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1833 Letter from Sea Capt. William Heath, Jr., then in Philadelphia with his Brig, to his wife Catharine (McKenzie) Heath back home in Mount Desert, Maine

1833 letter from Sea Captain William Heath, Jr. (1793-1874), then on a voyage to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to his wife Catharine (McKenzie) Heath (1799-1875) back home in Mount Desert, Maine.

A transcription of this loving letter appears at the end of this post.

Capt. Heath addressed the letter to himself, at home.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

William Heath, Jr., (1793-1864) was the son of Sea Capt. William Heath (1764-1840) and Hannah (Allen) Heath (1768-1854).  William, Jr., married Catherine McKenzie in 1819. His love for Catharine was still strong in 1833, as you can read from his words and from the heart he drew at the top of the letter.

Not all of their children were born by 1833, but those mentioned in the letter are:

The couple would go on to have 4 more children, one of whom was William Allen Webster Heath (1834-1912), who is the subject of another post featuring an 1853 document where the Superintending School Committee of Tremont, Maine, certified him as a qualified teacher.

If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

Loose Transcription
Philadelphia Nov. 11, 1833
[sketch of a heart]

Dear and Affectionate Wife
Tis with the greatest pleasure I set down to talk with you with my pen. We arrived here on the 2d Inst. We had a very pleasant passage - yesterday I received a Letter from you and think I felt thankful to hear that you were all so well. O! what Consolation to hear that Mary Jane was getting so nicely and that all the rest was pretty well. When I read your Letter and in my Imagination see Judson mending your pens and Mary Jane and Herschell Sleeping sweetly and John Wm. asking you to write papa to get him a Box and Louisa and Isabel singing like Nightingales! O if I had wings I would fly and be with you. O Catharine, I long to see you. Tell all the little dears I long to see them. I do not know yet whether I shall go to N.Y. or Boston (likely Boston). I shall be Ready to Sail in three days - as I have made but very little this trip. If I can find anything to do. I do not know as I shall come direct home unless I can meet Capt. Isaac Bartlett and let him take the Brig - my greatest desire is that I may Return home in God's own time and find you all well and Enjoying the Gift the Grace and the Presents of the Blessed Redeemer - Your Loving Husband
William Heath Jr.
Remember me to my Father and Mother and all my Relatives. I hope you have written to Boston and N.Y.

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