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3 early 1900s graduation photos, likely Concord High School, Concord, New Hampshire

Three graduation photographs, likely from Concord High School at Concord, New Hampshire.

In alphabetical order:
Miriam Batchelder
Joseph H. Lane (Class of 1916)
Irene Esther Williamson

These photographs were found with a collection of graduation photographs from 1915 and 1917. Joseph H. Lane indicated that he was from the Class of 1916, but I'm not sure when the two women graduated.

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Miriam Batchelder

Miriam Batchelder was born 10 October 1900 at Concord, New Hampshire, the daughter of Bennett and Annie L. (Rogers) Batchelder, born at Hastings,  Minnesota and Providence, Rhode Island respectively.

On 25 September 1926 at Concord, New Hampshire, Miriam married George E. Bidwell, born about 1900, the son of Frank Elbert Bidwell and Florence E. (Beach) Bidwell, Massachusetts natives.

According to his marriage record, George was born at Plymouth, Indiana, although the Censuses show his birth state as Georgia.  His father had mining businesses in several states. By the time of the 1930 Census, George, Miriam and their two children were living at Plymouth, Indiana.

Joseph H. Lane, Class of 1916

Joseph H. Lane was born 25 September 1898, the son of undertaker Louis Andrew Lane and Harriet (Laycock) Lane, who were born in Concord, New Hampshire and Bradford, England, respectively.  

Harriet had emigrated to North America with her family, first to Canada and then to Lawrence, Massachusetts, where her father was a Methodist minister.  Harriet's brother had an orange plantation in Tuscaloosa Alabama.  While staying with him, she attended Tuscaloosa Female College, from which she graduated.  

At the time of her marriage, she had been planning to attend the Boston School of Oratory.  Her brother, Craven Laycock, was a professor of oratory at Dartmouth College.

Joseph Hilliard Lane went on to graduate from Dartmouth College.  By the time of the 1930 Census, he was living at Chattanooga, Tennesee, with his sister Martha Allison Lane, and was employed as a sales manager at a furniture company.

Here is a letter he wrote to Life Magazine, which appeared in the 26 October 1953 issue:

Joseph married Octavia Hoyle Sizer of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  She was born about 1902 in Tennessee, the daughter of James B. and Susan (Moore) Sizer.

Irene Esther Williamson

Irene Esther Williamson was born 5 May 1898 at Concord, New Hampshire, the daughter of Walter and Mary Lizzie (Plummer) Williamson, both New Hampshire natives.

On 10 June 1922 at Concord, New Hampshire, Irene married Philip Haseltine Blodgett.  He was born 5 September 1893 at Allenstown, New Hampshire, the son of Frank Edwards Blodgett and wife Jennie Emery (Haseltine) Blodgett, born in Massachusetts and New Hampshire respectively.

Irene and Philip raised their family at Concord, New Hampshire.  On the 1930 Census of Concord, Philip indicated that he was part owner of a lumber mill.

If you have corrections and/or information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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