Sunday, November 3, 2019

1887-1893 School Supervisor's Account Book - Caribou, Maine, area, including the Woodland District

This is an account book of 1887 to 1893 that appears to have used by a School Supervisor who had charge of six districts, presumably in Caribou, Maine, and the district of Woodland, a town to the west of Caribou. 

The book measures approximately 8-1/4" by 7"; most pages are blank.  It was purchased from C. A. Lyons, Stationery & News Depot, Caribou, Maine.

There appear to be at least two sets of handwriting, with the break somewhere around 1892.  Interestingly, the 1893 Caribou annual report mentions that the current supervisor, C. B. Roberts, presumably Calvin B. Roberts (1847-1898), took on the task during the middle of the year, due to the death of the previous supervisor.  Unfortunately, the digital collection of municipal annual reports available from the University of Maine does not include any earlier reports for Caribou.

The 1888 Maine Register shows George H. Smith as School Supervisor for Caribou, and David A. Snowman of Caribou as School Supervisor for Woodland.

The 1889 Maine Register shows O. H. Smith as School Supervisor for Caribou, and W. E. Dorman as School Supervisor for Woodland.  Perhaps O. H. Smith was a typo for George H. Smith.

If you can shed light on the people who made entries in this book, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The pages, in order, and with a companion image showing the columns at the top oriented for easier reading.



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