Tuesday, July 24, 2018

1827 Sampler with Family Register, "Wrought by Hannah Buxton" (b. 1812), Daughter of Joseph Buxton & Mary (Osborn) Buxton of New Hampshire

This sampler was hanging on a wall at a Maine antique show sponsored by the Camden-Rockport Historical Society over the weekend of July 21-22, 2018.  The Boston exhibitor graciously gave permission for a photograph.  Sorry for the reflections in the images!

As you can read above, the sampler was "Wrought by Hannah Buxton [in] 1827".  Hannah was the daughter of John Buxton (1783-1816) and Mary (Osborn) Buxton (b. 1785), who married February 28, 1809.  Hannah gave her own date of birth, October 24, 1812, as well as the birth dates of her sisters Eunice and Alice.

A record in the data base New Hampshire Marriages, 1720-1920 and viewable on FamilySearch.org, with no image attached, notes that Joseph Buxton and Mary Osborne married on February 28, 1810 at Weare, New Hampshire.  According to this record, Joseph was born at Henniker, New Hampshire, the son of David and Ruth Buxton; and Mary Osborne was born at Weare, New Hampshire, to Moses Osborne and Ruth (Paige) Osborne.

I have contact information for the owner, as of July 22, 2018, in case anyone is interested in tracking this sampler down.  The price may have been on the reverse, but the sampler was hanging over my head over a display of breakable things.  Sadly, in my attempt to photograph this and adjacent samplers, I didn't ask the owner for pricing.

If you have knowledge of the Buxton and Osborn(e) families of New Hampshire, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. Hi Pam don't know if you got my last message that what you found it has got my granddad was a Osborn my great grandmother was a Josie then a Osborn don't know but could be related to my mum she is a Osborn

    1. Hope you can get back far enough in your Osborn roots to a common ancestor with Mary (Osborn) Buxton!