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People Who Attended c1876 Meetings with the Lynn Praying Band at Bath, Maine

Page 1 (of 3) listing people who attended Lynn Prayer Band meetings at Bath, Maine, circa 1876:

Alphabetical list of People who attended Lynn Praying Band meetings at Bath, Maine, circa 1876.

Note:  Identical or similar names may be the same person who attended more than one session.  As you can see, the spelling may be off; your clarifications are welcome!

AdamsE. G. AdamsOliverMrs. Oliver
Bacheler ?Mr. Bacheler; there are many possible spellings of this surnameOliverEdna Oliver
BealsCarrie BealsPearsonMattie Pearson
BeanCharlie BeanPercyGeorge Percy
BeanIda BeanPlummerMrs. Plummer
BlairFlora B. BlairPuringtonJohn Purington
BoydJ. W. BoydRichLetta Rich
BriggsMiss BriggsRichNellie Rich
BriggsMrs. BriggsRideoutMrs. Rideout
BrownMartha BrownRideoutBlanch Rideout
BryantAbbie BryantRobinsonClara Robinson
C ?Gertie Chotman [not sure of surname]; perhaps author misheard Gertrude ChapmanRobinsonLizzie Robinson
CarlsonLena CarlsonRoganLetta Rogan [has a C after her name - Catholic ?]
ChickFrancis ChickSampsonMrs. Sampson
ColeElla ColeSanfordThankful Sanford
ColleyIda ColleyScofieldFrank Scofield
CoombsJullia Coombs; presumably Julia CoombsSearsMr. Sears
CoxAnnie CoxSewellLucy Sewell
CreseyAnnie CreseySmithMr. Smith
CullenMrs. CullenSmithMartha Smith
DavenportLottie DavenportSmithWilliam S. Smith
DelanoMiss DelanoSpinneyNellie Spinney
DouglassElla DouglassStevensElla Stevens
DouglassHattie DouglassStevensonMary Stevenson
DouglassRose DouglassStewartMr. Stewart
DunhamMr. DunhamStover? Stover; given name looks like Tennie but could be Bernice
DuncanMary DuncanTarboxRuth Tarbox
FarrellEda FarrellThompsonMariam Thompson; perhaps Marion or Marian or Miriam
GilliardLillie GilliardTotman ?Alice Toteman; presumably Alice Viola Totman
GlassJennie GlassTotman ?Fany Toteman; presumably Frances D. Totman, "Fanny"
Godard E. Godard; perhaps Elizabeth,sister of Edward GodardTraskMr. Trask
Godard Ned Godard; perhaps Edward GodardTraskMrs. Trask
GrayEtta GrayWalkerWilliam Walker
H ?Mr. Hawkum; could be Mr. HawkinsWalpoleMrs. Walpole
H ?Mrs. Hawkum; could be Mrs. HawkinsWardwellBernice Wardwell or Bennie Wardwell
H ?Jullia Helle [not sure of surname]; presumably Julia ?WarnerBertie Warner
Haggett ?Miss Hagget; presumably HaggettWatsonElla Watson
HanscomHattie HanscomWebberLizzie Webber
HarringtonBelle HarringtonWebsterBertha Webster
HarringtonBlanch HarringtonWetherbeeNora Wetherbee
Harrington ?Clara Harington; presumably Clara HarringtonWhiteMrs. White
HaysCharles HaysWhiteArthur White
HaysWililam W. HaysWilliamsMrs. Williams
HunterEstelle HunterWilliamsEmma Williams
JoyceMr. JoyceWilliamsJennie Williams
KaneMrs. KaneWilliamsMary J. Williams
KaneC. B. Kane; perhaps Cleaveland B. KaneWilliamsMary Williams
KellerRose KellerWymanMr. Wyman
KingMrs. KingWymanMrs. Wyman
KingIsaiah KingWymanDell Wyman
LeemanFlorence Leeman
LincolnEd Lincoln
LymanAnnie Lyman
MarstonO. E. Marston
McClellan ?Minnie Mcclelan; perhaps Minnie McClellan
MempleAnnie Memple
MempleWilliam Memple
MercyBessie Mercy
MetcalfGeorgie Metcalf
MooreMrs. H. P. Moore
MurphyHattie Murphy
MurphySarah Murphy

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