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CDV of Mary Jewell or Mary Jewett, by a Skowhegan, Maine studio

Carte de visite of a woman identified on the reverse as Mary Jewell, or Mary Jewett.  The CDV was produced by the Bridge and Morse studio of Skowhegan, Maine.

Mary's last name, shown in the image below, looks more like Jewell to me.  But sometimes people are in too much of a hurry to cross their t's.

Wouldn't you know, there's an embarrassment of riches of Mary Jewells and Mary Jewetts in southern Somerset County, Maine, in Showhegan, Fairfield, Canaan, Solon, etc.

Here are some possibilities from rootsweb:

Mary Emma Walker, born 1845 at Canaan, Maine, daughter of Seth and Desiah B. (Bessey) Walker; married Joseph M. Jewell of Canaan.

Mary Silva Cushman, born 26 July 1853 at Fairfield, Maine; married Wallace Henry Jewell of Skowhegan, Maine

Mary E. Jewett, born 26 August 1849 at Solon, Maine, daughter of Aaron and Mary (Steward) Jewett

Mary Frances Jewett, born 28 March 1839 at Hartland, Maine, daughter of Joseph and Frances Jane (Jewell) Jewett.  Unless that maiden name is a typo, you can see the Jewell/Jewett dilemma.

Mary J. H. Jewett, born 23 June 1842 at Ripley, Maine, daughter of Samuel and Lois (Stiles) Jewett; married Horace Frost in 1858.  I'm guessing the CDV was made after 1858, though, which would put her out of the running.

There are other possibilities a bit farther away but still plausible.

If you recognize this woman from your family albums or research, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

In the meantime, I hope to visit the Skowhegan History House Museum and Research Center and perhaps learn the time frame that the Bridge and Morse studio operated and some information on the Jewell [and Jewett] families.

Skowhegan, Maine

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