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1820s/1830s Autograph Album of Miss Caroline Avery, possibly Caroline Avery (1818-1899) of Greenland, New Hampshire

1820s/1830s autograph album of Miss Caroline Avery, whose name appears on the title page just below the right edge of the engraving.

One of the few inscriptions that shows a town was from Greenland, New Hampshire; others are from Newburyport, Massachusetts.  It's possible that Caroline may have lived in Greenland herself.  She may have been the Caroline Avery (1818-1899) of Greenland, New Hampshire, who would marry George Weeks (1810-1869).

The album measures approximately 7-3/4" by 6" and contains hand colored engravings interspersed through and many pages of handwriting, but of that number some appear to copying the prose and poetry of literary figures. Those have the pencilled name of "Dr. Brown", written under the inked handwriting.

Most of the inscribers sign with a given name or an initial or set of initials, with the initials very hard to make out.  However, several people did pen their entire names and towns of residence, so not all was lost.

Surnames in the Album - in addition to Caroline Avery and Dr. Brown
  • Brockway - Newburyport, Massachusetts
  • Davenport - Newburyport, Massachusetts
  • Dodge - no town mentioned
  • Marston - no town mentioned
  • Sanborn - no town mentioned
  • Williams - Newburyport, Massachusetts

Towns mentioned
  • Greenland, New Hampshire
  • Moultonboro, New Hampshire
  • Newburyport, Massachusetts
  • New Haven, presumably Connecticut
  • Stratham, New Hampshire

If you have a theory as to Caroline's identity or if you have information to share on anyone else mentioned here, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

Alphabetical List of Inscribers

William Williams Jr.; inscribed at Newburyport on September 25, 1836

Abigail F. Marston

No Surnames
  • Clementine
  • J. M. S.; inscribed on August 12, 1836
  • S.
  • Elizabeth D. K., inscribed on June 14, 1826
  • ?, inscribed at Newburyport, Massachusetts on August 30, no year written.  F. or H. ?
  • Sentiment inscribed on February 25, 1835
  • Mary, inscribed on October 19, 1835
  • Elizabeth
  • E., inscribed in July 1835
  • Unsigned
  • Mr. W. B. K. - not sure of initials
  • Unsigned, inscribed at Greenland on February 10, no year written; possibly 1835; shared the page with the following sentiment
  • Another selection inscribed at Newburyport, Massachusetts, on March 12, 1835; shared the page with the preceding sentiment
  • M. E. D., inscribed at Moultonboro, [presumably New Hampshire] in September 1838 [not sure of year]
  • Un Ami, a male friend of Caroline Avery
  • J. M. S.
  • V. 
  • J. M. S.
  • M. S. or M. L., inscribed at Moultonborough on November 2, 1833
  • H., inscribed on June 4, 1835
  • Sarah, inscribed in June 1835
  • Emma
  • S. 
  • S. W. M., inscribed at New Haven, August September 2, 1835
  • Elizabeth
  • M. Olivia
  • M. H. S.
  • E. C., inscribed on November 21, 1836
  • I. C. W. or G. C. W. or J. C. W.
  • Mrs. J. ? M. or M. J. M or ?; inscribed at Stratham, New Hampshire, on January 5, 1837
  • E. B. B.
  • M. J. M. - not sure of initials
  • Rebecca, inscribed on a Wednesday evening
  • Two separate sentiments, perhaps by the same person
  • Charlotte
  • Initials, possibly N. G. M or N. G. W. or V. G. ?
  • Unsigned
  • Leon
  • E., inscribed in 1830 [or 1850]. Spells friend as Ami, perhaps meaning a male friend of Caroline
  • M. V. M. - not sure of initials

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