Monday, June 20, 2011

CDV of Dr. Richard H. Thomas, possibly born Baltimore 1805

Carte de Visite of a gentleman identified on reverse as Dr. Richard H. Thomas, father of J. C T. - Allen

Researching online, I found a Dr. Richard H. Thomas who might fit.  

Assuming correct information, this Dr. Richard Henry Thomas was born 20 June 1805 in Baltimore, Maryland, to John Chew Thomas and Mary (Snowden) Thomas, and died at Baltimore on 15 January 1860.  
Dr. Thomas was married three times and had children with two of his wives.  With wife Martha (Carey) Thomas, he had a son James Carey Thomas, among others.  With wife Phebe (Clapp) Thomas or Deborah Phebe Hinsdale (Clapp) Thomas, he had a son Allen C. Thomas, among others.

First wife Martha (Carey) Thomas, mother of James Carey Thomas, was born 12 May 1805 in Baltimore, the daughter of James and Martha (Ellicott) Carey, who, according to an online source, married on horseback.  

Son, James Carey Thomas, was born 13 July 1833 at Baltimore, Maryland and died there on 8 November 1897.  He married Mary Whitall, who was born in Philadelphia in 1836, the daughter of John Mickle Whitall and Mary (Tatum) Whitall.  The couple had ten children, not all of whom survived to adulthood.

Dr. Thomas married Phebe Clapp or Deborah Phebe Hinsdale Clapp at Baltimore on 9 February 1842.  She was born 30 June 1818 in Dutchess County, New York, the daughter of John and Phebe (Hicks) Clapp.  

Allen C. Thomas, son of Dr. Richard Henry Thomas and Phebe (Clapp) Thomas, was born 26 December 1846 at Baltimore, Maryland.  He married Rebecca, who was born in Rhode Island about 1845; they had a son Edward and daughter Miriam.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact directly.  Thanks!

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