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1814 Notice placed by Sarah Green, Executrix of Estate of her Husband, Captain Josiah Green of Stoneham, Massachusetts


NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has been duly appointed Executrix of the last Will and Testament of JOSIAH GREEN, late of Stoneham, in the county of Middlesex, Gentleman, deceased, testate, and has taken upon herself that trust by giving bonds, as the law directs; and all persons having demands upon the estate of the said deceased are required to exhibit the same; & all persons indebted to the said estate, are called upon to make payment, to SARAH GREEN, Executrix, Stoneham, November 10, 1814                 14

Captain Josiah Green was born 5 March 1735 at Stoneham, Massachusetts, the son of Josiah and Esther (Thompson) Green.  His paternal grandparents were Joseph and Hannah (Green) Green.  His maternal grandparents were Jonathan and Frances (Whitmore) Thompson.  He and his first wife, Elizabeth Green, who died in October of 1798, had eight children.  

  • Esther (1757-1853)
  • Sarah (1760-1829)
  • Elizabeth (1762-1848)
  • Martha (1765-1854)
  • Josiah (1768-1846)
  • Mary (1771-1775)
  • Joshua (1774-1857)
  • Mary (1776-1857)

On 23 August 1799 at Stoneham, Josiah married Mrs. Sarah Skinner, age 22, 42 years his junior.  He reportedly told her, jokingly I assume, that he expected her to produce at least as many children as her predecessor - and she did! 

  • Sarah (1800-1810)
  • Joshua (1802-)
  • Abigail (1803-)
  • Susannah (1806-1833)
  • Caleb (1807-1807)
  • Prudence Moore (1808-1892)
  • Sarah (1811-)
  • Rebecca (1813-1857)

I haven't been able to determine Sarah's maiden name or parents.  Her marriage to Mr. Skinner must have been brief, as she was only 22 at the time of her marriage to Captain Josiah Green.

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A map of Stoneham, Massachusetts:

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