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Cabinet Photo of Mrs. S. L. Everett; Portland, Maine studio; likely Sarah Love (Hudson) Everett

I believe this is a photograph of Sarah Love (Hudson) Everett.  

If you think she is another Mrs. S. L. Everett, please leave a comment.

From online research, hopefully correct:  

Sarah Love Hudson was born 27 February 1825 at Portland, Maine, the daughter of John Bradley Hudson and wife Harriet (Bagley) Hudson, born in Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine, respectively.

In September of 1845, Sarah married Timothy Everett (his middle initial may have been B.), who was born 30 October 1819 (though I found varying dates) at Gouldsborough, Maine, possibly at Prospect Harbor.  His parents were Henry and Sarah (Cole) Everett.  

Henry's father John (I believe) Everett came to Gouldsborough with the Allen family, one of the early settlers of the area.  He married an Allen daughter, Sabrina.  John died in service while fighting Indians in the West, possibly Ohio.  

His widow subsequently married a Mr. Chilcott of Iron Bound Island and had more children.  Her children with John were given to other families to raise.  Henry was raised by the Moore family.

Henry and his son Timothy would, like their father, die before their time.  About 1827, Henry set sail on the "Minerva" to St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland, with Captain Samuel Hadlock and Steven and Obed Clark.  They never returned to Maine, and no sign of the Minerva was ever found.

Years later, Timothy was captain of the barque Louise, as she set sail on March 4, 1869 from Portland, Maine. The Louise sank with all hands on board.  At the time Timothy, wife Sarah Love (Hudson) Everett and their family had been living at Bath, Maine.

Sarah and Timothy had five children.  Two boys died young.  Their surviving children were:
  • Ella Marguerita Everett, born 1847 at Bath, Maine
  • Sarah Hay Everett, born 1853.  Online sources say she was born at Southhampton, England.  If this is true, Sarah must have sailed with Timothy on at least one of his voyages.
  • Edward Sewall Everett, born 4 November 1855 at Bath, Maine.  Married Lena Marston Josselyn, daughter of William Harrison Josselyn and wife Mary Marston.  Lived at Portland, Maine, where he was a businessman; died 1914

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information provided above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Portland, Maine: 

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Gouldsboro, Maine:

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St. Mary's Bay, Newfoundland:

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