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List of Marriages & Deaths in 1814 issue of Independent Chronicle, Boston, Massachusetts

A list of Marriages and Deaths in the November 21, 1814 issue of the Independent Chronicle, published in Boston, Massachusetts by Adams and Rhoades.  

I found this while searching for articles on actions in the War of 1812 in Maine and thought a reader might be interested.

Transcript of Marriages:  See after the transcript for brief genealogical information on each couple.  The information was gleaned from various online sources and is hopefully correct.  If you find errors or omissions, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

In Newburyport, Mr. Eben. Dole to Miss Hannah Balch. 

In New Gloucester, Mr. Jonathan Greenleaf to Miss Sally Johnson

In Wilmington, Mr. Edward Damon, of Reading, to Miss Ruth Ames.

In Jamaica Plains, Mr. Samuel Barrett of Windsor, Vermont, to Miss Elizabeth Fields, daughter of the late Robert ? Esq.

[Note: scroll down to the comments for more information on Mr. Henry Bowers, mentioned below.]

In St. Andrews Church, Hanover, by the Rev. Jacob G. Cooper, Mr. Henry Bowers to Miss Mary S. Stockridge, daughter of the late Dr. Charles S. of Scituate.

In this town on Thursday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Lathrop, Mr. Reuben Richards, jr., to Miss Eliza Boardman, daughter of Mr. Thomas S. B.

By the Rev. Dr. Baldwin, Capt. Benjamin Silsbee, to Miss Mary Loring.

Mr. Joseph Stedman, to Mrs. Fanny Thurston.

The notice of the marriage of Mr. George B. Adams published in the Daily Advertiser of Thursday last was a vile and malicious fabrication. [There must be an interesting story there!]

Ebenezer Dole and Miss Hannah Balch, in Newburyport, MassachusettsTheir marriage, according to Massachusetts Marriages 1633-1850, took place on 14 November 1814 in Newbury, Massachusetts.  Ebenezer Dole was born 12 March 1776 in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and died in 1847 in Hallowell, Maine.  His parents were Nathaniel and Mary (Noyes) Dole. Hannah Balch was born 3 January 1789 in East Bradford, Massachusetts, the daughter of John and Eunice (Bartlett) Balch.  Ebenezer and Hannah had 5 children, all born in Hallowell, Maine, where Ebenezer was a merchant.  Bowdoin College has an archive of the Dole Family Papers (1804-1848).

Jonathan Greenleaf and Miss Sarah Sally Johnson, in New Gloucester, Maine - Jonathan and Sarah were married on 2 November 1814.  Jonathan, noted clergyman and author, was born 4 September 1785 at Newburyport, Massachusetts but raised on a farm in New Gloucester, Maine.  His parents were Moses and Lydia (Parsons) Greenleaf, who had been influential citizens at Newburyport but sought a quieter life in Maine.  His eldest brother Moses was the noted surveyor of Maine.  Despite many online references to Jonathan Greenleaf's genealogy and the fact that Jonathan Greenleaf wrote a genealogy of the Greenleaf family himself, I haven't yet found a record of Sarah Sally Johnson's parents, though there were Johnsons in the New Gloucester area during the time frame of her birth.  Interestingly, there were also influential Johnsons at Newburyport.  Jonathan and Sally Greenleaf lived in various places in New England and New York during Jonathan's church career.  His last church was at Brooklyn, New York.  They had six children, one of whom was Rev. Jonathan Parsons Greenleaf.  

Edward Damon of Reading, Massachusetts and Miss Ruth Ames, in Wilmington, Massachusetts - The Damon family was prominent in the Reading, Massachusetts area, but I didn't find the Edward Damon I was looking for.  I believe that Ruth Ames was the daughter of William and Ruth (Kendall) Ames of Wilmington, Massachusetts, but I can't be sure.

Samuel Barrett of Windsor, Vermont, and Miss Elizabeth Fields, in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts - Again, I found very little information about Samuel Barrett or Miss Elizabeth Field or Fields, daughter of the late Robert Field, Esq.  I did find a marriage record for them indicating they were married in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on 15 November 1814.

Henry Bowers and Mary Stockridge [I think this is a misprint and should be Mary Stockbridge], married at St. Andrews's Church in Hanover, Massachusetts - Mary Stetson Stockbridge was born 6 March 1793 at Scituate, Massachusetts, the daughter of Dr. Charles and Eleanor (Stetson) Stockbridge.  Henry Bowers was born about 1791, but I couldn't pin him down to get his parents' names.  Henry and Mary, according to a Massachusetts marriage record, were married on 15 October 1814 at Scituate, Massachusetts.  Henry may have been the Captain Henry Bowers of North Scituate mentioned in the description of this document.  It's possible that Mary (Stockwell) Bowers married for a second time, in 1841, to Josiah M. Bartlett of Fayetteville, New York.  I found birth records for several children of Henry and Mary, the earlier ones born in Scituate and the later ones born in Middletown, Connecticut.

Reuben Richards and Eliza Boardman - Their marriage date was Married November 17, 1814.  Noted Boston merchant Reuben Richards was born 28 February 1787 in Dedham, Massachusetts, the son of Reuben and Sarah (Fuller) Richards.  Eliza Boardman, though most records show her as Eliza Bordman, was born 17 November 1794, the daughter of Thomas Stoddard Bordman and Thankful (Higgins) Bordman.  Reuben and Eliza had three sons and a daughter.  Eliza died 16 May 1839 at Boston.  In 1841, Reuben  married Charlotte M. Odin, with whom he had another son and daughter.  He believe he married a third time, to Charlotte's younger sister Louisa.  Rev. Abner Morse included a bio of Reuben Richards in his Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Several Ancient Puritans, Vol 3, 1861.

Captain Benjamin Silsbee and Mary Loring - married 17 November 1814 at Boston, Massachusetts.  Mary Loring was born 6 February 1793, the daughter of Caleb and Mary (Silsbee, if not the name of previous husband) Loring.  Finding information on Capt. Benjamin Silsbee or Silsby is proving more difficult.  

Joseph Stedman and Mrs. Fanny Thurston - I found references to Joseph and Fanny in the diary of Isaiah Thomas (1805-1828), Volume I.  Isaiah hired Fanny, whom he knew as Mrs. Frances Thurston, to be his housekeeper; he described her as a genteel widow of about age 32.  When he learned she was actually Mrs. Joseph Stedman and that she an her husband were estranged, he was not pleased.  He visited Joseph in an effort to have him take his wife back, to no avail.  Subsequently, at his wife's insistence, he discharged Fanny. I'm sure there's more to the story.

Transcript of Deaths:  If you have any information on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly. Thanks!


In Providence, Capt. James Munro, aged 66, a patriot of the revolution

Also [in Providence]
Mr. Gardner Tabor, aged 26

Mrs. Sally Corneil, aged 50

Miss Sophia, daughter of the late Capt. Luke Oliver of Newport, aged 18

In Salem, widow Hannah Hodges, aged 59

In Beverly, Miss Fanny Woodbury, aged 23

Mr. Edward Lovett, aged 22

In Litchfield, Connecticut, Gen. David Smith, another of our revolutionary heroes

In Holden, Mr. William Marshal - his death was occasioned by the accidental discharge of a gun

In Philipston, Mr. Ignatius Goulding, aged 80, formerly of Worcester

In Vassalboro, Captain Daniel Wyman, aged 33;

Mr. William Wyman, aged 26

In Portsmouth, Mr. Thomas H. Lewis, aged 27

Mrs. Jackson, aged XCVIII

Miss Fanny M. Chapley, aged 18

In Royalston, Mr. Rogers Chase, aged 80

In Sutton, Mrs. E King, aged 36

In Milbury, Mr. Abraham Donnell, aged 41

In Lancaster, Mr. Joshue Fletcher, aged XC

In Bedford, on the 15th inst. Mr. Job Lane aged 25, after a long and distressing illness, which he sustained with Christian fortitude. He was a good citizen and beloved by all his acquaintance.

In this town, Miss Susan P. Peabody, daughter of Mr. Stephen P., aged 22

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Daniel Lakeman, aged 37

Miss Isabella M'Cov 

Widow Ann Glover, aged 34, 3rd daughter of John Brazer, Esq.

Samuel Smith, Esq., aged 65 - funeral this afternoon

Yesterday, of typhus fever, John Fairbanks, Esq., aged 37.  Funeral from his late dwelling house, No. 107, Ora ge-arce [can't quite make it out], on Wednesday next, at 3 o'clock P.M. when and whise his friends are requested to attend without further invitation.

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  1. Capt. Henry Bowers house still standing in Scituate, MA by Greenbush Pond. The property was part of the Dr. Charles Stockbridge estate. Original house dated to 1660 & was used as a garrison during King Philip's War of 1676. Captain Bowers had the 17th century house demolished to make way for the house that stands to this day.

  2. Thanks for this extra information. I'm amending the post to direct readers to your comment.

  3. The New Gloucester marriages almost certainly occurred at the Parsons family house on Cobb St. My 7th g-grandmother passed away in that house, age 82, in the year 1801. I found her headstone nearby completely on a hunch in March 2012. Met the homeowners -- a lovely couple. Apparently only five families owned the house since it was built in the 18th century. It's for sale right now. Here's a Zillow tour of the premise: https://tinyurl.com/y3jjomga