Wednesday, May 5, 2021

1912 Wedding Announcement of Bruce Alvor Higgins & Marietta Jessie Megquier at Bangor, Maine

Announcement of the Marriage of Bruce Alvor Higgins (1877-1962) and Marietta Jessie Megquier (1875-1951) at Bangor, Maine, on 15 August 1912.

According to Dr. Higgins' obituary, he was a native of Ohio, who had moved with his family to Exeter, Maine, when young. After graduating from the Maine Medical School at Bowdoin College in the Class of 1901, he practiced in Corinth, Maine, for a time, before moving with his wife to Iola, Kansas.

Dr. Higgins' father, Ebenezer A. Higgins, was the son of Ebenezer and Ruth (Smith) Higgins, natives of Bucksport, Maine, who moved to Exeter, Maine, and developed an extensive farm.

Marietta Jessie Megquier was the daughter of Charles F. Megquier and Marietta E. (Clark) Megquier of Corinth, Maine. It's possible that Dr. Higgins met Marietta while he was practicing medicine in Corinth, although they may have known each other before that, as Corinth and Exeter abut.

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