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People Who Attended c1876 Meetings with the Lynn Praying Band at Winthrop, Maine

Page 1 (of 5) listing attendees at Lynn Prayer Band meetings at Winthrop, Maine, circa 1876.

Alphabetical list of people who attended Lynn Praying Band meetings at Winthrop, Maine circa 1876.  

Note:  Identical or similar names may be the same person who attended more than one session.  As you can see, the spelling may be off; your clarifications are welcome!

AbbottAmanda AbbottMarstonLuela Marston
Alley ?Melvin Ally; presumably Lucius Melvin Alley, who also went by Melvin Lucius AlleyMartin H. E. Martin
AndrewsF. E. Andrews; perhaps Frank E. AndrewsMartin ?Martha H. Martin [not sure of surname because of strikeover]
AxtelleMiss AxtelleMasonEd A. Mason; presumably Edward A. Mason
BarnesC. H. Barnes; possibly Charles H. BarnesMaximE. M. Maxim
BarryMrs. BarryMaxwellMrs. Maxwell
BatesLewis BatesMcGlaughen ?Edgar McGlaughen; not sure of surname
BatesMartin BatesMcGrathF. W. Mcgrath; possibly Frank W. McGrath
BattlesAbbie BattlesMcGrathIda Mcgrath
BenjaminCharles BenjaminMcHughCharles Mchugh
BenjaminFany Benjamin; presumably Fannie R. BenjaminMcIlroyJennie Mcilroy
BentHorace BentMcIlroyJohn Mcilroy
BerryCharlie BerryMcIlroyM. C. Mcilroy
BerryGeorge BerryMcIlroyMaud Mcilroy
BerryL. M. Berry; perhaps Leonard M. BerryMcIlroyRonald Mcilroy
Besse ?Allice C. Bessie; perhaps Alice C. (Kent) Besse, widow of Edmond BesseMerrillEmma Merrill
BlanchardAnna BlanchardMerrillFrank G. Merrill
Bonney ?Fred Bony or Bory; presumably Fred Bonney of Monmouth, MaineMerrow ?John E. Merrows; presumably John E. Merrow
BriggsC. A. Briggs or H. A. BriggsMerrow ?N. M. Merrows; presumably Nancy M. Merrow, wife of John E. Merrow
Butterfield ?Lewis Buterfield; presumably Lewis ButterfieldMetcalfCora Metcalf
CarltonMrs. CarltonMetcalfJohn Metcalf
CarltonL. T. Carlton; possibly Leroy T. CarltonMoodyMrs. Roy Moody or Mrs. Ray Moody
CaswellMr. CaswellMooreNellie Moore
ChandlerC. C. Chandler; perhaps Cyrus C. ChandlerMortonMrs. Morton
ChandlerC. E. Chandler; possibly Charles E. ChandlerMortonAda Morton
CochraneMrs. CochraneMortonHenry E. Morton
CochraneEmma CochraneMortonW. H. Morton; possibly William H. Morton
CoffinLouisa CoffinNorcrossGeorgie Norcross
CrosbyOra L. CrosbyNorcrossIrving Norcross
CrosbyR. H. Crosby; possibly Reuben Henry CrosbyNorcrossMay Norcross
CrosbyMrs. R. H. Crosby; possibly Catherine F. (Besse) Crosby, wife of Reuben H. CrosbyNorcrossNellie Norcross
DavisMrs. DavisNorcrossR. Norcross
DavisFrank DavisPackardHewie Packard or Hervie Packard
DavisSarah DavisPettingillCharles Pettingill
DearbornFrank L. DearbornPhelanGeorge Phelan
DouglassMary DouglassPrescottHellen Prescott; perhaps Helen Prescott
DunnAda DunnPullenMrs. E. Pullen
EnsorGeorge EnsorPulsiferEmma E. Pulsifer
Ensor ?George Enzo; possibly George D. EnsorRankinsHenry Rankins
FairbanksFany Fairbanks; presumably Fannie Fairbanks of West Gardiner, MaineRemick ?Alva Remic; presumably Alvah Dexter Remick
FieldCarrie FieldRichmondC. P. Richmond or C. S. Richmond
FillebrownC. T. Fillebrown; possibly Charles T. FillebrownRichmondCarrie Richmond
FlaggM. M. FlaggRichmondWilliam S. Richmond; perhaps William Stanton Richmond
FosterCharles Foster [not sure of surname]RobinsonMary L. Robinson
Frederick ?Amanda Fredrick; presumably Amanda Frederick, who would marry Willie M. BerrySampsonLuela Sampson
FrenchMrs. FrenchSavageBelle Savage
FrenchEugene FrenchSavageCharles Savage
FrenchLizzie FrenchSavery ?Flora Savery [not sure of surname]
FrostBertha FrostShawC. W. Shaw; possibly Charles W. Shaw
FrostCora FrostShaw ?L. M. Show; perhaps Lydia M. Shaw of Winthrop, Maine; wife of Charles W. Shaw
FrostEmma F. FrostShepardCora Shepard
FrostSarah FrostSkillingsCarrie Skillings
FrostSusie M. FrostSmithAda Smith
FrostWilliam Frost; perhaps William Prescott Frost (1823-1901)SmithLuella Smith
FrostMrs. William Frost; perhaps Judith (Colcord) Frost, wife of William Prescott FrostSpauldingAlbert Spaulding
GaleMrs. GaleSpauldingG. W. Spaulding; possibly George W. Spaulding; maybe George Washington Spaulding
GaleCarrie GaleSpauldingMrs. G. W. Spaulding; perhaps Frances C. (Dinsmore) Spaulding, wife of George W. Spaulding
GetchellLottie GetchellStanley ?Mrs. Orin Stanly; presumably Nancy B. (Littlefield) Stanley, second wife of Oren Henry Stanley of Winthrop, Maine
GetchellMary GetchellStanley ?M. M. Stanly; possibly Mary M. Stanley
GetchellNelson GetchellStanley ?Mary Stanly; presumably Mary Stanley
GlinesArthur GlinesStanley ?Mary Stanly; presumably Mary Stanley
GlynnCharles E. GlynnStevensMrs. Stevens
GoldthwaitMiss GoldthwaitStimpsonMr. Stimpson
GordonEverett GordonStinchfield ?Mr. Stenchfield; presumably Stinchfield
GoreEdward GoreSweetlandJoseph Sweetland
Gray ?V. A. Greay; possibly Vesta A. (Basford) Gray of Monmouth, MaineSweetlandMartha Sweetland
GroverMrs. GroverThurstonFred L. Thurston
GroverAlbert GroverTinkerC. F. Tinker; possibly Charles F. Tinker
GroverW. H. Grover; possibly William H. GroverTinkerCarrie Tinker
HansonIvory HansonTinkerFred V. Tinker
HansonMary C. HansonTitusJ. Titus or I. Titus
HaywardEda Hayward or Edd Hayward; possibly nickname for Edith Hayward TorseyMr. Torsey
Hayward Thomas HaywardTorseyAlonzo Torsey
Hayward William HaywardTowleMrs. B. F. Towle; possibly Isadora F. (Davis) Towle, wife of Benjamin Franklin Towle
HeathEmma HeathTozierJohn H. Tozier
HigginsLouisa E. HigginsWardwell ?J. W. Wordwell or I. W. Wordwell; possibly Isaac W. Wardwell
HinckleyBertha HinckleyWaughAnna M. Waugh
HinckleyJames HinckleyWaughHattie Waugh
HoweAllice Howe; presumably Alice HoweWaughRobert Waugh
HoweLizzie HoweWebbA. H. Webb; possibly Albert H. Webb
HutchingsJohn HutchingsWebsterCharles Webster
JacksonMrs. Thomas JacksonWebsterElma Webster
JacksonCarrie Edna JacksonWebsterHattie Webster
JacksonClarance Jackson; presumably Clarence JacksonWebsterT. D. Webster; possibly Thomas D. Webster
JacksonJulia JacksonWellman ?John Welman; presumably John Llewellyn Wellman, husband of Martha Ann (Simpson) Wellman
JacksonMary JacksonWellman ?Martha Welman; presumably Martha Ann (Simpson), wife of John Llewellyn Wellman
JacksonNora JacksonWentworthC. E. Wentworth; possibly Charles E. Wentworth of Gardiner, Maine
JewettAlbion JewettWentworthSarah Wentworth
JewettH. G. Jewett; perhaps Herbert G. JewettWheelerMiss Wheeler
KeeneMr. KeeneWheelerJohn A. Wheeler
KeeneWalter KeeneWhitingEtta Whiting
KilbrethLeslie KilbrethWilliamsRuel Williams
KimballCarrie KimballWingCarrie Wing
KingEddie KingWingLena Wing
KingElla O. KingWinslowAugusta Winslow
KingFrank KingWinslowEmma Winslow
KnightAllice Knight; possibly Alice KnightWoodMrs. Wood
KnightJessie KnightWoodEverett Wood
LacroixSarah LacroixWoodFlorence Wood
LeachMiss LeachWoodMary Wood
LeachCora LeachWoodNellie T. Wood
LeachDasey Leach; presumably Daisy L. Leach of Monmouth, MaineWoodsAda Woods
LongfellowTom LongfellowWoodsEmery Woods
Lothrop ?Eaton Lorthrop; possibly Eaton Whiting Lothrop (1801-1880) WoodsEmma Woods
LovellElla LovellWoodwardDaniel Woodward
LuceAllice Luce; possibly Alice LuceYeatonJennie Yeaton
LuceC. H. Luce

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