Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo of Young Siblings James Dalton Elliott & Miriam Velma Elliott of Lakeland, Florida

Circa 1900 photograph of siblings James Dalton Elliott and Miriam Velma Elliott of Lakeland, Florida.  The photograph was taken by the Ward Pender studio of Lakeland.

From online research, hopefully correct:

James Dalton Elliott and his sister Miriam Velma Elliott were the children of Dudley Dalton Elliott and wife Ida Isabelle (Lanier) Elliott, both born in Florida.  Their paternal grandparents were Irvin Hilton Elliott and his first wife Diana Hester (Beaman) Elliott.  Their maternal grandparents were James S. and Sarah Miriam (Turner) Lanier.

James Dalton Elliott was born 29 December 1896 at Kathleen, Florida.  In 1918, he married Eurie Alberta Hebb, who was born 13 December 1900, the daughter of Nicholas Harris Heb and wife Harriet Tallulah "Lula" (Folsom) Heb.

James and Eurie lived at Lakeland, Florida, where they raised several children.

Miriam Velma Elliott was born 30 December 1898.  I found a reference online where she died 27 May 1989 but I haven't found the actual source myself.  I didn't find a marriage for her.

Incidentally, found with this photo is a photo of Elsie Elliot, daughter of Lou or Lon Elliot, according to the identification on reverse.  On the front of the photograph, although you may not be able to read it in the scan below, appears: Elsie Eliot Ramsey or Ransey.   Whether there is a connection between these two photographs, or they were sorted in alpha order before I bought them, I don't know.


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  2. Thank you for your kind comment!

  3. That's amazing! I just googled my name And found actual photos of my own family. My name is Dalton James Elliott. I believe From talking to my grandmother and grandfather that James Dalton Elliott is my great, or great great grandfather. I am positive of this because I hear so much of the Lanier name and the correlation of all our family names, like James, Irvin, and velma. Thank you so much for posting this and I would love more information if you have any!

  4. I'm so pleased that you found this photo of your ancestor and his sister! I wish I could tell you where I found it - but it's probably the only item that I have of your family. Unless - and you could ask your grandparents - the accompanying photo belongs to your family as well. Thanks for commenting - and making my day!

  5. My name is Caleb Elliott James Dalton Elliott is my grandfather he also had a brother named Dudley Elliott who we called uncle Dudley but James is my grandfather he had a son named Harris who is my father I have been tracing our family history and its amazing to see a picture of my grandfather and great aunt when they where little

    1. Glad you happened by! And thanks for the extra information.

  6. I have a picture I found that had the same photographers photo. It has a different couple but identical set minus the dresser. My email is troyburris04@yahoo.com 352-585-6425.
    Ps. I found the picture behind an original fireplace that I had to remove. Any response would be greatly appreciated

  7. Wish I knew more about the photographer, but I don't, sorry. This is the site I usually check - a database of 19th century photographers, but I don't see Ward Pender on there: http://www.langdonroad.com/. It's possible the studio didn't start until the 20th century. Is the couple identified?