Thursday, August 11, 2016

5 1870s/1880s CDVs of the Scribner Family of Otisfield, Maine

Five 1870s/1880s Cartes De Visite of the Scribner family of Otisfield, Maine.   Click on any image to enlarge it.

At least 3 of the CDVs depict siblings, I believe, the children of Latham Ford Scribner and Sarah Jane (Scribner) Scribner of Otisfield, Maine.

Simon, shown above in a CDV made at the Edward M. Berry studio at Bridgton, Maine, may have been the Simon Scribner born May 9, 1845 at Otisfield, Maine, son of Latham Ford Scribner and Sarah Jane (Scribner) Scribner.  He married Emma Turner, daughter of Henry Turner and Mary Jane (Sampson) Turner.

Below, a CDV made by the Kimball studio of 112 Merrimack Street, Lowell, Massachusetts, depicts Ella Scribner Foster.  I believe she was Ella J. (Scribner) Foster, born June 11, 1855 at Otisfield, Maine, daughter of Latham Ford Scribner and Sarah Jane (Scribner) Scribner and wife of James Foster.

Two CDVs, below, made by the E. E. Sawtelle studio at Limerick, Maine, depict Jane Walker and Horace Walker.  I believe they were Mary Jane (Scribner) Walker, born June 11, 1853 at Otisfield, Maine, daughter of Latham Ford Scribner and Sarah Jane (Scribner) Scribner, and Jane's husband Horace Dunbar Walker, son of Franklin Walker and Frances (Bailey) Walker.

The CDV below, taken by the J. K. Chase studio of Oxford, Maine, depicts a fellow identified as Joe Bud Scribner. He may have been named for John "Bud" Scribner, perhaps the younger Bud's father or grandfather. Hopefully a reader can identify him further.

Other CDVs and a calling card were found with the CDVs above, in case a reader notes a connection:
  • Wendell's Aunt Amy Webster, no studio imprint 
  • Addie Danforth, dated August 1873, by the studio of W. W. Burnside of Oneonta, New York 
  • Mrs. Mary Ann Lake of Plymouth, Massachusetts; by the J. W. Black studio of 173 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Calling card of Edwin E. Allen of Sanford, Maine 
If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. The photo that might be Bud Scribner looks errily like my relative Kevin Scribner. My line seems to have stopped at my brick wall WIlliam James Scribner born about 1817 In Andover (?) Death most likely 1889 Eden VT