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People Who Attended c1876 Meetings with the Lynn Praying Band at Waterville, Maine

Page 1 (of 5) listing attendees at Lynn Prayer Band meetings at Waterville, Maine, circa 1876.

Alphabetical list of People who Attended Lynn Praying Band meetings at Waterville, Maine, circa 1876.

Note:  Identical or similar names may be the same person who attended more than one session.  As you can see, the spelling may be off; your clarifications are welcome!

?4 FrenchmenMarcoMr. Marco; noted as Catholic
AndrewsNellie AndrewsMarcoMr. Marco, Jr.; noted as Catholic
AyerMr. AyerMarshallHattie Marshall
AyerMrs. AyerMarshallThomas Marshall
BaldicEddie Baldic; noted as CatholicMarstonMrs. M. K. Marston
BaldicElla BaldicMathewsC. H. Mathews
BaldicJames Baldic; noted as CatholicMathewsMrs. C. H. Mathews
BatesMinnie S. BatesMathewsWalter Mathews
BeanGeorge BeanMitchellElla Mitchell
BeasellMabel BeasellMonsonClara Monson
Beckford or BickfordC. S. Beckford; presumably C. S. BickfordMooreRose Moore
BerryLizzie BerryMorill or MorrillDelia Morill; perhaps Delia Morrill
BlaisdellAdela BlaisdellMorill or MorrillSarah Morill; perhaps Sarah Morrill
BodgeEmma BodgeMotty ?Eliza Motty or Motly or Mothy
BoydFred BoydMotty ?John Motty or Motly or Mothy
BrackettFrank BrackettMotty ?Joseph Motty or Motly or Mothy
BranchCora BranchMuttyHellen Mutty; noted as Catholic
BranchRuel BranchMuttyJohn Mutty; noted as Catholic
Buchang ?Mr. Buchang [not sure of surname]; noted as CatholicNortonFrank Norton
BullardFrank S. BullardNortonFrank E. Norton
Buncome ?Charles Buncome [not sure of surname]; noted as CatholicNyeA. W. Nye; perhaps Abram W. Nye
Buncome ?Mrs. Charles Buncome [not sure of surname]; noted as CatholicPageNettie Page
Buterfield or ButterfieldWillie Buterfield; presumably Willie ButterfieldPageSadie Page
CarrMr. CarrParkerCora Parker
CliffordCora CliffordPatchen ?Miss Patchen
CliffordHellen CliffordPearsonsMr. Pearsons
CobbMr. CobbPearsonsMrs. Pearsons
CobbMrs. CobbPelchaMr. Pelcha; noted as Catholic
CogswellMiss CogswellPenneyWillie Penney
CollinsEd CollinsPerryMr. Perry
CrosbySherman CrosbyPhilips or PhillipsMr. Philips; perhaps Mr. Phillips
CrowellC. E. Crowell; perhaps Charles E. CrowellPinkhamMrs. Pinkham
DalrimpleCharles DalrimplePinkhamJullia Pinkham; perhaps Julia Pinkham
DavisDavid DavisPotterAda Potter
DavisEva DavisPrescottN. M. Prescott; perhaps Noah M. Prescott
Deautmont ?C. A. Deautmout [not sure of surname]ProctorMamie Proctor
DrummondBertha DrummondRichardsonA. M. Richardson; perhaps Ada M. Richardson
DrummondClark DrummondRichardsonRose Richardson
DrummondVina DrummondRickerGracie Ricker
DunnW. M. Dunn; perhaps Willard M. DunnRodericMr. Roderic; noted as Catholic
DunnMrs. W. M. Dunn; perhaps Alma Burbank (Lowell) Dunn, wife of Willard M. DunnRoncoSam Ronco; noted as Catholic
DunnWesley DunnRoweLizzie Rowe
DyerFrank DyerRunells or RunnellsMiss Runells; perhaps Miss Runnells
EllisRedington EllisSanbornJ. M. Sanborn
EmeryFany Emery; perhaps Fanny EmeryScalesGeorge Scales
EstesC. E. Estes; perhaps Charles E. EstesShawMr. Shaw
FarnumC. A. FarnumSmithWilliam E. Smith
FolinsbeeCharles FolinsbeeSnellHoward Snell
FosterMr. FosterStewartWillie Stewart
FosterProf. Foster's sonTibbettsMrs. Tibbetts
FosterAngie FosterTobyWilliam Toby
FosterC. H. FosterToward ?Mr. Towant; perhaps Charles Toward
GetchellAda GetchellToward ?Annie Toward; perhaps wife of the attendee named Mr. Towart, who may have been Charles Toward
GetchellC. L. Getchell; perhaps Charles L. GetchellTownEdwin Town
GibbsD. B. Gibbs; perhaps David B. GibbsTownEverett Town
GordonWillie GordonTownOrin Town
GreenL. D. GreenVickeryAmanda Vickery
HeathSydney HeathWalkerAlice Walker
HighlandWillie HighlandWatsonFrank Watson
HodsdonMr. HodsdonWatsonHelen Watson
HodsdonMrs. HodsdonWatsonLizzie Watson
HodsdonElla HodsdonWeeksG. L. Weeks; perhaps Gustavus L. Weeks
HodsdonFlora HodsdonWentworthThatcher Wentworth
HolwayO. C. Holway; presumably Orrington C. HolwayWheelerArthur Wheeler
JohnsonSadie JohnsonWhiteBertie White
JonesCharles JonesWhitneyMrs. Whitney
JudkinsClarence JudkinsWilliamsMiss Williams
JudkinsW. H. Judkins; perhaps Wilbur H. JudkinsWilliamsA. B. Williams; perhaps Allen B. Williams
KeeneLaura KeeneWilliamsTrueman Williams
KeeneMary KeeneWillsonCharles Willson
LawrenceHenry LawrenceWithamOlive Witham
Leavett or LeavittMiss LeavettWoodCharles Wood
LewisMr. LewisWoodH. G. Wood; perhaps Holman G. Wood
LibbyJ. A. LibbyYorkNellie York
LittlefieldD. C. Littlefield; perhaps Daniel C. Littlefield, husband of Mary E. (Waterhouse) Littlefield
LittlefieldMary Littlefield; perhaps Mary E. (Waterhouse) Littlefield, wife of Daniel C. Littlefield
LoudMary Loud
LoudPercy Loud
LowWillie Low
LublowGertrude Lublow; perhaps Gertrude Ludlow
LyfordCharles Lyford

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