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Robbinston, Maine - 1872 School Register for District #5 - Summer Term

1872 Summer Term School Register for School District #5 in Robbinston, Maine, with Rose E. Knapp, Teacher, and Davis C. Diffin, School Agent
Students, Shown in Alphabetical Order:

Hannah Apt, age 7
John Apt, age 16
Josiah Apt, age 10
Herbert Brooks, age 10
John Crompton, age 13
Albert Diffin, age 14
Emily Diffin, age 5
Eva A. Diffin, age 7
George Diffin, age 10; middle initial ?
James C. Diffin, age 14
Jennie Diffin, age 7
Lyona F. Diffin, age 10
Mathers Diffin, age 14
Robert J. Diffin, age 16
Wesley A. Diffin, age 5
Annie Fader, age 13
Charles W. Ferson, age 10
Dora Ferson, age 5
Levi R. Ferson, age 12
Lottie Ferson, age 8
Maggie K. Gates, age 22
Elthere Goldin, age 16
Isaac Goldin, age 14
Charles Green, age 8
Hiram Hunt, age 12
Stephen Hunt, age 9
Elmer McDonald, age 8
Lottie McDonald, age 5
Robert McDonald, age 7
Mark McLaughlin, age 10
Amy E. Sherman, age 5
Annie E. Stanhope, age 16
Andrew J. Stanhope, age 7
Loring Stanhope, age 7
Florence Stanhope, age 6
Uriah Stanhope, age 14
Willie S. Vose, age 11
Myra Vose, age 13
Hiram Waterman, age 13

The sheet goes on to show:
  • how many times they were tardy
  • how many times they were dismissed
  • how many days these attended
and, most of all,
  • their average rank in deportment and study

I believe Rose E. Knapp was not a local but was Rose Emma Knapp (1847-1920) from East Livermore, Maine, who, presumably, took a position at Robbinston in 1872. In 1875, this Rose married Nahum Burton Pinkham, an Anson, Maine, native, who became a lawyer in Fargo, North Dakota. They're buried in Riverside Cemetery at Fargo, North Dakota.

Davis C. Diffin (1822-1908), was a native of New Brunswick who moved to Robbinston, Maine. He was the father of at least two of the students in the Summer Term of 1872.

 If you have information to share on any of the students, their teacher Rose E. Knapp or School Agent Davis C. Diffin, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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