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Lines Written By Judge Horace Strickland of Bradford, Vermont, upon the Death of his Wife Susan H. (Baldwin) Strickland in 1874

Paper, about 8" b y 5", found unaccompanied by other items, which contains lines written by Judge Horace Strickland (1801-1884) upon the death of his wife Susan H. (Baldwin) Strickland (1802-1874).  

The Stricklands lived in Bradford, Vermont.

The paper is more yellow than it appears above, as it was scanned while contained within an archival sleeve.


The following lines were found among the papers of the late Judge H Stricland of Bradford Vt and were evidently written after the death of his wife

'Fairwell', since nevermore for thee 
The sun comes up o'er eastern skies
Less bright henceforth shall sunshine be
To some fond hearts and saddened eyes.

There are who for thy last long sleep
Shall sleep as sweetly nevermore.
Shall weep because thou canst not weep
And grieve that all they griefs are o'er.

Sad thrift of love: the loving breast
On which the aching heart was thrown
Gave up the weary head to rest
But kept the aching for its own."

Horace Bradford was a foundry owner, a Town Clerk, a State Representative and Side Judge of Orange County, Vermont. He and Susan had two daughters
  1. Charlotte taught at Abbott Academy in Andover, Massachusetts
  2. Lucy Ann married Charles B. Botsford, a Boston merchant

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