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1847 Deed to Parcel at Avon, Maine, Sold by James Towle of Freeman, Maine, to Joseph B. Grover of Avon, Maine; Other Names: John Doyen, Samuel Ricker

Quitclaim deed between seller James Towle of Freeman, Maine, and Joseph B. Grover of Avon, Maine, regarding a parcel of land at Avon, Maine, witnessed by Samuel Ricker [not sure of his surname] and signed in the presence of John Doyen, Justice of the Peace at Avon, Maine, on April 14, 1847.

The parcel measured about 40 acres, more or less.


The deed was witnessed by John Doyen and Samuel Ricker, though I'm not positive of the latter's surname.  John Doyen was the Justice of the Peace, in whose presence the deed was signed.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

James Towle may have been the James Towle who appears in a Maine Births and Christenings, 1739-1900, record as having been born July 26, 1807 at Avon, Maine, son of Jonathan Towle and Polly Towle.  I believe Polly was Mary Polly (Darling) Towle.

In the Descendants of Jonathan Towle, 1747- 1822, of Hampton and Pittsfield, N.H., written by Alvin E. Towle, with the assistance of his son and others, and published in 1903, is mention that James Towle had suffered an injury while logging early in his life and was unable to pursue strenuous labor after that.  In his 40s, he acquired some education, taught for a while, became a prominent citizen of Avon, Maine, and served for a time in the Maine Legislature.

A Maine Marriages, 1771-1907, record shows that James married Lozira W. French at Phillips, Maine, on January 26, 1865.    The aforementioned book on Towle genealogy mentions that Lozira was born September 8, 1822, the daughter of Abel French and Phoebe (Whitten) French.

About 1869, James moved to Wisconsin, where his brothers had settled.  He died there in 1876.   I don't know if  Lozira also went to Wisconsin; she died in Maine in 1894.

Joseph B. Grover was presumably the  Joseph B. Grover who was born July 29, 1819 at Phillips, Maine, son of Mark Grover and Sarah (Bubier) Grover.  Joseph married Mary Phillips, daughter of Samuel Phillips and Mary (Clark) Phillips, about 1844.  Joseph, who died in 1904, and Mary, who died in 1913, are buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Phillips, Maine.

See another post that features an 1839 deed between Harrison Ormond Read and Mark Grover.

John Doyen was possibly the John Doyen born March 8, 1784 at Temple, Maine, son of Jacob Doyen and Mercy (Cribbs) Doyen.  John married three times and had children with all of his wives: 1) Sally Tuck; 2) Lydia Dutton; 3) Betsey Dwelley.  John died after the enumeration of the 1850 Census of Avon, Maine.

While researching John Doyen, I found an article in a 2013 issue of Discover Maine magazine about his murdered daughter Dorcas, whose mother was John's first wife Sally Tuck.  The article is entitled "The Metamorphosis of Dorcas Doyen" and was written by Charles Francis.  It appears on pages 58-60.

Hopefully a reader will have information on Samuel Ricker or similar surname.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above on James Towle; Joseph B. Grover and John Doyen, or alternate identities for them, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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