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People Who Attended c1876 Meetings with the Lynn Praying Band at Farmington, Maine

Page 1 (of 5) listing people who attended Lynn Prayer Band meetings at Farmington, Maine, circa 1876:

Alphabetical List of People who attended Lynn Praying Band meetings at Farmington, Maine, circa 1876.

Note:  Identical or similar names may be the same person who attended more than one session.  As you can see, the spelling may be off; your clarifications are welcome!

AdamsFred AdamsJenningsFlora M. Jennings
AdamsFred C. P. AdamsKeithGertrude Keith
AdamsH. L. AdamsKenaday ?Robert Keneday
AllenAgnes AllenKnappMrs. G. H. Knapp; presumably Marcia Catherine (Davis) Heath Knapp, whose second husband was George H. Knapp
AllenWillard AllenLawryFrank W. Lawry
AllenE. N. Allen; perhaps Ephraim N. Allen or Ebenezer N. AllenLibbyW. V. Libby; presumably William F. Libby
ArnoldF. E. ArnoldLibbyMrs. W. V. Libby; presumably Angeline (Parker) Libby, wife of William V. Libby
AtkinsonB. AtkinsonLockeHattie B. Locke
BackusFred F. BackusLockeLucy A. Locke
BaileyS. W. Bailey; presumably Samuel W. BaileyLowellC. H. Lowell
BartlettLizzie M. BartlettLuntMrs. F. D. Lunt
BeanGeorge F. BeanMaceCharles Mace
BeanRosa BeanMaceGeorge B. Mace
BeanS. S. Bean; perhaps Sebastian Streeter BeanMaceNathan S. Mace
BelcherAlice BelcherMerrillArthur Merrill
BlakeMrs. E. G. BlakeMoodyDavis J. Moody
BlakeMabel BlakeMoodyH. L. Moody; perhaps Hannah L. Moody, wife of James Moody
BlethenAddie J. BlethenMoodyNina Moody
BlethenJohn L. BlethenMooreArthur Moore
BraggAbbie BraggMorrillC. F. Morrill
BraggAlice M. BraggMorrillMrs. C. F. Morrill
BraggGeorge E. BraggMortonMercy Morton
BraggWalter E. BraggMosherOlive Mosher
BridgesMoody BridgesMosherW. F. Mosher; perhaps William F. Mosher
BridgesMary BridgesNealClara S. Neal
BriggsA. W. Briggs; presumably Augustus W. BriggsNicholsA. M. Nichols; presumably Alvin M. Nichols
BriggsMrs. A. W. Briggs; presumably Nancy M. (Weymouth) Briggs, wife of Augustus W. BriggsNicholsAbbie F. Nichols; Abbie F. (Powers) Nichols, wife of Alvin M. Nichols
BriggsEmma J. BriggsNicholsEna T. Nichols [not sure of middle initial]
BriggsF. C. Briggs; presumably Frank C. BriggsNicholsRose Nichols
BriggsMelintha BriggsNicholsWalter N. Nichols
BriggsMary BriggsNorcrossMartha E. Norcross
BriggsGeorge F. BriggsNortonCarrie M. Norton
BrownCarroll L. BrownNortonJ. A. Norton
CampbellElla CampbellNortonMary Norton
CampbellRose CampbellNortonRuth A. Norton
ClarkEdward C. ClarkNottage ?Clara Notige, presumably Clara Nottage
CofrenGeorge A. CofrenNottage ?F. C. Nottage; perhaps Frederick C. Nottage
CollinsAzela CollinsNuttingE. H. Nutting, Tel. Opr.; Edward H. Nutting
CollinsCarrie CollinsOdellA. J. Odell; presumably Alonzo J. Odell
CollinsG. C. CollinsPageBenjamin F. Page
CollinsJ. E. Collins; perhaps Joshua E. CollinsPageEmma L. Page
CollinsS. B. CollinsParkerMaggie L. Parker
CollinsSusie CollinsPearsonWilliam H. Pearson
ConyHenry C. ConyPeaseJ. M. Pease
ConySybil E. ConyPerhamFrank E. Perham
CuttsGeorgie A. CuttsPerryA. H. Perry; perhaps Albert H. Perry
DaggettL. A. Daggett; perhaps Leander A. DaggettPrescottE. S. Prescott; perhaps Evander Sylvester Prescott
DavisC. F. DavisPrescottMrs. E. S. Prescott; perhaps Helen S. (Furbush) Prescott, wife of Evander Sylvester Prescott
DavisFred DavisPrescottJ. L. Prescott; presumably Jairus Lee Prescott
DodgeFred DodgePrescottMrs. J. L. Prescott; presumably Caroline (Adams) Prescott, wife of Jairus Lee Prescott
DowC. C. Dow; presumably Charles Curtis DowPrinceLizzie A. Prince
DowMrs. C. C. Dow; presumably Caroline (Ellsworth) Dow, wife of Charles Curtis DowPrinceM. E. Prince
DowD. W. Dow; Dorillus Winfield Dow, son of Charles Curtis Dow and Caroline (Ellsworth) DowQuimbyL. E. Quimby; perhaps Levi E. Quimby
DowMrs. J. B. Dow; perhaps Mary Belcher (Craig) Dow, wife of Joseph B. DowRandell? Randell
DowJ. H. Dow; James Henry Dow, son of Charles Curtis Dow and Caroline (Ellsworth) DowRiceAbbie J. Rice
DresserIda J. DresserRogersViola Rogers
DudleyLydia E. DudleyRoundsAgnes I. Rounds
DyerDr. DyerRussellCharles A. Russell
DyerFrank C. DyerRussellDena L. Russell
EatonFrank EatonRussellMrs. E. I. Russell, presumably Charlotte (Ames) Russell Walker, "Lottie", wife of Eben I. Russell and George H. Walker
EllisGeorgie EllisRussellGeorgie E. Russell, daughter of Charlotte (Ames) Russell Walker and Eben I. Russell
EllisLizzie EllisRussellLizzie Russell
ErvesunFrancisco Ervesun; [a note pasted in the journal gives his address as Norena Spain; he was a student at the Little Blue School at Farmington, Maine]RussellLottie Russell
EstradoEnrique Estrada; [his note is pasted in the journal and gives his home as Barcelona, Spain; he was a student at the Little Blue School at Farmington, Maine]SargentDaniel B. Sargent [not sure of given name]
FaringtonSarah B. FaringtonSandersonHenry N. Saunderson; Henry M. Sanderson; a note pasted in the journal and written by Henry and his wife give their surname as Sanderson
FarmerAbbie FarmerSandersonMrs. Henry N. Saunderson; Abbie A. (Sweet) Sanderson, wife of Henry N. Sanderson; a note pasted in the journal and written by Henry and his wife give their surname as Sanderson
FossL. M. Foss; perhaps Lillian M. FossSewellO. D. Sewell; perhaps Oscar D. Sewell
FosterMary J. FosterSkinnerKattie Skinner
FullerClifton S. FullerSmartAddie Smart
FullerGeorge S. FullerSmithGeorge A. Smith
FullerM. M. FullerSmithMyra Smith
GardinerLewis GardinerSmithTimothy Smith, Jr.
GardinerM. Gardiner; perhaps Melinda (Gardiner) Gardiner, wife of Lewis GardinerSmithWilliam W. Smith
GaySadie A. GaySpragueEmma S. Sprague
GerryJohn F. GerrySpragueIda L. Sprague
GilmanJohn H. GilmanStoyellLee Stoyell
GoldsmithAlice GoldsmithStoyellMinnie A. Stoyell
GoldsmithMrs. Joel GoldsmithTarboxK. B. Tarbox; perhaps Katie B. (Randall) Tarbox, wife of Samuel O. Tarbox
GoodwinCharles GoodwinTarboxRose M. Tarbox
GoodwinHarry GoodwinTarboxMrs. William Tarbox
GordonE. GordonTaylorClara Taylor
GouldCora R. GouldThompsonMrs. Henry A. Thompson
GouldJotham GouldTitcombManning Titcomb [not sure of given name]
GreatonWilson GreatonTitcombWalter J. Titcomb
GroverMary E. GroverTuftsFrank Tufts
GroverSamuel GroverTuftsLeforest Tufts
HackettElla HackettTuftsMartha A. Tufts
HallE. B. Hall; perhaps Emily B. HallTwaineGeorgie Twaine
HardyWilbur F. HardyTwaineHattie Twaine
HaydenWillie E. HaydenWalkerMary Walker
HayesCharles HayesWithamRose Witham
HaysMary B. HaysWoodsHevie Woods [not sure of given name]
HeathCharles M. HeathWymanEmma Wyman
HiscockEugene J. HiscockYoungJ. B. D. Young; possibly Jotham B. D. Young, who also went by Jotham D. B. Young
HiscockJosephine HiscockYoungMrs. J. B. D. Young; possibly L. Maria (Witham) Young, wife of Jotham B. D. Young
HolleyGeorge E. HolleyYoungMabel Young
HolleyMrs. S. A. Holley; perhaps Sophia Ann (Butler) Holley, wife of Hiram Holley
HolleyWilliam M. Holley
HolmanJ. Holman
HosmanAddie Hosman
HosmanGeorge L. Hosman
HowardMrs. Ella J. Howard
HunterJ. M. S. Hunter; presumably John M. S. Hunter
HunterMrs. J. M. S. Hunter; Eldora (Nichols) Hunter, wife of John M. S. Hunter
HunterJullia Hunter

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