Sunday, January 1, 2017

Marriages: Intentions, Records, Announcements and Invitations - Maine

1851 Marriage Intention between Sewall N. Pierce & Miss Lucinda A. Vosmus of New Gloucester, Maine

1851 Handwritten Marriage Intention of Winthrop Cobb and Miss Lucy S. Fogg of New Gloucester, Maine

1854 Marriage Intention between Zebulon Rowe of New Gloucester, Maine, and Mrs. Eliza Walker of Poland, Maine

Two 1854 Marriage Intentions between David K. Foster of Danville, Maine, and Miss Hannah Burns of New Gloucester, Maine

1854 Handwritten Marriage Intention of Sewall N. Martin and Persis T. Nelson, New Gloucester, Maine

1859 Marriage Intention Between John Whitman and Clara M. Nevins of New Gloucester, Maine

Births, Marriages and Deaths from the 1899 Annual Report of Eastport, Maine

Invitation to 1903 Wedding of Grace Dean Capen and John Martin Bieler, at Eastport, Maine

3 newspaper clippings with Cole Genealogy, Bridgton, Maine

1926 Wedding Announcement: Gerald N. Costain and Lucy Lenora Houston, at Holden, Maine

1930 Wedding Announcement: Mildred Mary French and Walter Joseph Creamer, Jr., at East Eddington, Maine

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