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People Who Attended c1876 Meetings with the Lynn Praying Band at Brunswick, Maine

Page 1 (of 3) listing attendees at Lynn Prayer Band meetings at Brunswick, Maine, circa 1876.

Alphabetical list of people who attended Lynn Praying Band meetings at Brunswick, Maine circa 1876.  

Note:  Identical names may be the same person who attended more than one session.  As you can see, the spelling may be off; your clarifications are welcome!

AAlexanderMrs. Alexander
AllenMary Allen
Aubens ?Mary Aubus; presumably Mary Aubens
BBangsBelle Bangs
BerryNellie Berry
BlackJennie Black
BoardmanEdith Boardman
BowkerAnnie Bowker
BowkerWillie Bowker
BrewsterEmma Brewster
BurgessAlice Burgess
BurgessMary Burgess
BurnhamE. E. Burnham or C. E. Burnham or ?
BurnhamLillie Burnham
BurnhamNellie Burnham
BurnhamNellie Burnham
ButlerMrs. Butler
CCalahan or CallahanC. H. Calahan
ClappAnnie Clapp
ClappGracie Clapp
CliffordMyrtle Clifford
CrawfordMrs. Crawford
CurtisBella Curtis
CurtisGussie Curtis; presumably Augusta A. Curtis of Leticia Augusta Curtis
FDexterEddie Dexter
FossHattie Foss
FreemanMary Freeman
GGeorgeOtis P. George
GetchellAndrew Getchell
GrovesLizzie Groves
HHaleyAndrew Haley
HaleyNellie Haley
HaleyWilliam Haley
HallJennie Hall
HallJohn Hall
HallW. H. Hall
HammondBlanch Hammond
HammondJossie Hammond; presumably Josephine Hammond
HammondJossie Hammond; presumably Josephine Hammond
HarrimanCarrioline Harriman; presumably Caroline Harriman
HarrimanKitty Harriman
HawksL. Hawks
HiltonMary Hilton
HumphreyFany Humphrey; presumably Fanny Humphrey
JJakesAnna Jakes
JakesAnnie Jakes
JakesCarrie Jakes
JakesMrs. Jakes
JonesFrank Jones
JoyEmma Joy
LLambertBelle Lambert
LawryAnnie Lawry
LewisMr. Lewis
LincolnFany Lincoln; presumably Fanny Lincoln
LombardMary Lombard
LubeeAda Lubee
MMathewsJohn Mathews
MathewsMargaret Mathews
MathewsR. H. Mathews; possibly Robert H. Mathews
McKenneyGussie McKenney; presumably Augusta McKenney
McKenney ?Mary McKenny
MelcherH. H. Melcher
MelcherNancy Melcher
MerriamOctavia Merriam
MerriamVinnie Merriam
MerrillBertie S. Merrill
MorseFany Morse; presumably Fanny Morse
Mountfort ?Ada Mumfort; presumably Ada Mountfort
MunroeAnnie Munroe
MyrickGeorgie Myrick
NNevinsEmma Nevens; presumably Emma Nevins
NevinsKattie Nevins
Nevins ?Laura Nevens; presumably Laura Nevins
Nevins ?Laura Nevins
NewhallAbbie Newhall
PPennell ?Auther Pennel; presumably Arthur Pennell
Pennell ?Hattie Pennal; presumably Hattie Pennell
Pennell ?Jossie Pennel; presumably Josie Pennell
PerkinsClara Perkins
PollardEliza Pollard
PollardJames Pollard
PorterIda Porter
PotterMary Potter
PriorMilly Prior
QQuinnam ?Sussie Quineman; presumably Susie Quinnam
RRichardsonAnnie Richardson
RichardsonMinnie Richardson
RichardsonSusie Richardson
RichardsonWillie E. Richardson
RideoutFred Rideout
RidleyCharles Ridley
RipleyJennie Ripley; if Jennie M. Ripley, she would die in 1878
RipleyO. J. Ripley; presumably Osceola J. Ripley
RobinsonCharles Robinson
RobinsonFred M. Robinson
RogersLinnie Rogers
SScofield ?Izzie Scoffield; presumably Isabel Scofield
ShayElla Shay
SmithCarrie Smith
SmithM. J. Smith
StanwoodAnnie Stanwood
StanwoodHorrace Stanwood; presumably Horace Stanwood
StanwoodNettie Stanwood
StetsonJosie H. Stetson
StevensLucy Stevens
Stillcot or Stillcox ?Ella Stillcop
Stinchfield ?C. R. Stenchfield; presumably Charles R. Stinchfield
SweatLydia Sweat
SweatMabel Sweat
Sydney or SidneyAllice Sydney; presumably Alice Sidney
TToothaker ?Lizzie Toothacher; presumably Lizzie Toothaker
Totman ?Miss Toteman; Totman ?
Townsend ?A. W. Townsand; perhaps Albert W. Townsend
TruesdellWill Truesdell
TuckerG. H. Tucker; perhaps George H. Tucker or Rev. George Tucker
WWelchMary Welch
WhitmoreFlorence Whitmore
WoodwardJullia Woodward; presumably Julia Woodward

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