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1880s/1890s Autograph Album Journal of, Presumably, Anna Gerould of East Smithfield, Pennsylvania - Many Clippings & Mementos

Large autograph album that may have belonged to an Anna Gerould, presumably the Anna Gerould of Smithfield, Pennsylvania.  Anna used the album more as a journal for to copy spiritual and literary passages and as a place to tuck away newspaper clippings and mementos, though there are a few inscriptions from other people.

Some of the clippings concern Minnesota, Dakota Territory, Indian Territory, Montana and Washington state, many of them about Western railways.  Whether Anna traveled to these places or kept track of relatives or friends who did, I don't know.

The surname Gerould is written on the inside front cover, and the few inscriptions were made to Miss Anna, one to Anna "Gerald".

Anna's Find-a-Grave memorial notes that she was born October 15, 1851, the daughter of Lewis Bird Gerould and his first wife Marion E. (Wright) Gerould.  It appears that Anna never married; she died July 24, 1918 and is buried with family in the Union Cemetery at East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

The album measures approximately 8-1/2" by 7".  Inscriptions:
  • Page inscribed to Miss Anna "Gerald" by Mrs. William H. Deming of Casselton, Dakota Territory on October 8, 1882, pictured below
  • Page inscribed by L. A. Mullison
  • Page inscribed by Mrs. A. D. Gallup of Casselton [Dakota Territory] on September 23, 1883.  From the Index to the Miscellaneous Documents for the Second Session of the Forty-Sixth Congress, 1879-'80: mention of A. D. Gallup as the contractor on the route from Dakota to Emmettsburgh.
  • Page with name L. S. Weightman of Washington, D.C.  I'm not sure if L. S. Weightman wrote this or was the author of the passage copied.  In no other instance, though, did Anna give the author's address in addition to the name, so I believe L. S. Weightman actually did the inscription and signed it. 
  • Three pages written by O. J. Bulfin of Dayton, Ohio, presumably Otto J. Bulfin; entitled "Wild Oats or Manna"
  • Page inscribed by George Gallup

  • Many pressed flowers and ferns
  • Newspaper clipping about a memorial service in honor of Miss Marion F. Gerould, "Mame", held by the Y. P. S. C. E. at the Congregational church at East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.  The memorial committee included Mary Peck and Lulu E. Phelps.  Mame died November November 14, 1891 and is buried in the Union Cemetery at East Smithfield, Pennsylvania, with other relatives, including her parents and her half-sister Anna.
  • A lengthy newspaper article in the St. Paul and Minneapolis Pioneer Times entitled "Excursionists in Montana", concerning the trek of the Villard party from Livingston to Helena.  The "Villard party" presumably refers to Henry Villard, a president of the Northern Pacific Railway in the late 19th century.
  • Three clippings about Tacoma, Washington Territory - two are identical
  • Clipping about the Northern Pacific Railway: mentions the steamship Katie Hallett, named for the daughter of Col. A. L. Hallett, Superintendent of Construction; Captain Pease and the Steamer Henry Villard at Pend D'Oreille Lake; Capt. Stump who took a steamer over the falls at The Dalles; hopes to have the Katie Hallett operating all the way to Flathead Lake; speculation as whether the $750,000 to construct the 30 miles of rail between Tacoma and Seattle will pay off in the long run
  • Clipping about the inspection of the 25 miles of the Oregon and California Railroad by Ex-Governor Samuel J. Kirkwood of Iowa and Secretary of the Interior under Garfield's   administration.  Kirkwood and his wife were registered at Blackwell's.   
  • Clipping with church news of Missouri towns Clark's Creek and Golden City.  The Clark's Creek item was submitted by J. W. Wilkinson, County Evangelist for Wright County.  The Golden City article noted lectures by A. L. McQuary to full houses.      
  • Clipping announcing the appointment of W. D. Tyler of Tacoma, Washington, as receiver of the Oregon and Washington Territory Railroad Company.   The railway, owned by Charles B. Wright, consisted of 170 miles that ran through the wheat fields of the Walla and Snake River valleys in eastern Washington and Oregon.  Interestingly, William D. Tyler once lived in Bradford County, Pennsylvania; perhaps he is the reason for the clippings about railroads.
  • Directions for making a cape
  • Proposal for Subsistence Stores for the Department of Dakota

If you have information to share on the Gerould family of Pennsylvania or on any of the newspaper clippings, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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