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1851 Catalogue of Officers & Students of Waterville Liberal Institute, Waterville, Maine

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Waterville Liberal Institute at Waterville, Maine, for the Academical Year Ending May 10, 1851. Printed in Waterville by Maxham and Wing....Mail Office, 1851

Bears the handwritten name of Charles Mathews on the back cover.  There's a middle initial but I'm not quite sure of it.  I didn't see the name Charles Mathews printed inside, but there are two students with the surname Mathews, Jesse R. Mathews and Clymena Mathews, each of Waterville.   I found a Charles K. Mathews, who might fit, in the Maine Census of 1850, but that Census doesn't give names of other household members, at least not online.

[Note of 29 May 2013: A reader explains that students Jesse R. Mathews and Clymena Mathews were the children of Simeon Mathews, who was instrumental in the formation of the Waterville Liberal Institute and was on its first board of trustees.  The reader speculated that the Charles Mathews whose name was handwritten on the book was the Charles K. Mathews who owned a stationery store at Waterville and was a nephew of Simeon Mathews.  Charles K. Mathews had a son named Charles W. Mathews.]

Waterville Liberal Institute

Rev. Calvin Gardner, Waterville
Hon. Alpheus Lyon, Sec., Waterville
Silas Redington, Treas., Waterville
Jediah Morrill, Waterville
Erastus O. Wheeler, Waterville
Hon. Isaac Redington, Waterville
John R. Philbrick, Waterville
Thomas G. Kimball, Waterville
P. L. Chandler, Waterville
Joseph Percival, Waterville
Rev. William A. Drew, Augusta
Hon. Joseph Eaton, Winslow
Josiah Prescott, M.D., Waterford
Hon. G. M. Burleigh, M.D., Dexter
Hon. Wyman B. S. Moor, Bangor

Rev. James P. Weston, A.M. Principal
Miss C. L. Fullam
Mrs. H. P. Henry
Preceptress, Fall Term
Mr. E. L. Crowell
Mr. William J. Richards
Mr. John H. Peabody
Teacher of Geography
Mrs. Susan L. Phillips
Miss Mary W. Gardner
Teachers of Music

Examining Committee
P. L. Chandler
Thomas G. Kimball
Hon. Isaac Redington
Rev. William A. Drew
A. L. Steward


Names, Residences
Manly T. Abbott, Sidney
Lucius H. Allen, Waterville
Willard B. Arnold, Waterville
William H. Arnold, Waterville
Elbridge A. Bailey, Waterville
Willard A. Bailey, Waterville
Charles E. Barney, Gardiner
Silas Bates, Gardiner
Edward R. Benner, Waldoboro
Benjamin R. Bigelow, Livermore
Lewis Blair, Canada
John W. Bodfish, Fairfield
Frank W. Brown, Waldoboro
James N. Brown, Waldoboro
Hosea B. Buck, Waterville
James T. Buzzell, Cape Elizabeth
Joseph B. Chandler, Waterville
Charles M. Chase, Fairfield
Marcellus L. Clay, Gardiner
T. Jefferson Colby, Waterville
James L. Crommett, Waterville
Alpheus E. Crosby, Waterville
Charles H. Crosby, Waterville
James E. Damon, Gardiner
John H. Davis, Waterville
Charles Derocher, Waterville
Hadley P. Dyer, Waterville
Rowland L. Eaton, Winslow
Hiram B. Ellis, Waterville
George W. Getchell, Waterville
Marshall P. Getchell, Waterville
Sanborn P. Getchell, Waterville

William A. Getchell, Waterville
Charles H. Hallett, West Waterville
Frank W. Haskell, Waterville
Hiram W. Haskell, Waterville
Charles A. M. Heywood, Waterville
Edward H. Houdlett, Dresden
John F. Jerrard, Plymouth
Sumner K. Johnson, Waterville
Elah E. Kimball, Waterville
Harrison, Longley, Waterville
William H. McCartney, Waterville
George A. McIntire, Waterville
Jesse R. Mathews, Waterville
George N. Maxham, Waterville
William R. Maxwell, Bowdoinham
George A. Merrifield, Waterville
Charles E. Moor, Waterville
William A. Moor, Waterville
H. Owen Nickerson, Wayne
Daniel Paine, Waterville
Charles H. Parlin, Skowhegan
Daniel W. Parker, Waterville
Charles T. Pearson, Waterville
Fred. W. Pearson, Waterville
James H. Pearson, Waterville
Albert W. Percival, Waterville
George G. Percival, Waterville
Henry K. Percival, Waterville
Henry A. Perkins, Waterville
Nathaniel Perley, Waterville
George W. Pierce, Embden
Henry C. Pierce, Embden
Henry O. Purinton, Fairfield
Charles B. Randlett, Waterville
Charles H. Redington, Waterville
John Reynolds, Clinton
William J. Richards, Waterville
DeMerrit L. Sawtelle, Sidney
Charles R. Shorey, Waterville
Moses L. Sloper, Waterville
Charles W. Smiley, Waterville
Andrew G. Smith, Waterville
George H. Soule, Waterville
William G. Soule, Waterville
James Spring, Hiram

William A. Stilson, Waterville
Charles C. Strickland, Bangor
Lyman S. Strickland, Livermore
Sullivan C. Swett, St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Calvin G. Totman, Fairfield
Thomas C. Totman, Clinton
A. K. P. Townsend, Sidney
Evander O. Tozier, Waterville
Marshall C. Tozier, Waterville
John H. Tucker, Fairfield
Otis H. Turner, Winslow
Eugene Waters, Waterville
Charles E. Williams, Waterville
Zenas L. Woodman, Fairfield

Names, Residences
Mary Elizabeth Allen, Smithfield
Margaret Elizabeth Allen, Kennebec
Mary Frances Allen, Waterville
Victoria V. Arnold, Waterville
Caroline F. Bacon, Waterville
Emma Jane Bacon, Waterville
Eveline M. Bacon, Waterville
Mary A. Bacon, Waterville
Ann D. Bailey, Waterville
Mary M. Barrett, Canaan
Sarah A. Barrett, Canaan
Emily Barney, Waterville
Augusta Baxter, Waterville
Eveline M. Bean, Readfield
Ruby T. Blake, Waterville
Ellen A. Boothby, Waterville
Harriet Boothby, Waterville
Mary C. Brown, Waterville
Sarah A. Chandler, Waterville
Juliaette J. Cobb, Holliston, Massachusetts
Mary F. Colby, Waterville
Sarah H. Colby, Waterville
Endora L. Craig, Waterville
Lydia G. Crosby, Waterville
Lucy M. M. Cutler, Dexter
Harriet L. Daggett, Skowhegan
Lizzie J. Dorr, Waterville
O. Celia Dorr, Waterville
Sarah A. Eaton, Waterville
Alithea W. Edwards, Brooks
Lizzie A. Emerson, St. Stephen, New Brunswick (Calais in faint handwriting)
Ann Estelle Gardner, Waterville
L. Alice Getchell, Waterville
Ann E. Getchell, Waterville
Clara Getchell, Waterville
Ellen M. Getchell, Waterville
Frances E. Getchell, Waterville
Mary A. D. Heywood, Waterville
Mary E. Hill, St. Stephen, New Brunswick

Phebe A. Hill, St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Sarah E. Hill, St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Ann D. Holmes, Waterville
Sarah Holmes, Waterville
H. Cordelia Howard, Waterville
Susan M. Howard, Waterville
Mary Lucia Johnson, Waterville
Sarah H. Johnson, Waterville
Emily Jones, Clinton
Jane Kidder, Albion
Sarah J. Longley, Waterville
Sarah Lowell, Calais
Ann F. Lyon, Waterville
Lovisy D. McCartney, Waterville
Clymena Mathews, Waterville
Helen Merrifield, Waterville
Emma J. Nickerson, Wayne
Mary A. Nudd, Waterville
Mary L. Paine, Waterville
Helen A. Palmer, Waterville
Ann E. Percival, Waterville
Ellen M. Percival, Waterville, 
Susan Percival, Waterville
Adeline F. Perkins, Waterville
Jane S. Pierce, Gardiner
Henrietta R. Pillsbury, Waterville
Anna N. Redington, Waterville
Caroline G. Redington, Waterville
Elizabeth Redington, Waterville
Harriet A. Redington, Waterville
Sarah A. Robinson, Waterville
Helen M. Rowell, Bingham
Elizabeth W. Shaw, Waterville
Ellen A. Simpson, Waterville
Ann H. Soule, Waterville
Olive L. Soule, Waterville
Harriet Ann Stevens, Waterville
M. Adelaide Totman, Clinton
Helen F. Turner, Winslow
Adrianna Veazie, Bangor
Caroline A. Washburn, Livermore (brief bio & photo)
Susan C. Weston, Bremen
Susan H. Williams, Waterville
Anna Woodman, Searsmont

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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