Monday, November 4, 2019

1888-1893 Cash Book of IOOF Canton Brunswick No. 23; Brunswick, Maine

1888-1892 cashbook of Canton Brunswick #23, which I believe was a unit of the International Order of Odd Fellows, IOOF, at Brunswick, Maine, based on research of the names included.

The cashbook measures approximately 7-3/4" by 5-1/4"; 4 pages of entries appear at the beginning of the book, with the rest of the pages blank.  

See a list of members' names and businesses paid, farther below.

Some initials may have been interpreted incorrectly.  If you can shed light on the names below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Names, in Alphabetical Order of Members and Businesses Paid - some appear multiple times
  • A. S. Chase or H. S. Chase
  • L. H. Colby - perhaps Lincoln H. Colby
  • H. J. Given  - perhaps Harvey J. Given
  • A. G. Hall - perhaps Albert G. Hall
  • J. R. Jordan - perhaps James R. Jordan
  • G. C. Knight
  • C. H. Nash - perhaps Charles H. Nash, noted below
  • Charles H. Nash
  • F. E. Roberts - perhaps Frank E. Roberts
  • E. M. Snow - perhaps Edgar M. Snow
  • F. L. Snow - perhaps Frank L. Snow
  • H. A. Stetson - perhaps Henry A. Stetson
  • H. W. Townsend Books or A. H. Townsend - paid for books
  • H. C. Upton Printing - Brunswick - paid for printing services
  • A. N. Van Deman  - not sure of surname - presumably a lawyer as he was paid for work on the By-Laws

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