Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Four Vintage Photographs of the Sutton Family of Old Town, Maine, and Orono, Maine

Four photographs from the Sutton family of Old Town, Maine, and Orono, Maine, and area.

The photograph above, taken by the Howe studio of Old Town, Maine, shows Charles Sutton in middle age. Charles was presumably Charles Edward Sutton (1855-1936).

The photograph below appears to be Charles, or perhaps his brother George Arthur Sutton (1862-1944), in old age.

Charles and George were the sons of Arthur B. Sutton and Almira Augusta (Coombs) Sutton.

The photograph below shows Arra Louise Sutton, daughter of George Arthur Sutton and Helen Louise (Stetson) Sutton.  Arra was born at Abbot, Maine, about February 1887.  She married Fred B. Mixter at Bangor, Maine, on February 13, 1915.  She apparently later married a Mr. Nielson, as that is the name on her headstone at Mount Hope Cemetery at Bangor, Maine.  Her parents and at least two siblings are also buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.

The last photograph, taken by the Chalmers studio of Bangor, Maine, shows a toddler identified as Dorothy Sutton.  George Arthur Sutton and Helen Louise (Stetson) Sutton had a daughter Dorothy who died at two months of age in 1896, so the photograph could not be of her.

Perhaps Dorothy Elizabeth Sutton, born to Charles Edward Sutton and Jennie M. (Faunce) Sutton on January 4, 1909 at Stillwater, Maine, or Old Town, Maine, was named for her deceased cousin.  Dorothy Elizabeth married Edward N. Dempsey in 1936; I believe they had two children.

Edward died in 1973 and Dorothy in 1998 in Massachusetts.  They're buried in the Lawndale Cemetery at Old Town, Maine, as are Dorothy's parents.

Interestingly, at a later time I found another photograph of a Sutton in the Orono, Maine, area.  It's what appears to be the graduation photograph of Lottie Sutton of the Class of 1886.  "Bangor, Maine" is written below her name.  Lottie may have been Charlotte Aravesta Sutton, daughter of the above-mentioned Arthur B. Sutton and Albra Augusta (Smith) Sutton.  Lottie's photograph is featured in another post.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  If leaving a comment, be careful about providing information about recently deceased or living people.

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