jordan or Gordon337
John Jordon337
John Goss, Jr.337
Nathaniel Sawyer337
Solomon Sawyer337
Joseph Peirce337
Thomas Ayres337
Benjamin Woodbury337
True Woodbury337
Nathaniel Ingersol337

Danville Section of Auburn, Maine, Today

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