Thursday, June 9, 2016

1919 Photograph of Halbert Keith Swift in Uniform at Kents Hill School at Readfield, Maine

March 15, 1919 photograph of Halbert Keith Swift in uniform by Bearce Hall at the Kents Hill School at Kents Hill in Readfield, Maine.  Presumably, he was in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps or Reserve Officer Training Corps.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Halbert Keith Swift was born August 16, 1901 at Fayette, Maine, the son of William A. Swift and Norine Eliza (Spiller) Swift.  The 1910 Census found the family living at East Livermore, Maine; by 1920 the family was living at Readfield, Maine.  Halbert apparently attended Kents Hill School, which was located near Fayette.  

Halbert married at least twice, to:
  1. Beatrice Florence Farello in 1926 in New Hampshire - they would have 5 children
  2. Margaret Elizabeth Quimby in 1945 in New Hampshire.
Throughout his life, Halbert lived in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  He died in 1974 and is buried with Margaret in New Hampshire.

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