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List of Marriages and Deaths in Aug 2 1814 Connecticut Courant

List of Marriages and Deaths in the August 2, 1814 issue of the Connecticut Courant. 


MARRIED - At Colchester, Mr. Erastus Chapman, of East Haddam, to Miss Prudence R. Loomis - At N. London, Mr. Thomas Bradlee, 2nd of Boston to Miss Mehitabel Fulton

DIED - At Lebanon, Capt. Chauncey Dutton, aged 34 - At Windham, Mr. Vine Starr, aged 52, of Middletown - At Albany, on the 21st ult. Mr oseph Bigelow, aged 20, son of Mr. John Bigelow, of this City - At Killingworth, on the 20th June, of the prevailing fever, Rev. Achilles Mansfield, aged 63.  On the Sabbath before his death, he attended the house of God and discharged the duties of hi pastoral office. - At New York, on the 23d ult. Mr. Samuel Goodrich, aged 70, formerly of Middletown. - At Southington, on the 13th ult. Mr. Fabius Dunham.  At Ellington, Mr. David Stone, aged 50.  - At Wethersfield, Franklin W. Griswold, aged 13, son of Mr. Thomas Griswold.

The listing ends with a sensationalized account of the death of a Tennessee man, Charles Baker.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

From online research, hopefully correct:

Erastus Chapman and Miss Prudence Robbins Loomis.  Erastus Chapman was born 14 February 1787 at East Haddam, Connecticut, the son of Ozias and Abigail (Fuller) Chapman.  His paternal grandparents were Caleb and Elizabeth (Church) Chapman.  His maternal grandparents were Thomas, Jr., and Martha (Rowley) Fuller.  

Patrience Robbins Loomis was born 18 July 1795 at Colchester, Connecticut, the daughter of David and Clarissa (Williams) Loomis.  Her paternal grandparents were Solomon and Prudence (Robbins) Loomis.  Her maternal grandparents were Elijah and Editha (Day) Williams.

Erastus and Prudence married in June of 1814 and had four children before Erastus' death in 1822.  Prudence married Oren Carrier and had eight more children.  She died 30 April 1842.

Thomas Bradlee 2nd and Miss Mehitabel Fulton.  Thomas Bradlee [I'm not sure of the origin of the "2nd"] was born 17 November 1788 at Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Nathaniel and Ann (Dunlap or Dunlop) Bradlee.  His paternal grandparents were Samuel and Mary Andrus (or Andrews) Bradlee.  His maternal grandparents were George and Ann (Carr) Dunlap.

Mehitable Fulton was born 16 March 1790 at New London, Connecticut, the daughter of John Andrews Fulton and Mehitable (Owen) Fulton.  Her paternal grandparents were John and Sarah (Bradlee) Fulton.  Her maternal grandparents were John and Mary (Dowglass) Owen.

Thomas Bradlee and Mehitable Fulton married on 14 July 1814.  They had one son, Thomas, before Mehitable's untimely death a few months after his birth.  Thomas Bradlee would go on to outlive two more wives.  He married Ann Howard 1 August 1819 and they had three children, before Ann died in childbirth, along with her child, in January, 1830.  He then married Rachel Wright 20 September 1830 and had another five children with her.  Rachel died in 1868; her widower Thomas died 19 February 1878 at Jamaica, New York.  He had been publisher of the newspaper Long Island Farmer and a Justice of the Peace.

Capt. Chauncey Dutton.  Chauncey Dutton was born 29 August 1779 at East Haddam, Connecticut, the son of Ebenezer and Phoebe (Beebe) Dutton.  His paternal grandparents were Samuel and Rachel (Cone) Dutton.  His maternal grandfather was William Beebe.  I found several women listed in online family trees as his maternal grandmother: Jerusha Rogers, Phoebe and Eleanor.  A few trees gave a date of death for Jerusha that was before Phoebe's birth.  I think the confusion comes from the fact that there was more than one William Beebe in the area.  I wasn't able to find information about any military service that would result in the honorific of Captain, but perhaps Chauncey served in the War of 1812.  Interestingly, I found one reference to Chauncey as a Master Mariner, so perhaps his title came from that.

Mr. Vine Starr.  Vine Starr was born 23 April 1762, the son of Jehosaphat and Sarah (Stow or Stowe) Starr.  His paternal grandparents were Joseph and Abigail (Baldwin) Starr.  His maternal grandparents were Nathaniel and Sarah (Sumner) Stow.  On 29 October 1787 he married Sarah Blague, daughter of Joseph and Prudence (Hale) Blague (or Blake).  They had at least one son, Vine Starr, who died a year after his father.

Mr. Joseph Bigelow.  Joseph Bigelow was born about 1794, the son of John and Elizabeth (Curtis) Bigelow.  I haven't yet found the parents of John Bigelow, but there are several possibilities.  Elizabeth (Curtis) Bigelow's parents were James and Elizabeth (Kilbourn) Curtis.  Joseph died at Albany, New York, on 21 July 1814.

Rev. Achilles Mansfield.  Reverend Achilles Mansfield was born 17 November 1751 at New Haven, Connecticut, the son of Nathaniel and Deborah (Dayton) Mansfield.  His paternal grandparents were Jonathan Glover Mansfield and Sarah (Alling) Mansfield.  His maternal grandparents were Isaac and Elizabeth (Todd) Dayton.  On 10 March 1779 Achilles Mansfield married Sarah (Elliot) Huntington, widow of Achille's precedessor, Rev. Eliphalet Huntington, at his pastorate at Killingworth, Connecticut.  Sarah, who  had three children from her marriage to Rev. Eliphalet Huntington, was born 24 July 1751 at Killingworth, Connecticut, the daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Walker) Eliot.  She and Achilles had three children.  Rev. Achilles Mansfield died 22 July 1814 at Killingworth, Connecticut.  His widow Susan (Eliot) Mansfield died 27 December 1817.

Mr. Samuel Goodrich.  Samuel Goodrich died in New York on 23 July 1814.  He would have been born about 1744 and lived at Middletown, Connecticut.  Hopefully a reader will provide more information on him.

Fabius Finch Dunham.  Fabius Finch Dunham was born about 1787 at Southington, Connecticut, the son of Sylvanus and Rebeckah (Woodruff) Dunham.  His paternal grandparents were Gideon and Mary (Lewis) Dunham.  His maternal grandparents were Hezekiah and Sarah (Mason or Macon) Woodruff.

On 20 October 1811, Fabius married Polly Squire or Squires.  They had a son Eli, born in 1813.  Fabius died, according to the newspaper clipping, on 13 July 1814, but I found online references to 12 July 1814.  He had decided to take his own life, by laudanum, and left a note indicating where he would be found.  Polly married William Rowdon on 24 August 1820.

Mr. David Stone.  David Stone died at Ellington, Connecticut on 3 June 1814.  I found some possible David Stones but hope that a reader will provide a definitive identity.

Franklin W. Griswold.  Franklin Wolcott Griswold was born 7 December 1801 in Connecticut, the son of Thomas and Mary (Wolcott) Griswold.  His paternal grandparents were Ozias and Anna (Stanley) Griswold. His maternal grandparents were Elisha and Mary (Wells) Wolcott.  Franklin died on 27 June 1814 at Wethersfield, Connecticut.

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