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1879/1883 Trustees Book for IOOF Crescent Lodge #25 at North Lovell, Maine - with other items from 1856-1892

1879/1883 Trustees book of Crescent Lodge #25 at North Lovell, Maine, with several letters and other documents tucked inside.

The book measures approximately 8-1/4" by 7" and contains two sheets with handwriting inside and several sheets that were torn out but are tucked inside.

Names, in alphabetical order, on the two pages shown above and on the enclosed pages.  Most names appear multiple times.  Some initials were hard to read and may have been transcribed inaccurately.  If you have knowledge of any of these people, please clarify.  Note that some surnames may have been recorded in a variant manner.

Note:  The surname McAllaster is also shown in records as McAllister
  • Anna Abbott - perhaps Anna (McAllaster) Abbott, wife of Webster Abbott
  • J. L. Beckley or I. L. Beckley - perhaps John L. Beckley
  • W. W. Durgin - perhaps Warren W. Durgin
  • J. T. Farnham
  • Z. T. Farnham or J. T. Farnham or ?
  • Edwin Gammon
  • William Gammon
  • G. M. Harriman
  • J. D. Hatch
  • S. D. Hatch
  • Z. D. Hatch or J. D. Hatch - perhaps Josiah D. Hatch
  • D. W. Irish
  • W. D. Irish - perhaps William D. Irish
  • John Kilgore
  • J. B. Kilgore
  • W. H. Kilgore
  • A. E. McAllaster - perhaps Amos E. McAllaster
  • B. S. McAllaster
  • Edgar McAllister
  • I. B. McAllaster - perhaps Isaac B. McAllaster
  • J. F. McAllister or I. F.  McAllister - perahps Isaac F. McAllister
  • Perley McKeen
  • Benjamin Palmer
  • S. P. Palmer - perhaps Samuel P. Palmer
  • H. H. Tebbetts or Tibbetts - perhaps Horace H. Tibbetts

1892 letter from Dana E. McAllister (1863-1952) at Lovell, Maine, to his uncle Edgar McAllister (1836?-1919)

Other items tucked in the book:
  • 5 sheets torn from the book, some with handwriting on both sides
  • August 11, 1890 letter from Humphrey & Gooding at Yarmouthville in Yarmouth, Maine, to Mr. McAllister, in response to a report of a problem with service or payment of some kind.
  • March 20, 1892 letter from Charles Berry or a longer surname, at North Lovell, Maine, to Friend and Brother Edgar, presumably Edgar McAllister (1836?-1919); mostly regarding the Relief Fund but also mentions the death of Brother Ed Gammon from Gastric Ulcers and that letter writer is thinking of getting naturalized so he can vote in the Presidential Election.  Perhaps Ed Gammon was Edwin O. Gammon (1850-1892)
  • 1892 letter from John Read, previous secretary of the Odd Fellows' Mutual Relief Association of Maine, to Brother Kneeland, presumably Cyrus Kneeland (1820-1894)
  • Sheet giving the drawn numbers for the February 19, 1850 drawing of the Delaware State Lottery
  • 1856 Letter from W. H. Lane & Co's, 100 Wall Street, New York, New York Re: Safety Fund Lotteries, noting that the addressee did not win.  "A failure this time, but do not give it up. Perseverance will insure success."  Ticket number 33642 enclosed (but it's from the 1890 Louisiana State lottery
  • lottery ticket 33642, in regard to the Louisiana State Lottery drawn Tuesday, August 12, 1890.
The letters from Cyrus Kneeland (1820-1894), a noted citizen and state representative from Albany, Maine, reflect the uncertainty at the time of the future of the Odd Fellows' Murual Relief Association of Maine and the prudence of continuing to pay installments.

1856 Delaware State Lottery

 1856 letter enclosing losing ticket, urging contestants to keep the money rolling in

Receipt signed by W. C. Brooks acknowledging the payment of $3 by Edgar McAllister

If you have information on Crescent Lodge No. 25 in North Lovell or any of the people mentioned above, or corrections regarding the genealogical facts presented, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


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