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1869/1870s Autograph Album of Jeremiah Arthur Ross of Boston, Massachusetts; possibly a student at English High School

1869/1870s autograph album that was presented to Jeremiah Arthur Ross of Boston, Massachusetts, by his sister at Christmas in 1869.

"J. Arthur Ross" had two sisters, one of whom, Emma Burleigh Ross, inscribed a page later on in the album.  I believe that the album was presented by J. Arthur's other sister, Sarah Elizabeth Ross.  Below, the page signed by Emma Burleigh Ross of Boston, Massachusetts, on March 25, 1871.

The album measures approximately 5-1/4" x 4" and is relatively thick.  It contains the sentiments of 42 of Jeremiah Arthur Ross's relatives, friends and schoolmates.  An alphabetical list of the signers, including any residence, relationship or school information, appears at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct:   [corrections and additions welcome!]

Jeremiah Arthur Ross was born on 4 June 1854 at Roxbury, Massachusetts, the son of Jeremiah and Sarah (Ross) Ross, who were born at Ipswich, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, respectively.  I believe Jeremiah's parents were Jeremiah and Hannah (Wilcomb) Ross.  Sarah's parents were John P. and Elizabeth (Evans) Ross.

Based on the number of signers who included the initials E.H.S. in their sentiments, I believe that Jeremiah Arthur Ross was a student at English High School in Boston, Massachusetts.   The 1880 Census of Boston, Massachusetts showed him living with his widowed mother and two sisters and working as a dealer in firearms.

On 30 April 1883, Jeremiah Arthur Ross married Amelia Jones Dove, daughter of John and Maria (Mirick) Dove.  Amelia was born 21 June 1854 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.

The 1900 Census of Boston shows a household with Jeremiah Arthur Ross, his wife Amelia, their three daughters and his widowed mother.  He was working as the manager of a sporting good store.  The three daughters were:
  1. Elizabeth Pickering Ross, born 17 June 1884 at Boston, Massachusetts; Librarian
  2. Florence Mirick Ross, born 11 October 1888 at Boston, Massachusetts; Physician.
  3. Miriam Isabel Ross, born 11 February 1893 at Boston, Massachusetts; she married Charles Warren Underhill
Jeremiah Arthur Ross died on 11 July 1918 at Boston, Massachusetts.   If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information on any of the signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Another Ross signed a page in the album.  She was Anna W. Ross of Ipswich, Massachusetts, who signed on March 25, 1871.

Surnames in the album

Cushing     [5]
Gookin     [2]
Hardy     [2]
Nichols     [2]
Pierce     [2]
Ross     [3]
Turner     [2]

Signers in the album           [Note:  Given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • Minna
  • John P. Adams
  • B. L. Arbecam, signed at E.H.S. on July 13, 1870; presumably Burtis L. Arbecam
  • R. F. Briggs
  • Lucy Bugbee of Boston, Massachusetts, signed on November 4, 1871; middle initial either S or L
  • Josie M. Chipman, signed on April 15, 1875
  • S. A. Cushing, Jr., of Boston, Massachusetts, signed on 11 June 1871. Possibly Samuel A. Cushing, Jr.
  • Harry H. Cushing, R.L.I., or R.L.S., signed on July 20, 1870
  • Caroline T. Cushing, signed in 1870
  • Mary P. Cushing, signed on June 14, 1871
  • Ellison B. Cushing of Dorchester, Massachusetts, signed on May 29, 1871
  • Henriette de Maltchyce, signed 25 Juin 1876.
  • Charles A. Easton of Fords Run, Boston, Masschusetts
  • Kittie L. Foster of St. Albans, Vermont, signed on October 7, 1870
  • Carrie W. Gookin, G.H. and N.S., signed at Boston, Massachusetts in July 1870. Girls High and Normal School. The Normal School, renamed Boston Normal School, branched out on its own in 1872; it was renamed Teachers College of the City of Boston in 1924
  • Harry M. Gookin, signed at Boston, Massachusetts, on July 17, 1870
  • Fred L. Haley, signed at Boston, Massachusetts, on November 3, 1872
  • Hattie B. Hammond, signed at Boston, Massachusetts, on July 23, 1870
  • Ned Clarence Hardy of Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Milan R. Hardy, signed on July 15, 1872
  • Annie S. Harris
  • D. K. Jackman, Jr. of Bath, New Hampshire, P.E.A., '73
  • James W. Jantzen, signed at E.H.S. on July 13, 1870
  • Henriette de Maltchyce, signed 25 Juin 1876.
  • R. C. Moralez
  • W. C. Nichols
  • William F. Nichols of 107 E Brookline St.
  • Frank S. Norton, signed on July 13, 1870 at E.H.S.
  • Lizzie A. Phillips of Boston, Massachusetts, signed on March 21, 1876
  • George W. Pierce
  • W. L. Pierce, signed on June 13, 1870. K.O.T. 71.
  • Benjamin C. Piper, signed on July 2, 1870
  • Frank W. Prescott, signed on July 13, 1870 at E.H.S., Boston, Massachusetts
  • Thomas W. Ricker, signed on July 23, 1870
  • Frank B. Rogers, signed at E.H.S., Boston, Massachusetts, on July 13, 1870
  • Presented to J. Arthur Ross, by his sister, December 25, 1869. Album owner Jeremiah Arthur Ross. He had two older sisters: 1) Sarah Elizabeth Ross; 2) Emma Burleigh Ross. Emma signed a page later on in the album, and the two sets of handwriting look enough different so that I think it was sister Sarah Elizabeth Ross who presented the album to Jeremiah Arthur Ross.
  • Emma R. Ross of Boston, Massachusetts, signed on March 25, 1871; Jeremiah Arthur Ross' sister Emma Burleigh Ross.
  • Anna W. Ross of Ipswich, Massachusetts, signed on March 25, 1871; presumably a relative of album owner Jeremiah Arthur Ross through his father Jeremiah Ross, who was born at Ipswich, Massachusetts on 6 September 1805.
  • William A. Roundy, signed at E.H.S. on July 13, 1870. K.O.T. 71
  • George W. Turner
  • Samuel N. Turner, signed on June 25, 1875
  • Oliver Warner, Secretary's Office, July 2, 1870
  • ? Wilder, Jr., signed on October 8, 1870. Initials perhaps G. Y. or G. G. or ?. Surname could be Wildes or Wilde
  • A. V. Wood, signed in December 1870
Boston, Massachusetts

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