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1920s Autograph Album of Alice Pell of New Bedford, Massachusetts

This 1920s era autograph album belonged to Alice Pell of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  Many of the over 100 signers were her classmates at New Bedford High School.

Alice Pell was born 16 June 1905 at New Bedford, Massachusetts, the daughter of English immigrants John and Sarah E. (Goldthorpe) Pell.

Alice's mother signed a page in her autograph album.

Alice's maternal grandparents were Alexander and Elizabeth Goldthorpe.

Alice had a brother, Alexander Pell, born 23 November 1906.  He also signed a page in her album.

In the 1930 Census of New Bedford, Alice Pell is shown as living with her parents and working as a stenographer at the telephone company.  Her father was a barber, and her brother Alexander was a plumber.

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Pell signed pages.  William Pell was born 7 June 1889 at New Bedford, Massachusetts, the son of William and Lena (McDermott) Pell.

Perhaps William P. Bell was a brother or nephew of Alice's father John Pell.

Several of the signers spent time and talent on their pages.  Below, Davina B. Smith:

Jeanette Coggeshall:

W. Jackson drew on several pages:

Gladys Shorrock:

Gladys Mosher:

Complete list of signers:

N. Abbott
R. Abbott
Margaret Arnett
Emma Ashley
? Avelar
Louise Avelar
Fred Belliveau
Leonie E. Best
Estelle Bochman
C. T. Bonney
William J. Brien
Helen C.
Edna Campbell
Al. Cassidy
Esther Cassidy
Ethel Cassidy
Henry Cassidy
Ada Charnley
Charles Charnley
Mrs. and Mrs. Charnley
Mary D. Chase
Herbert Coggeshall
Jeanette Coggeshall
Theresa F. Coulombe
Rose Craburn
W. E. Davies
Eva Devine
Frances Edger
Elizabeth Ennis
George H. Frederick
Mother of Alice Pell (Sarah E. (Goldthorpe) Pell
R. Gindea
Gertrude Goldstein
Laura Gomes
James H. Grant
Grace G. Green
Mrs. H. L. Green
George Washington Griswold
Marion Hamer
Richard Hawes
Eveline Hill
Joe Irwin
W. Jackson (possibly William Jackson)
Gertrude E. Jones
Melvin C. Jones
Kathryn Justley
Parker E. Kane
Sarah King
Beatrice LaRochelle
Blanche Ledoux
Lucy Lipsett
Elizabeth Ruth Lowe
Fannie Lucardi
Lois Mason
Jennie Matthews
Thomas Mattews
Evelyn Maynard
E. P. McCann
Pauline Morgan
Gladys Mosher
Lillian Mosher
Elsie C. Munro
Florence Norlander
Margaret Norwood
Sophia L. Norwood
Rose Catherine Pallatroni
Alexander Pell
Mrs. W. P. Pell
William P. Pell
Yvonne Pelletier
Ruth L. Peters
Helen Quinlan
Joe Quinn
C. Roberts
D. Roberts
J. Arline Rogers
Ethel M. Ross
Elizabeth N. Rowe
Gladys Shorrock
Davina B. Smith
Gertrude Smith
Evelyn Snailham
Evelyn Spooner
Flora M. Stewart
N. B. Stewart
Helen Stowell
Louise Stubbs
Annie M. Suchnicke
Philomena Sylvia
Doris E. Taber
Sadye Teper
Harold Thomas
Anne Thursby
Tripoli Entertainers
Tess Vanni
Edith Walker
Charles Whalen
Mary Wilkinson
Mildred Winterson
Edwin F. Wood
Emily Wroughton (3 pages)
Helen Yagelska
Mrs. Marie Yerzik

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  1. Thank you for posting these old photos. I descend from the Pells. Alice Pells Grandfather, John Ashton Pell is my3x Great Grandfather.